Jingdong with 700 million to join the red war through WeChat and mobile QQ payment

During the Spring Festival in

Jingdong prepared 100 million cash and 600 million coupons as red east Jingdong, through WeChat, mobile phone QQ two platform for delivery to the user.

[February 11th] Reuters financial news, Alipay wallet announced in February 9th, from the eve of the Lunar New Year (February 11th) to the positive one at the beginning of the month (February 19th), and brands together paid about $600 million red envelopes to the user. Among them, more than 156 million yuan in cash, shopping consumption red about $430 million. read more

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Tai Chi Globe7 products to stop throwing

respected Webmaster:

should be the main advertising requirements, Globe7 products to stop the launch, we will temporarily switch to Globe7 advertising Chinese blog (CPC) advertising.

thank you for the concern of the Tai Chi alliance, to bring inconvenience to the webmaster please understand. Please keep an eye on the changes in the advertising update of our website, we will provide you with more excellent advertising projects!

Union address: http://s.union.textclick.com

more information as in the League: http://s.top.admin5.com/u
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the QQ:285445
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback QQ:285445 mail:9999086@gmail.com read more

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Rice mall collapse B2C website to decide on what path to follow

comprehensive news, some time ago, the cosmetics vertical B2C website of rice mall collapse affects many people’s hearts. It is reported that rice since April 2008 on-line positioning in the field of brand cosmetics, September 2009 was also Chinese electronic commerce rice research center named China e-commerce B2C class leader in 12 years. Cosmetics B2C rice mall, in the premise of not spent a penny of advertising and promotion expenses, has accumulated about one hundred thousand registered users, the industry won a good reputation, has recently collapsed, the industry caused a great disturbance. Why? Everyone is asking. "Involuntarily", executive director Lu Kyushu was deeply involuntarily. The rice phenomenon will continue? Cosmetics vertical B2C road should be how many questions also go?. read more

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QQ space into SEO Traffic breaking million

is a good platform for the use of SEO is how to make millions of traffic? And this method is now a famous e-commerce company focused on the mobile phone, such as millet, beauty, mogujie.com, and some other platforms, such as Kingsoft, WiFi wizard, are so, use QQ space and do 0 users from today, Taoge (WeChat: sz1990823) to introduce the QQ space how much power, large e-commerce company so much why choose QQ space as a marketing platform.

QQ space is a PC, mobile, WeChat are supported platform, so today I started talking about PC, PC we usually use search tools are: Baidu. 360, Sogou; then the flow is relatively large platform, how do we rank with QQ space, how to transform these two flow, the three transformation, or even more? A few days ago, I wrote how I use QQ space to do the daily 4 million flow, prepare the top QQ space the. read more

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Marketers so sought after new media marketing you may need to know these 7 questions

this is an era of Internet frenzy, it seems that as long as the Internet stand on the air, pigs can fly. However, the hot issues need to cool thinking, group crazy scene, but also need an objective, dialectical, rational perspective to examine the Internet and new media marketing. New media marketing to ask 7 questions!

asked: why is the new media advertising market so prosperous?

new media advertising hot. According to iResearch released data, the overall network advertising market in China in 2014 reached 154 billion yuan, an increase of 40%, more than the TV, the first chair and sat down on the media advertising. read more

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The originality of website planning

the Internet is a creative industry. The Internet is gradually becoming an integral part of human life, people on the Internet in the entertainment, making friends, shopping, business, etc.. Seemingly omnipotent on the Internet, there is a steady stream of creativity on the internet. If you want to start, or to break through on the basis of the original product, we need creative, rather than simply imitate others successful model, after all imitate always face depreciation problem, and imitate people so much, why not go to create a new model? The Internet is an infinite platform. Never worry about the depletion of creative. read more

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Micro business did not imagine the United States Royal Anber amber not necessarily


space, circle of friends has been selling information harassment? Whether a friend to chat with you when she sell products? Ever derivative fake? Often see media reports derivative of rampant fakes, you also think that micro business is not so "beautiful", the Royal Anber think: Amber not necessarily.

Royal amber Anber believes that both the provider and the offline store shopping, all more or less have deceived buyers, at the same time, we have other options? Do not buy, because there is a demand, it seems unlikely. Buy, for businesses, for a place to understand clearly, so as to avoid the possibility of being cheated. Micro business, in fact, is the same as the electricity supplier, but, the rise of the micro business has not yet been standardized. read more

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Domain deletion list July 16 2007


station for booking registration of international and domestic domain name contact / consulting qq  35996213 email/msn 0051@vip.163.com 0516–83777726


zkzc.cn 18kj.com
43gw.com / > delete CN domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

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Wangzhuan Pioneer Taobao business promotion cheats the crown of the road


business promotion crown

cheatsThe word is nothing more than the market operation of Taobao

business, the market on the market by crying, condensed, companies rely on sales, brand advertising, but also the promotion of Taobao rely on, any good words do a few drill like these things are just beyond the clouds, the crown is king.

The first type: SEO

promotion of Taobao keyword optimization, (refer to the ordro.tmall.com description) search mechanism of Taobao basic with Baidu Google almost, but Taobao search range is only for the goods, so help us reduce the difficulty of keyword selection, here, have exclusive views to say, Taobao on SEO keywords like Baidu, the more popular ranking competition is more intense, so do not blindly described in the baby with "special offer" value, this kind of very popular keywords, stores do keyword optimization words should be selected according to some relatively unpopular some special baby, in a way out in the thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers than to their own community the customer fully grasp, Taobao also has a special mechanism is near the shelf products to support, this is also a ranking points, This is left to the following point read more

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Report B2B commerce website retransmission products function experience


has recently been learning SEO knowledge, only to find the search engine on the user experience, so I have time to report the experience from the network marketing of the most basic business edition, hoping to enlighten some B2B business site.

because the company to sell special cars, local customers are limited, so the network marketing has become the company’s main means of publicity. Due to read Zhang Youwei’s blog "follow me" network marketing ", I decided to complete 100 B2B business website registration, and every release of a product of action. read more

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Execution is the key to the success of Chinese nternet companies

Excellence: do the same thing, just need to pay more than 5%, you can get a return of 200%. To face the problem: to complete a career, to the achievement and the problems to be faced is the same, to avoid problems far from success, rather than directly to face the problem, to solve the problem.

– business requirements: everyone is confident, but confidence is not the same angle, generally confident to be more successful, but good entrepreneurs confidence comes from confidence to overcome all difficulties, rather than Everything is going smoothly. read more

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Wangzhuan is actually not difficult to maintain the mentality is very important

a lot of people start looking for business opportunities from the network, they want to get a big, and some even use the means of marketing nested on the network. Every industry is only part of one mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, development. You consciously enter the network industry, the faith and perseverance to adhere to the end, always holding the attitude of learning, you can become a senior network, rely on the Internet to do, make a pot of gold is not a dream. We can often see people around can make money but not very familiar with the network marketing. And they just make money while learning network marketing. I also jumped from other industries, initially without any network infrastructure, and to continue learning experience with me now I’ll make Wangzhuan, learn something in this industry and share: read more

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Enjoy high talent


according to the data show that the first quarter of 2013, from the industry point of view, the Pearl River Delta region of the ten most popular recruitment industry demand performance can be described as "mixed", including clothing / Textile / leather, Internet / e-commerce, trade / import and export, computer software, fast consumer goods (food, beverage, cosmetics) five the industry of online publishing position number year-on-year decline. Electronics / semiconductor / integrated circuit, real estate development, financial / investment / securities, professional services (consulting, HR), education / training industry compared with the same period last year have different degrees of increase, which, to the number of education / training industry released online the number of jobs rose the most, up to 13.5%. read more

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Google challenge Amazon eBay Mobile search page or set up shopping button

Phoenix Technology News Beijing on May 16th news, according to "the Wall Street Journal online edition reported that the next few weeks will be in the Google mobile search results pages set shopping button, it will be a controversial move. The goal is to become the challenge Amazon and eBay online shopping mall.

informed sources, when the user on the mobile device to search the product, the search results page will show the shopping button. The shopping button is only displayed in the paid search, and the non paid search does not display the shopping button. read more

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CPPCC National Committee member Xu Xiaolan huge potential for mobile e commerce

pointed out that the CPPCC National Committee, the Party Central Committee, vice president China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute Xu Xiaolan day before, with the support of the country, the future application of electronic commerce All flowers bloom together. innovations, which will be the trend of mobile e-commerce. Because the new technology will inevitably bring new applications, especially mobile payment has become a convenient way for people to enjoy life". read more

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Taobao tutorial 2015 new blue ocean Amoy train training dry cargo

train guide, Amoy blue ocean 2015 train operation skills!

filed a train, many small sellers horrible topic. In the eyes of many people, the train is a burn stuff, losing money promotion, rich people play, is to train master play, love and hate. Love he can bring precise flow, hate him to burn too fast, ROI is not proportional. How hard he is not difficult?. Seize the key is sufficient, train only technology and strategy, technology change from the Pope, then that’s that. Get experience share their train. read more

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Network network ecological field force crushed wine distribution relationship

in the Internet ecosystem "field force", the traditional wine industry distribution relationship is falling apart.

last week, music as its ecological network network held a known history of the first global ecological partner conference. Put aside the concept of abstract numbers and ethereal, the construction of new ecological relationships to flaunt Internet Ecosystem Partner Conference, do what


of the global ecological partner meeting focused on the disclosure of the network network global brand (Groot Gloryt and rose Naynay) partner, American wine brand partners, LETV living museum and LeBar partner recruitment plan. At the same time, network network POP platform equipped with a full set of import trade supply chain solutions also surfaced. It is reported that the platform can provide the global upstream and downstream partners, including brand promotion, three-dimensional marketing, product support, tax, warehousing, customs clearance, such as the entire industry chain service. read more

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B2B ushered in a major positive document issued by the State Council to support the integration of t

days ago, the State Council issued the "guiding opinions" about deepening the integration and development of manufacturing industry and the Internet, "put forward by the end of 2018, the manufacturing industry key industry backbone enterprises" management platform "Internet penetration rate reached 80% of the target.

how to achieve this goal, the State Council made clear the main task:

1, build "double" manufacturing enterprise Internet platform

implementation of manufacturing construction engineering enterprise Internet "double support" platform, manufacturing enterprise Internet construction "double" platform based on integrated application of deepening the industrial cloud, big data technology, trimaran, speeding up the construction of a new research and development, production, management and service mode, promote product innovation and management optimization, improve enterprise the overall innovation ability and level. read more

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Open shop must master the 442 principles you learned

recently had a pig network from the buyers bought my services, let me write her a Taobao essence, after some bargaining, we finalize the last book, and posts must add to pay remuneration. Although after a painstaking wrote an article about how to operate the drill exhibition articles, I will go to the top of the trumpet a few times, buyers also follow my advice for the love channel, but after two days of hard work, traffic only more than and 100 people, the number of responses is only more than and 10 people, plus the distance is still No. Two of us are unable to add the default results. read more

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How to save the official website of the soul lost

local venture capital investment in early last year, said the next three years basically do not vote for the Internet industry, but after the financial crisis, but a reversal". The day before, to the official website of the enterprise as the core of the B2B e-commerce platform 66 network announced that it has completed the first round of ten million financing, this is the first time after the financial crisis, the financing of B2B e-commerce enterprise access. Insiders said that in the future, e-commerce will become an effective way to a new round of economic growth. read more

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