Chiefs teamed up to win the farm nong com and other 7 boutique domain name

renamed Chinese ( December 3rd – the day before, well-known domain name investors a gangster Hangwei took the help of,,, and other 7 valuable quality domain names, shocked the industry. Sure enough, the bigwigs is rich, rich


figure: air Wei WeChat

It is reported that

, a navigation Wei won the 4 single spell "agricultural", "Tian", "", "sing" and 2 digital domain and as well as 1 a domain name I don’t know which of the 7 domain specific transaction price, but each of these are absolutely presentable wealth. read more

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Medical website popular domain name type Pinyin domain name into the first choice

network has become the people daily life indispensable elements, the major areas of business has been involved in the Internet, the domestic pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical exchange platform to network, drive the development of a bio pharmaceutical health industry domain, the industry there have been linked to a number of domestic pharmaceutical industry and domain name, Pinyin domain name has become the choice of the trend, following the easy to understand, 15 medical websites under 5 domain name "style". read more

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Tmall 11 sequelae part of the home sales refund rate over 100%

a few days ago, the electricity supplier is in the limelight, a high sales value — the envy of November 11th, the total sales of Tmall mall Home Furnishing category claims more than 3 hundred million, the friends of the whole Home Furnishing flagship single sales of billions of dollars. But then the media broke, the store 30 days refund rate of up to 36.26%. The JINGWAH reporter survey found that the brand home business in Tmall’s refund rate soared is not a case. KUKA, Sibutramine furniture "double 11" after the refund rate will continue to rise, KUKA in 12 after experiencing double refund rate up to 124.95%, this number is constantly refreshed. read more

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Daily topic Youku potatoes renamed the Group invested ten billion to build a net content

A5 ( station network August 7th news, Youku potatoes in the first open ecological conference, potatoes Youku CEO Victor Koo said Youku potatoes Group officially changed its name to a group. Gu Yongqiang said, the end of the era of pure video media, culture and entertainment industry to enter from the channel as the center of the Halcrow era.

In fact,

is not a new word, now Youku potatoes is not just a simple video site. Earlier this year, Youku potatoes restructuring, set up 6 BU (Division), in addition to Youku, potatoes, cloud entertainment, marketing innovation, and the main film one pictures, as well as the TV industry production and investment in one culture. read more

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Baidu around the impact of the official website of traditional comments

webmaster network Admin5 news: November 17th, Baidu life search products Baidu side formally launched, and Baidu CEO Robin Li birthday is also in November 17th. Baidu side today on the line can be described as profound. It is reported that Baidu covers the country’s 300 large and medium cities, providing food and beverage, leisure, sports, fitness, Turisthotellet and other life services. After Baidu side has launched online activities, and the current directly through the Baidu account login, the service side of the Baidu experience. read more

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Third anniversary of the anniversary of the payment card the prospects for the beautiful days

‘s future prospects are excellent, but the days are sad,

third party payment card anniversary

since May 26th last year, the central bank issued more than third third-party payment license issued by the "anniversary of the payment industry to pass" the industry has entered a period of explosive growth. Now, there has been news that will soon be issued the fourth installment of the third party payment license number is also ferocious". In the eyes of many people, compared to the huge camp waiting for a license, who had already received the pass enterprise seems to relax. However, the access system of licensing, the licensing of third party payment, the number of enterprises is also rising sharply, more and more things to worry about, willing to cooperate with the merchants began to pick and choose to get a commission of more and more low, from time to time will have to see the rich banks face act…… Fortunately, although the day is sad, but each is in groping the way, perhaps, some innovative, revolutionary financial reform, then the bud. read more

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Chinese group purchase industry into the low tide left for the king era

buy industry winter may be colder than expected. Recently, the original plan to the United States listed handle network has submitted a document to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, revocation of the listing plan. In addition, some of the media reports, F group and high friend will form a new company through mergers and acquisitions. In this summer, this series of actions will undoubtedly make feel the chill of group purchase industry market. Statistics show that in April this year, the number of domestic buy site 3052, less than a month on the 217. China’s industry has declined to buy the bustling, into the left is king era? read more

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WeChat suffering can only do QQ do not market WeChat to leather QQ life

said, late in the February 27th, WeChat quietly released Mac version of the client, I believe that the first reaction is: WeChat into the PC end!

radical point will shout: WeChat to leather QQ life!

you are right, but… But why is the Mac version, WeChat really want leather QQ’s life, the user in the country dozens of times in the Mac Windows platform is not the first choice?

OK, I will expose the king penguin careful Allen Zhang think, say actually is all sorts of bitterness ah.

1 is really the QQ leather life, other business to the Tencent. read more

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The desktop for Tencent Q open beta platform triggered at any moment

since last year, Baidu announced the launch of its open platform strategy, the domestic Internet is set off a burst of open air. Subsequently, 360, Sina micro-blog, Alibaba, Tencent, a few Internet giants have also put forward their own open concept, and one by one put into effect. Earlier this year, Tencent has announced its open platform strategy, June 15th, Tencent announced at the Partner Conference Q+ will be on-line in July. Today, Q+ comes. In July 13th, integrated in the latest version of the QQ client QQ2011 Beta3 (Q+) officially invited users to start the beta. The integration of near eighty applications of QQ+ to look forward to, as early as in March, 360 had launched the integration of the 360 security desktop community, chat, music, video, games, news and other necessary software. The two sides last year following the "3Q war", open platform dispute is triggered at any moment. Thus, the war of the domestic Internet open platform by SNS, micro-blog, e-commerce, mobile Internet, search engine, browser extended to the desktop client. read more

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Silicon Valley investors and the media questioned startups counterattack against each other

[Abstract] the starting point for investors and media reporters to start a new company is different, controversial or not a bad thing.

BI Chinese station on October 19th reported

no one likes to be questioned.

finally, some of Silicon Valley’s leading technology industry investors began to media reporters questioned some of Silicon Valley’s hottest start-up companies feel annoyed.

media and startup founder of the latest hostility occurred on Thursday, when the "Wall Street journal" on the popular medical technology company Theranos questioned. The company’s founder and CEO Elizabeth · (Elizabeth Holmes) soon questioned the media launched a counterattack. read more

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Music marketing brand inspiration money home money brainwashed divine comedy

every hot events, always blow out a bunch of scripts or banter, or ridicule, the concise and comprehensive reflects the thinking behind the incident is offbeat. Recently we have experienced the most phenomenal is undoubtedly the hot spring festival, each big brand is mustering the strength of my circle of friends is Liuxiaolingtong brush screen. Feelings of visual impact at the same time, the hearing is indispensable, this is not a phenomenon of "money money home" brainwashed Divine Comedy provides a gluttonous feast for us. read more

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Based on WeChat’s product design how to do the precise operation of the public number

[Abstract] for the huge number of users concerned about the public platform, we push the information is not every user wants to see, which involves the precise operation of the public number.

based on WeChat’s product design, fourth, we talk about how to do the precise operation of the public number. We are the most common way to operate WeChat subscription number is a daily text push, service number four times a month to push the text. For a large number of users concerned about the public platform, we push the information is not every user wants to see, which involves the precise operation of the public number. read more

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Fang Wei was the first round of financing tips leading interactive marketing is the key

days ago, innovation capital and Fangwei Industrial Science and technology to achieve cooperation, and finally in July 2016 success in hand. It is reported that Societe Generale capital will be the first round of strategic investment in the other side of the technology, and this month announced a formal injection of information into the square technology.

said Societe Generale capital, insiders may not be unfamiliar. Societe Generale innovation capital is a subsidiary of Societe Generale Securities’s well-known equity investment business platform, the current management scale of nearly 5 billion yuan. read more

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On the operation of tourism website


website has been operating for more than a month, it is for us to let the 28 experienced groundless talk, travel into the right path. Looking back more than a month of operations, I talk about personal views on the operation of tourism sites:

1 I always think that the site is a kind of media, it is the main function of publicity, and now the Web2.0 is its further extension, put forward the "interaction", which is a manifestation of the advanced network;

2 the tourism industry belongs to the service industry, its products are not practical, is a kind of invisible can make people cheerful mood, enhance the status and personal image, but the product value of the experience is more important to the evaluation of others caused by psychological and physiological tourists satisfaction, this feeling only can result in communication; read more

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Talk about the pictures for the record the record information authenticity verification policy

in mid May, Nanjing return, my Q signature is changed to "record pictures entered a substantive stage of execution!", a lot of friends in to see my signature after have to ask is not really going to do, my answer is yes, but also some personal views to share the record in Shimonoseki take pictures, for reference (hopefully not attracted bursts of slobber).

when the Ministry of filing verification of the authenticity of the trial when the notification issued under the industry peers in the discussion and prediction of the implementation of program implementation feasibility, even people’s Congress proposed an alternative bill, a webmaster Tongren. There are also a lot of Internet bigwigs who boldly to predict how the policy and so on, and now, we have come to the results: the implementation of read more

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WeChat pulled 10 million 70 thousand jobs in 2014

Chinese on information economics society before the release of the "WeChat social and Economic Influence Research Report" shows, WeChat in 2014 for information consumption reached 95 billion 200 million, stimulating employment reached 10 million 70 thousand people, provides a good platform for small and micro enterprises and the application of the livelihood of the government innovation.

"WeChat social and Economic Impact Research Report" for the first time in the social and economic value of WeChat conducted a qualitative and quantitative analysis. The report said that WeChat has led directly to the scale of information consumption has reached 95 billion 200 million yuan, equivalent to the total size of China’s information consumption in 2013 of $4.24%. The consumption data flow is the main source of WeChat drive information consumption, information consumption accounted for WeChat in the proportion of 85.7%; followed by WeChat games and public platform, promote information consumption accounted for about 8.5%. Although WeChat’s commercial exploration has just started, but the scale of the direct consumption of residents living expenses WeChat has reached 11 billion yuan. It is noteworthy that the direct consumption of the consumer spending has been driven by the WeChat public platform model has reached 4 billion 400 million yuan, becoming a new driving point of consumption. The future of this area will also have a wider range of expansion and drive efficiency reflected. read more

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Google return to China The key is to see the stone boss

Google, executive chairman of the board of directors of Eric and China, made a speech in Wukesong, again expressed Chinese market attention, and then he was gone, or 404 Google. Let’s make these Google fans excited again.

Google returned to the Chinese voice transmission raise a Babel of criticism of more than a year, has no substantive progress. About Google return to China may bring a variety of positive, will face various challenges are analyzed and interpreted. One after another, and eggs, said so much, Google still not back. read more

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Shocked 51 T168 domain name resolution problems

January 5th news, yesterday’s blog bus,, IT168 has been banned because of domain analysis and can not visit. As of press time, the blog bus has returned to normal, still can not visit but has released the announcement, there is no news IT168.

blog bus yesterday afternoon issued a notice announcement in its IM system

relevant departments in the domain name registrar IT168 new web site to query the situation of, the answer is received by the competent authorities to inform the domain name lock. read more

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Pharmaceutical electricity supplier strict regulation although the high threshold of slow developme

medical e-commerce has been a concern, but for the general public, it seems a bit strange and fresh. Due to the special nature of the pharmaceutical industry, the strict supervision of the high threshold, after the general e-commerce platform needs at least Internet drug information service qualification certificate of Internet and drug transaction service certificate, to be able to carry out B2B, B2C or the third party e-commerce platform for online transactions.

why slow development of pharmaceutical electricity supplier read more

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nventory of the status quo to help entrepreneurs NetEase who is the winner Who is the loser Who is

Abstract: the portal, the Internet giant has always been a high producer of origin, such as NetEase, Baidu, Sohu, Ali department, but we only hear its brilliant, I do not know the status quo. We take inventory, concerned about the success, but also to care about the frustrated". NetEase business lines, all in the most miserable, that no other than Ding Xiuhong.

portal, the Internet giant has always been a high producer of origin, such as NetEase, Baidu, Sohu, Ali department, but we only hear its brilliant, I do not know the status quo. We take inventory, concerned about the success, but also to care about the frustrated". Start with NetEase: read more

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