How many days have you lived? This simple way of guessing it has gone viral

first_imgImage: iStock On the calendar there are some more important days than others. Some festivities, such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day are some of the dates that stand out the most in the year, but in the personal calendar of each there are also other marked days that are very important as are the birthdays.Every year that passes we get older and when our birthday comes normally, we do something special to celebrate it. We generally count our age for years, since it is the simplest and easiest to understand worldwide. However, from time to time it is curious to know how many months, days or even hours have passed since our birth.This is what happened to the Twitter user and also youtuber Joaquín. This user, he was curious and used one of the services that Google has to know a fact about his age. In Google we can know how many days have passed from one date to another, and Joaquin used it to know days passed since his birth. An application that tells you the days you’ve livedYou can know the days that passed from one date to anothercenter_img How many days have you lived?– Joaquín (@ J0aquinPA) January 31, 2020The result he obtained, he published on his own Twitter account and in that same publication he encouraged people to put their age in days. As a result, his tweet was filled with comments from people uploading images with their results and has even come to have the response of the MediaMarkt Spain company or even the AuronPlay youtuber.7,368 days– MediaMarkt Spain (@MediaMarkt_en) January 31, 20201 day in total pq every day by your side is like being born again bb– AuronPlay (@auronplay) January 31, 2020at 10,000 an achievement or something is unlocked?– Xabi New York (@XabiNewYork) January 31, 2020If you are also curious about it and want to know how many days you have lived from birth to today you just have to ask Google.last_img read more

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Guyanese turn out in numbers on Easter Monday

first_imgHundreds of Guyanese from all walks of life flocked the various parks and open spaces on Monday to observe and participate in this year’s Easter holiday festivities, as it signifies the resurrection of Jesus Christ.Patrons at the Golden Fleece Beach on Easter MondayThe favourable weather experienced across the country motivated kite lovers and spectators to take to the different kite flying hotspots.Decked in their stylish and colourful outfits and enjoying the jubilant atmosphere with their family and friends, they braved the sun to display their creativity and artistic skills with their multi-coloured kites.These three children were seen trying to raise their kites at Joe Vieira ParkWhen this publication visited the seawall along the East Coast of Demerara, the picturesque view of the kites, especially the popular bird and star-shaped ones, could be seen in the sky from a distance as they “danced” and “sung” whenever the ocean breeze hit them.At this venue, parents were seen helping their children get their kites into the sky among the many others, which, when taken at a glance, painted a picture of beautiful birds.Two women attempting to raise a kite at the National ParkPersons who were there to take in the scenery and be part of the festivities could be seen enjoying the ocean winds under a cool shade, chatting with their family and friends.Shenelle, a vendor at the seawall, who has been in the business for years, related that the sales during the Easter holiday is quite normal in the midday but eventually picks up as more people flock the area in the afternoon period, enthusiastically adding that she loves everything about Easter since it’s a time for family.These three lads already for the fun and excitementMeanwhile, Marlin, a spectator, stated that she and her family are enjoying the Easter especially since the sun is out, “So far I’m enjoying the Easter, the sun is out and all is glory and we are having fun…Easter is a time to enjoy yourself with your family and so forth,” she said.The atmosphere in the popular family venue, the National Park, was filled with family cheers and laughter of the scores of children who were excited about sending their kites up into the sky in perfect weather.A family relaxing at the Georgetown SeawallSelwyn Henry, an overseas-based Guyanese, whilst being encircled by his family members in their corner of the park, related to this publication that he is visiting his homeland for the Easter holiday and is so far enjoying his stay.“I’m enjoying my stay here in Guyana. Of course, I am from Guyana…I love being home because it’s wonderful as kite flying signifies the rising of Jesus Christ” he explained.These kids making their way to Anna Regina SeawallAvril Roberts, another overseas-based Guyanese, cheerfully pointed out that she is enjoying herself on Easter Monday and is hoping to be in Guyana to celebrate another Easter holiday. Over at the Joe Vieira Park, West Bank Demerara, the enjoyment factor was much the same. There was music, lots to eat and drink and more so, lots of children with happy faces trying to get their kites in the air.Reports coming out of Essequibo also suggested that the persons who came out to have a grand time with their family and friends did so. Scores of people were seen on the beaches and open spaces either picnicking or looking at their children having a wonderful time.Kids having fun with their parents at National ParkIn the mining town of Linden, residents came out in their numbers as they flocked various sites across the community which are known for kite flying.Areas such as the Bayroc Ground, various ball fields and dykes were transformed into fun zones throughout the day.Though the heat of the day presented some challenges earlier on, this did not deter kite flying lovers and others from venturing out to the various locations.A young man displays a six foot kite in LindenChildren could be seen raising their kites into the air, ably assisted by the grownups in some cases, while others opted to enjoy the cool afternoon vibes later on in the day.The weather remained perfect for most of the day, providing just the right atmosphere for kite flying and other fun activities. Fun zones were created in some areas where children hopped on merry-go-rounds, bouncy castles and played games. Families were also observed barbecuing and having picnics.last_img read more

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