TUC calls for urgent law review

first_imgRelated posts:No related photos. Comments are closed. Corporate manslaughter is back on the agenda following a not guilty verdicton dockland deathThe Government is being urged to bring forward plans for a new law oncorporate manslaughter, after a company was cleared in November of manslaughterin the case of a casual worker decapitated by the jaws of a crane. John Monks, general secretary of the TUC, said the not guilty verdict was”devastating blow” to the victim’s family. “It is also a blow to everyone who wants to see fewer people killed atwork. It puts the pressure on the Government – we need a new law on corporatekilling so that corporate responsibility is clear and the penalties areeffective, and we need it as soon as possible,” he said. In March, 2001, the Government proposed creating a new offence of corporatekilling, designed to make companies and public bodies criminally liable fordeaths caused by poor safety management. However, the legislation was not included in the last Queen’s Speech,although ministers have indicated the subject is still very much on the agenda.Simon Jones, 24, was killed at Shoreham dockyard in West Sussex in May 1998when the jaws of a mechanical grabber closed over him, severing his head. A jury at London’s Old Bailey cleared general manager Richard Martell andthe company, Euromin, of manslaughter, although the firm was found guilty oftwo breaches of health and safety regulations. It was fined £50,000 and orderedto pay £20,000 in costs. Jones, a student on his first day in the job, had been helping to unloadbags of stones from the hold of a cargo ship. He was killed when the lever thatoperated the grab got caught in the clothing of the crane operator, causing itto close. The HSE said the verdict showed the difficulties within the present legalsystem of bringing a case of manslaughter against a company or individual outof a death in the workplace. But the fact that the company had been heavily fined showed that health andsafety laws had been effective in this case, a spokesman added. Corporate complacency to blameCorporate complacency is at the heart of this year’s 34 per cent rise inworkplace deaths, the Industrial Society has claimed. In October, the HSC confirmed there had been 295 workplace fatalities in2000/2001, compared with 220 the previous year. The society added its weight to calls for the Government to proceed with itsproposed corporate manslaughter legislation (see above) without delay and urgedemployers to revisit their risk management programmes. Funding for the Health and Safety Executive needed to be increased andcompany directors needed to make sure health and safety was a boardroom issue,it added. At the same time, a poll by the TUC has shown greater appetite among thegeneral public for prosecutions of firms that flout health and safety laws. The telephone poll of 1,000 people found 45 per cent of respondents wantedto see more prosecutions, compared with 19 per cent against. TUC calls for urgent law reviewOn 1 Jan 2002 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Articlelast_img read more

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Joint Statement by State Government of Sarawak and PETRONAS

first_img Joint Statement by State Government of Sarawak and PETRONAS. (Credit: Terry McGraw from Pixabay) The Sarawak State Government and PETRONAS are pleased to announce the conclusion of negotiations, facilitated by the Ministry of Finance, on a commercial settlement after having resolved their differences over the imposition of State Sales Tax on petroleum products as well as oil and gas matters.The commercial settlement agreement (Agreement), which was executed on 7 December 2020, witnessed by both the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister of Sarawak, amongst others provides Sarawak with a greater share of revenues from oil and gas found and produced in the State. It also provides for a more active involvement by the State in the oil and gas industry through the management of onshore oil and gas resources by PETROS and investment by PETROS in the upstream ventures in offshore areas.Both the Sarawak State Government and PETRONAS, continuing its current role as Malaysia’s national oil company, remain committed to working together to create and maintain a stable, conducive business and investment environment for the sustainable growth of the oil and gas industry, both upstream and downstream in Sarawak. Towards this objective, the Agreement provides for a consultative framework whereby both Parties will be able to jointly discuss and deliberate on matters of importance to the oil and gas industry including those which affect the interests of the State. Source: Company Press Release Agreement provides for a consultative framework whereby both Parties will be able to jointly discuss and deliberate on matters of importance to the oil and gas industrylast_img read more

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Jason Donovon

first_imgI had of course prepared myself for Jason Donovan, cheeky and cheesy pop star, but it was impossible to anticipate just how perky he would be even when greeted with questions on his past problems. ‘Regret is a cancerous word. It leaves you nowhere. The lows that have fashioned my life have given me all the ups I have now.’ He is clearly referring once more to his wife and children, who he clearly adores. When security guards at the concert for Diana refused to let anyone other than him through to the backstage party, he dutifully decided that he came as a package, and left with his family. ‘What ifs are hypothetical, so no regrets.’Towards the end of the book, Jason informs his fans that there could be more to come for those who like his way with words, a book which he’d like to call Be Careful What You Dream Of. This, he says, would be a warning to young people of the hazards of fame, using his own experiences in the limelight as a stark example. I ask him if this ambition is inspired by the people you see plastered on the covers of the tabloids such as Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears, people who became rich and famous at a young age and are now having difficulties. He is quick to show his disdain for anyone who would judge such individuals. ‘The thing is, you don’t vote your pop stars to be politicians. Creative people are creative people. These girls at the moment, they want to rebel against their own fame, doing what I call in the book ‘Searching for cool’. I can tell that he thinks he’s come up with an amazingly insightful phrase, but he’s just so visibly gleeful that I am unable to even show a hint of an eye roll. I move on, and ask if he was nervous about how the book would be received, both by his public and the family and friends who helped him through his problems. ‘Look, I’m nearly forty and I’m not a child anymore. I have an opinion.’ He is clearly proud of the autobiography, and dispels any suggestion of the ghost writers frequently used to assist the less literate stars; ‘It’s always my take on things. It’s all subjective and it’s not there to criticise. It’s just very honest.’The time-limit which was established beforehand is coming to an end, so I finish with the obligatory question; ‘What’s next for Jason Donovan?’ He seems relieved that I didn’t try something a little more demanding, and mentions his new show ‘Echo Beach’, an upcoming show from the makers of Spooks and Hustle which he describes proudly as ‘Extras meets The O.C.’ And after that? ‘If that goes well, which I predict that it will, I’ll continue with that. We’ll see. It’s all good’. The interview ends, and I am hurried away as he and his publicist get ready to leave. Unsurprisingly, he’s still smiling. Guy Pewsey talks Neighbours, drugs and kilowatt smiles with Jason Donovan When we sit on our sofas and watch television, it’s often clear that the image presented to us of our favourite celebrities are just a façade. When the cameras stop rolling, they call the entourage, make some demands, and move onto the next booking in their ultimately miserable lives. This however, is not the case with Jason Donovan, who has just spent more than an hour signing copies of his new autobiography for the many adoring fans who lurk in an orderly yet undoubtedly intimidating queue. When they have finally dispersed, we retire to the staff area at the Magdalen Street Borders. Before the interview can start, he has to sign a stack of seventy more books, and as he makes light work of the imposing pile, he’s still smiling. His new autobiography, Between The Lines, charts his eventful life, focussing on his pop career and hasty decline into class A drugs before eventual comeback via ITV reality show, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. It might not make the list of books to read before you die, but it’s an honest recollection of how things can go wrong when the ugly side of fame rears its head. When Jason finishes signing the last book on the trolley, he puts the pen down and tells me to sit down. He’s clearly eager to move onto the next event, but he’s still smiling. I ask him if he finds such events laborious, whether he finds it difficult to switch on the ‘kilowatt smile’ (which, consequently, is the name of chapter three). The answer seems to be the usual response from a seasoned performer such as Jason, but the delivery is so pristine it’s difficult not to believe him. ‘To an extent it’s programmed into me, but it’s not easy. When people have queued up for an hour though, it’s only fair that I give them my respect. I’m really very grateful for the loyal fans I have in this country and I’m always happy to maintain that’. And maintain it he does, as in the last couple of years he’s appeared in Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang on the WestEnd, done a tour, and reminded millions of his existence through the last series of I’m A Celebrity. His fame was initially established in Britain after his debut on Neighbours in the late eighties, and so it wasn’t long before opportunity knocked in the form of pop svengali Pete Waterman. Twenty years and 3 million records later, he’s still known by many as Scott Robinson off Neighbours, and is forever united with Kylie Minogue due to the shameless publicity stunt that was their completely artificial relationship. On whether or not he minds such an eternal connection, he is adamantly content; ‘I don’t mind’, he says, ‘I can certainly think of worse things to be associated with. Neighbours was a great time of my life, so I can’t complain that people are still asking about me now.’ When I assure him that the student population of Oxford show no signs of letting the Australian soap opera be forgotten, he gives a wry smile, and I move on. Jason is also famed for his incredibly successful run as the lead role in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Joseph and his Technicolour Dreamcoat. His career has gone from acting, to pop, to mixing the two on stage, and he’s eager to establish that he loves it all the same; ‘I’m all encompassing,’ he insists with just an air of conceit. ‘I’m very happy to move between all mediums. I love the variety.’ His experience with Joseph led to him being invited to join Donny Osmond and Any Dream Will Do winner Lee Mead for a musical medley at the recent Concert for Diana. ‘I was honoured to be part of the Lloyd Webber line-up, and it was a wonderful day with great atmosphere, both onstage and backstage.’ For a moment he pauses, appearing to word the response correctly before he answers. ‘It was great to be celebrating her life, celebrating something good rather than all the bad surrounding it.’ The release of a celebrity autobiography is usually timed to follow a reality television win or to benefit from the Christmas rush, and so I ask why he’s chosen now as his time to write the book. According to the forward, despite the many offers that he’s received for book deals, this was the first time that he felt mature enough to make a decent go of it. I suggest that, perhaps, it corresponds with what is potentially the final peak in his career. He is quick to deny such a theory; ‘I would hope that there is more to come, highs or lows’ he replies with another cheesy yet earnest smile. ‘I’m in a good place right now, but it’s about learning to work with life’s curve-balls.’ The curve-balls which he refers to are mostly to do with the severe drug problems which he has dealt with during the height of his career, and then again in the late nineties when a very public cocaine-induced seizure led to the disappointment of his family and a multitude of ‘whatever happened to Jason Donovan?’ comments in the national press. While his memories of such experiences litter the book, I am eager to ask for more on the topic, but Jason Donovan seems happy to dwell on the present; ‘I have two gorgeous kids, and a wonderful wife, so I’m happy.’ last_img read more

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Ceremony Commemorates FJ Reitz Groundbreaking

first_imgSaturday, August 12, at 10 am, FJ Reitz Big Blue Boosters will host a brief ceremony honoring 100 years since ground was broken to build Reitz High School.  Guests are asked to gather under the Link.This is the first of several commemorative events honoring the 2018-19 centennial year for the westside high school.Big Blue Boosters and alumni volunteers will host public gatherings, films, tours, and more throughout the time from now through May 2019.  In addition, the group is raising funds in a Century Campaign for a special gift to the school from alumni and friends.More than $31,000 has been raised to-date.The Boosters has long led efforts to raise funds and support for student extra-curricular activities since incorporating as a non-profit agency in 1980.  More than $258,000 has been donated by the Boosters in the last 10 years alone.  Beneficiaries include Instrumental Music, Theatre, 12 different girls’ and boys’ athletic teams, DECA, BPA, Cheer, Hilltoppers and Speech & Debate.For more information, please visit the website at www.fjreitzbigblueboosters.org or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/FJReitzBigBlueBoosters/ .FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

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first_imgGREGG STATEMENT ON PENCE VP SELECTIONINDIANAPOLIS – John Gregg, Democratic candidate for governor, issued the following statement today reacting to the news that Gov. Mike Pence will seek the Republican nomination for Vice President and drop his bid for re-election.“This campaign has always been about Indiana’s future and who is best equipped to clean up the mess Mike Pence made. I look forward to hearing from my opponents if they’ll continue his damaging policies or join me working to correct them. In the meantime, I’ll continue outlining my plans for creating and retaining high-paying jobs, strengthening schools, fixing long neglected infrastructure, combating the state’s drug epidemic and all the other very real challenges facing Hoosiers which have taken a back seat to Mike Pence’s personal ambition and extreme ideologies for so long.”For more information on John Gregg, Christina Hale or their campaign, please visit www.greggforgovernor.com or call 317-510-1876.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more


Donnelly Calls For Delay In Kavanaugh Vote

first_imgDonnelly Calls For Delay In Kavanaugh VoteSeptember 19, 2018  By Dionte ColemanTheStatehouseFile.comINDIANAPOLIS – U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly has called for the Senate Judiciary Committee to delay a vote on the confirmation of Court of Appeals Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who has been accused of a drunken assault on a young woman while he was in high school.“The allegations made against Judge Kavanaugh are serious and merit further review. Given the nature of these allegations, and the number of outstanding questions, I believe the Judiciary Committee should hold off on Thursday’s scheduled vote,” Donnelly tweeted shortly after noon Monday.The allegations against Kavanaugh came as the Judiciary Committee scheduled a vote for Thursday on his nomination to a lifetime appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court.The woman, college professor Christine Blasey Ford, has said that Kavanaugh forced himself onto her at a house party when they were 15 and 17 respectively.Ford, who initially wanted to remain anonymous, had written a letter to Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., about the incident. But she decided to go public in an interview with The Washington Post over the weekend after information about her and the letter began trickling out.In the interview, Ford said she remembered the night as Kavanaugh pinning her to a bed and attempting to remove her clothes while putting his hand over her mouth when she tried to scream.“I thought he might inadvertently kill me,” Ford told reporters.Kavanaugh issued a statement denying the allegation and said that he did not do that in high school or at any time.Donnelly, a Democrat, is in a tight re-election fight against Republican Mike Braun. He has been targeted by the conservative group, the Judicial Crisis Network, which is spending $3.8 million in television advertisements to urge Donnelly and senators in several other states to support Kavanaugh’s nomination.U.S. Sen. Todd Young, R-Indiana, could not be reached to comment on whether he thought the vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination should be delayed.Kavanaugh, if confirmed, would replace Justice Anthony Kennedy, who retired from the high court at the end of the session in June.Footnote: Dionte Coleman is a reporter for TheStatehouseFile.com, a news website powered by Franklin College journalism students.Print Friendly, PDF & EmailFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

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Ocean City Does it Again And Wins New Jersey’s Favorite Beach Contest

first_imgBy Maddy VitaleWho says you can’t have it all?In Ocean City, it seems the shore town does just that – from its pristine beaches, entertainment, a 2 ½ mile Boardwalk, restaurants and enough shopping to please any shopaholic, there is something for everyone.On June 12, “America’s Greatest Family Resort,” was named by Coastal Living Magazine as the No. 1 “America’s Happiest Seaside Towns” for 2018.To add to the list of honors bestowed upon this family-friendly town, a statewide poll named Ocean City “New Jersey’s Favorite Beach,” which was announced Friday afternoon at the Ocean City Music Pier.Councilwoman Karen Bergman, Mayor Jay Gillian, Councilman Keith Hartzell, Council President Pete Madden along with Ocean City mascot Martin Z. Mollusk, celebrate accept the award naming Ocean City as New Jersey’s favorite beach.And it isn’t the first time beachgoers chose the shore town. In fact, it was the fifth consecutive year in a row.Claire Antonucci, of the New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium announced the winners during a ceremony.She joked, as she stood at the podium, moments before she named Ocean City as the top beach, that it was no surprise.The consortium introduced the survey in 2008 to “inspire pride in and stewardship of New Jersey’s beaches while promoting a little healthy competition between New Jersey’s favorite beach towns.”The contest is decided by online voters who are prevented from voting more than once. This year, the contest included winners for the four coastal communities, and Ocean City was the top beach in Cape May County. Margate was second overall and the top Atlantic County beach.Ocean City beaches top the list of favorites for beachgoers.“We are thrilled with the honor,” Executive Director of the Ocean City Regional Chamber of Commerce Michele Gillian said after the awards ceremony. “Ocean City is America’s Greatest Family Resort and it attracts generation after generation of families because of our clean, safe atmosphere.”Gillian noted that Ocean City has clean and safe beaches and wonderful bay activities from sailing to fishing. She also said that the city’s eco-tourism is expanding.In recent years Ocean City has been named “Best Beach in America” and “Best Beach” in many other statewide polls. “America’s Greatest Family Resort” also has been recognized for its boardwalk, downtown, ecotourism, family destinations, women-owned businesses and more.Gillian added that so far, the economic forecast for this summer is very bright.“The rentals are full for weeks. The summer looks wonderful,” Gillian said.Mayor Jay Gillian said of the best beach honor, “The recognition is a testament to the hard work of the city team, City Council, the Ocean City Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Tourism Development Commission, the Boardwalk and Downtown Merchants associations, local businesses, all volunteer groups and the entire community in making Ocean City a superior place to live, work and play.”Crowds flocked to Ocean City to get in an early July 4 start to the celebration. An ice-cream cone was the perfect treat Friday afternoon as temperatures soared into the high 80s.Here is the list of favorite beach winners provided by the New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium.Overall WinnersOcean CityMargateCape May County’s Favorite BeachesOcean CityWildwood CrestCape MayWildwoodSea Isle CityAtlantic County’s Favorite BeachesMargateBrigantineAtlantic CityLongportVentnorOcean County’s Favorite BeachesSeaside HeightsBeach HavenPoint Pleasant BeachShip BottomIsland Beach State ParkMonmouth County’s Favorite BeachesAsbury ParkSandy Hook – Gateway National Recreation AreaSpring LakeBelmarLong Branch Councilwoman Karen Bergman, Ocean City Regional Chamber of Commerce Marketing Director Shawnda McGinnis, Mayor Jay Gillian, Ocean City Tourism Liaison Sally Huff, Councilman Keith Hartzell, Martin Z. Mollusk, Chamber Special Projects Coordinator Rose Savastano, Chamber Special Events Coordinator Justin Juliano and Chamber Executive Director Michele Gillian celebrate Ocean City’s victory.last_img read more

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Press release: FCO Minister Field attends OECD annual Ministerial meeting

first_imgDuring his visit to the OECD headquarters in Paris, Minister Field underlined the UK’s support for the OECD’s important place in the system of international cooperation, its key role in supporting global growth, and the value of its analysis in continuing to make the case for free trade and open markets.He also held discussions with French Parliamentarians on UK’s continued commitment to working with ASEAN and joined the Brazilian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ernesto Araújo, in signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the OECD to formalise UK support for work in Brazil through the Prosperity Fund to help the country align even more closely with OECD standards.Further information Email [email protected] Follow Foreign Office Minister Mark Field @MarkFieldUK Follow the Foreign Office on Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn The UK was one of the founding members of the OECD in 1961 and the organisation has played a major role in the enormous growth in living standards in all regions of the world since it was formed. This year’s annual meeting in Paris, which I was delighted to attend on behalf of the government, has been an opportunity for members to explore how the digital transition can support sustainable growth in the world’s emerging as well as developed economies. Media enquiries Follow the Foreign Office on Twitter @foreignoffice and Facebook For journalists Foreign and Commonwealth Office Minister for Asia and the Pacific, Mark Field, attended the OECD’s annual Ministerial Council Meeting (22 – 23 May) to discuss the opportunities and challenges of digital transition for sustainable development.Speaking after the visit, Minister Mark Field said:last_img read more

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Center hosts service agencies

first_imgLocal non-profit organizations and student-run service groups joined together to showcase the plethora of social service opportunities available for Notre Dame students both on campus and in the South Bend community at the Social Concerns Fair on Wednesday.    Annie Cahill Kelly, director of Community Partnership and Service Learning at the Center for Social Concerns (CSC), has invited South Bend service organizations to the Social Concerns Fair for 13 of the event’s more than 20 installments. She said surveys from these partner organizations demonstrate the impressive participation of Notre Dame students in community outreach over the past few years. “The agencies are reporting back to us that they’ve had over 3,000 student involved at all 60 organizations that I’ve petitioned,” Kelly said. “That’s not even a thorough count because it’s only 60 organizations and there are many more, but it’s a snapshot of just how many students are involved locally, providing some 180,000 plus hours of service. A lot of the students are doing a lot of great work.” Several of the South Bend organizations represented at the fair have had a long history of involvement with the CSC. AIDS Ministries/AIDS Assist of Northern Indiana, which provides a variety of services for people living with HIV and AIDS in the six-county area, has been associated with the CSC for more than 20 years, said Debra Stanley, the CSC’s Community-Based Learning Coordinator for the organization. Stanley inherited the duty of representing AIDS Ministries at Notre Dame’s Activities Night when she began volunteering for the organization in 1992. “I came that first night and have been coming ever since,” she said. “Being involved led me to the CSC where I became a Community-Based Learning Coordinator, and so it’s just been a relationship ever since.” Student service groups also participated in the fair to distribute information and talk to potential volunteers. Senior Monica Townsend represented the Notre Dame chapter of She’s the First, a non-profit organization that raises funds to promote education for girls in developing countries. Townsend said the group’s desire to expand their outreach efforts motivated its participation in the Social Concerns Fair. “We are hoping this semester to branch out to the South Bend community and work with elementary schools that would like to get involved with She’s the First and think about what education means in the developing world, as well as at home,” Townsend said. Freshman Libby Wetterer attended the fair to find service opportunities that fit her interests and schedule. “I’m looking for volunteer work to do in Spanish for my Spanish class, and also for something to do over the weekends now that football is over,” Wetterer said.   Wetterer said the fair introduced her to a volunteer opportunity at La Casa de Amistad, a community organization that provides bilingual tutoring. Freshman Pat Boduch said he was excited about getting involved in service that would allow him to meet people from the South Bend community. “It seems like mostly I’m around Notre Dame kids from ages 18 to 22,” said Boduch.”It would be refreshing to work with younger kids, and I think it’s good to serve the community as well.”last_img read more

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Mobile rapid testing site to move on from Binghamton

first_imgAdditionally, the County Executive says he believes the number of active COVID-19 cases in the county is stabilizing. Although the number of new cases continues to increase, its at a lower rate than what the county was reporting for the past couple of weeks. On that day, the testing site will be located at St. Mary’s Church in Kirkwood through Wednesday, before moving to St. Patrick’s Church in Whitney Point. It will stay in Whitney Point through Friday. Individuals with COVID-19 symptoms can schedule an appointment by clicking here. The site will accept patients from 1 to 7 p.m. To see where cases are located in Broome County, click here.center_img (WBNG) — On Wednesday, Broome County Executive Jason Garnar announced in a news conference that the mobile rapid-testing site will move from its spot at St. Patrick’s Church in Binghamton on Monday. Wednesday’s news conference was held via Zoom. Garnar says his weekly virus updates will be held virtually for the foreseeable future for the safety of media personnel.last_img read more

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