Teen hockey player returns to the ice after suffering traumatic brain injury in accident: ‘I feel great’

first_imgNovember 19, 2018 /Sports News – National Teen hockey player returns to the ice after suffering traumatic brain injury in accident: ‘I feel great’ Beau Lund Written bycenter_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailABC News(BOSTON) — Since he was a young boy, Gage Senter has loved hockey.Three years ago, Senter was a high school freshman in Merrimac, Massachusetts, when he made the varsity starting lineup as a center.“It was the most important thing for me. I just worried about hockey and I just worried about the game,” said Senter, now 18. “I didn’t worry about anything else.”He had dreams of playing hockey professionally but that summer, when he was 15, he was struck by a car at a crosswalk.He spent a month in a coma and was on life support for six weeks with a traumatic brain injury and remained in the hospital for nine months.When Senter woke up, he said, he thought his life was over, but it wasn’t.“My life was very different. … I just had to relearn how to walk. Relearn how to talk. Relearn how to eat. Relearn how to live life again. Relearn to learn of who I was again. I did it and I pulled through. … I just never gave up,” he said.Senter worked hard in rehabilitation for 22 months, determined to recover and to return to the ice.Stacey Sirotta, Senter’s physical therapist, said it had been “exciting” to see Senter’s progress.In March, seven months ago, he took his first shaky steps back on the ice. For Senter and his family, it was a victory. And, it didn’t take him long to get back to his old form.Sirotta said he was doing a great job mastering different aspects of skating.“It takes a lot of hard work. It takes a lot of determination. … He continues to get better and better,” she said.“I just love the feeling on my face,” Senter told ABC News. “I just love that cool breeze. I love skating fast. I love taking tight turns.”Senter also became a role model at the May Center School for Brain Injury in Brockton, Massachusetts, for other young people with serious brain injuries.“I help them just like I was helped,” Senter said. “I want my fellow students to get back to how they were before they got the brain injury.”As for skating, he said, getting back on the ice and playing hockey helped him feel like his old self, “but with the little lags.”“I feel great. I feel greater than ever to be back in this world,” he said. “I feel like everything is not how I would like it to be but I’m working and I’m making progress every single day and that’s what I have to say for everyone with an injury. … You can’t give up. Just keep trying.”Copyright © 2018, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

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Sajid Javid “should have been out on his ear”, says Lord Patten

first_imgCabinet minister Sajid Javid should have been sacked by Theresa May for his criticism of the High Court ruling on Brexit, Lord Patten has said.Patten’s comments came on Peston on Sunday, in which he sharply criticised the Communities Secretary for his public view that the court was wrong for its ruling that the UK Parliament should be consulted before Brexit.Javid said on BBC Question Time last Thursday that the case was “an attempt to frustrate the will of the British people”.Although Javid stressed that his comment was directed at those who had brought the case to the court and not the judges themselves, Patten said that in the John Major years, “there would have been quite a lot of us that would have been reluctant to sit around a cabinet table with him”Patten also levelled criticism at “tabloid editors” for their censure of High Court judges in the press this week, notably the Daily Mail and its headline referring to pro-parliamentary vote judges as “enemies of the people” on Friday’s front page.He then urged Theresa May to show “leadership” in protecting the judges and the right of courts to rule on political matters, citing examples from his own time in government.“Theresa May…made her reputation in politics by condemning the Conservative party for looking like ‘the Nasty Party’.“Here we are with a debate in this country which is starting to make us look mean and a bit nasty,”“Theresa May should make it absolutely clear that she don’t like the way that tabloid editors have been pushing this debate, that we actually need to behave more decently to one another and with a great deal more respect, as a couple of bishops have been saying. “It’s for Theresa May to give that sort of leadership.”His comments come amidst debate between MPs on the legitimacy of the High Court’s ruling on Brexit. Jeremy Hunt’s became the first in cabinet to defend the judges and former Attorney General Dominic Grieve sharply criticised Downing Street for not doing so earlier.Oxford University have been contacted for comment.last_img read more

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International activity

first_imgThe International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) will be held in Orlando, Florida on 7-10 October.An anticipated 800 exhibiting companies – including manufacturers, ingredient and equipment suppliers, distributors and packaging systems – will showcase exhibits to 20,000 attendees from all segments of the industry, from wholesale plant bakeries to artisan bakers.According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2008, a 16% growth rate in the retail bakery segment is predicted and a 12% growth in baking manufacturing in the USA.The latest baking technology will be on show at the event, including rolls, cookies, sweet goods, tortillas, snack foods, biscuits, crackers and more.Daryl Brewster, president and CEO of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, said: “This is the biggest baking event of year. It provides an efficient, informative venue to meet industry experts and find innovative ideas.”Companies set to exhibit include ADM, BakeMark USA, Dawn Foods Products, Lesaffre, Crawford’s Bakery, MIWE, Golden Gate Bakery, Reiser, Cargill, Terranetti’s Italian Bakery and Puratos.Attendees who register before August receive a $35 discount on entry fees and pay $50. Those signing up between 1 August and 6 October will receive a $10 discount and pay $75. For the first time, IBIE 2007 will be held at the Orange County Convention Center. It is jointly sponsored by the American Bakers Association (ABA) and the Baking Industry Suppliers Association (BEMA).last_img read more

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Press release: Oxford flood scheme moves a step closer

first_img This is a huge scheme – one of the biggest the Environment Agency is working on – and when complete it will not only reduce flood risk to homes across Oxford but it will also protect vital infrastructure, enabling the city to keep moving during flooding. It will also benefit communities and wildlife in a number of ways, including improving existing public footpaths and creating new habitat for wildlife and improving biodiversity. Today’s fantastic news shows that working in partnership can help us get the best scheme for Oxford. We are very pleased that our partners have recognised the multiple benefits it will bring and helped us secure the funding required to progress the scheme to the next stage. The scheme will benefit everyone who lives, works in or visits Oxford. As well as reduced property flooding, the railway and Botley and Abingdon roads will be protected keeping the city open for business during future flooding. There will also be fewer flood related electricity, telephone and internet disruptions. The scheme will allow Oxford’s successful economy to continue to thrive and also provide environmental benefits and a longterm green legacy.County Councillor Yvonne Constance said: The flood relief channel has been a hope for many people for a long time. Now we are at the stage where it has the funding it needs to be made into a reality there will be thousands of homes and businesses protected from the devastating effects of flooding. Clearly there is still much work to do, but this funding announcement means we can continue to work in partnership to move forward to the next stage. The Oxford Flood Alleviation Scheme will bring huge benefits to householders in West and South Oxford, and to all parts of the business community. I am delighted that we have been successful in our application for this final tranche of funding. Councillor Susan Brown, Leader of Oxford City Council, said: The £120m Oxford flood alleviation scheme, which will reduce flood risk to homes, businesses, and transport in Oxford and the surrounding area, has moved a step closer.The Oxford flood alleviation scheme partnership has just announced that it has secured the funding for the scheme, which will include at least 15 hectares of new habitat creation, 7 new bridges and 2.6 kilometres of new flood defences.More than £65m in funding has already been committed by Government. A record amount of partnership funding totalling over £55m has now been given by a wide range of partners. Investment has been secured from Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership, Thames Regional Flood and Coastal Committee, Oxfordshire County Council, Oxford City Council, Thames Water Utilities and the University of Oxford.Joanna Larmour, Project Director at the Environment Agency, said: HM Treasury approved the outline business case for the scheme in November 2017. This detailed that full funding for the scheme had to be committed before it could move to the next stage. This has now been confirmed, thanks to increases in contributions from the scheme partners.The total amount covers the design and construction costs to deliver the scheme. The project team will now work on the Full Business Case, which will be submitted to HM Treasury later this year. Partners will continue to work together on ongoing negotiations with external companies for future investment in the scheme.The Environment Agency will submit the planning application for the Oxford flood alleviation scheme in March. It will take approximately 3 years to build the scheme, which is designed to work with the natural floodplain west of Oxford.The route of the Oxford flood schemeFlood risk in Oxford before and after the Oxford flood alleviation schemelast_img read more

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Travel Back In Time And Watch A Phish House Party, Performed On This Day In 1987

first_imgThe Phish that we know and love today got their start in 1985, when Page McConnell joined members Trey Anastasio, Mike Gordon, Jon Fishman and guitarist Jeff Holdsworth. From their earliest days at the University of Vermont, the group embraced the psychedelic improvisational culture that had been spawned by the Grateful Dead, taking that mentality in their own direction with elements of jazz, funk, and more.Compared to shows throughout the 90’s and beyond, the early days of Phish are poorly documented. None of the band’s followers in Burlington suspected their meteoric rise in the jam subculture, which makes this 1987 video footage all the more impressive. Filmed at what is believed to be a graduation party for Mike Gordon, the show performed on May 20th, 1987 was filmed in the backyard of friend Eric Larson’s house, capturing the group with long hair and tie-dyed backdrops.The show itself is most likely incomplete, but features some tunes that are still in the band’s rotation: “Wilson,” “Run Like An Antelope,” “Golgi Apparatus,” “Possum,” “Harry Hood,” “You Enjoy Myself,” and “Alumni Blues,” the latter of which featured members of The Joneses and Mental Floss, two bands that most likely performed at the party ahead of Phish. The video was widely circulated during the band’s formative years, introducing new fans to some setlist staples.So sit back and enjoy watching this very early Phish show, and who knows, maybe they’ll write a song called “Fuego” in another 27 years after this was filmed…Setlist: Phish at The Ranch, South Burlington, VT – 5/20/87Set 1: Wilson / Run Like an Antelope, Golgi Apparatus / Back Porch Boogie Blues / Lushington / Possum, Harry Hood, You Enjoy Myself, Alumni Blueslast_img read more

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Spafford Wraps Up Sold-Out Hometown Throw Down [Full Pro-Shot Shows]

first_imgSpafford has been steadily rising the ranks of the jam band scene this year, extensively touring as support for Umphrey’s McGee and wrapping up their own headlining tour recently before a summer chock full of festival dates. On Friday and Saturday, the Arizona-based band headed back to Phoenix, playing two sold-out shows at Last Exit Live, and it’s safe to say the boys felt good being home. After two magical jammed-out performances across the two nights, the group had something special in store for their hometown fans, with a massive encore on Saturday night that included the debut of a new cover, Radiohead’s “Everything In Its Right Place” off the band’s 2000 release Kid A.You can watch full streams from Spafford’s sold-out hometown throw down that spanned the last two nights below, along with setlists from each night.4/21/2017Setlist: Spafford | Last Exit Live | Phoenix, AZ | 04/21/17 Set One: All My Friends > Bee Jam > Midnight Rider* > Leave the Light On, Sweet^, Virtual Bean Dip > Todd’s TotsSet Two: Red’s Jam > Weasel > Palisades > Weasel, Crazy, It’s a Bunch, Catfish John%, WallsEncore: PlansNotes: *The Allman Bros Band / ^Gary Ukura / %Johnny Russell4/22/2017Setlist: Spafford | Last Exit Live | Phoenix, AZ | 04/22/17 I: The Postman, Mind’s Unchained, All In > Salamander Song, Into the Mystic*, Spell Yourself^II: Simon & Lilly, Electric Taco Stand, Ain’t That Wrong, Shake You Loose, Backdoor Funk > Slip & SquanderEncore: The Man%, Everything in its Right Place& > All OutNotes: * Van Morrison / ^ Don Cheek / % Brian Solo / & Radiohead – First Time Playedlast_img read more

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BP studying 1.5GW of renewable energy capacity for Western Australia green hydrogen project

first_imgBP studying 1.5GW of renewable energy capacity for Western Australia green hydrogen project FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Renew Economy:Oil and gas giant BP is looking to build 1.5 gigawatts of new wind and solar capacity in Western Australia if it goes ahead with a full commercial project to build a renewable hydrogen production facility in that state, with an eye to the export market.The scale of the project underlines the massive opportunities that could be presented by the renewable hydrogen industry, which will look to draw on Australia’s magnificent wind and solar resources and use them to create zero emissions export fuels, such as hydrogen or ammonia, or for use to support a revitalised domestic manufacturing industry.The Australian Renewable Energy Agency, which is putting $1.7 million towards a $4.4 million feasibility study, says the potential market of renewable fuels – both for export and domestic use – is so big it is thinking in terms of Australia moving beyond “100 per cent renewables” to 700 per cent renewables.Many states are now looking at the possibility of tapping into their own wind and solar resources to develop an industry that would match, if not replace the LNG sector over time, these include Queensland, South Australia and W.A., where another two projects have also been identified in the Pilbara and the same region targeted by BP.The significance of the BP interest is the focus of one of the Big Oil majors on renewables. The economics of renewable hydrogen over fossil fuel alternatives will likely be driven by the price trajectory of electrolysers, but also the potential to supply manufacturing and industries like steel making at scale.“We believe that green hydrogen will play an increasingly important role, not only as a new, clean energy vector but also in enabling the further growth of renewable power,” Dev Sanyal, executive VP of BP’s gas and low-carbon energy business, said in a statement.[Giles Parkinson]More: BP looks to add 1.5GW wind and solar for huge renewable hydrogen project in W.A.last_img read more

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Choice Picks: Four New Record Releases Worth A Listen

first_imgLeon III (featured)Leon IIILeon III features familiar faces from the Americana underground. Andy Stepanian and Mason Brent are members of Wrinkle Neck Mules—the Virginia-born, earnest but edgy alt-country act that’s never quite gotten its rightful due. With their new project, Stepanian and Brent take twang on a detour into the psych-folk wilderness; the songs on this self-titled debut are full of southern comfort, but the musicians sound like they’re under the influence of shroom tea. The opening “Maybe I’m Immune?” is a sprawling, desolate slow-burner with some searching guitar licks that would make Jerry Garcia proud. “The Strongest Medicine” gets out there, too, but this time down the Crazy Horse path of wide-open distortion. The record was produced by Mark Nevers, who has a history of helping idiosyncratic folk explorers like Bonnie “Prince Billy” and Lambchop. His touch is felt most during the hypnotic haze of “Paper Eye” and a cosmically filtered cover of the Velvet Underground’s “Jesus,” which sounds like Drive-By Truckers on a Beatles bender. Stepanian’s husky voice is a steady spirit guide throughout the album; it particularly brings things back down to earth when accented by plaintive pedal steel in “Faded Mountain.” These guys took a chance to get weird, and it works.Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors and JOHNNYSWIMGoodbye RoadRoots contemporaries Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors and JOHNNYSWIM (the husband-and-wife folk duo featuring Abner Ramirez and Amanda Sudano) are skilled practitioners in crafting feel-good hooks and inspirational choruses. Here the two groups join forces for a brief five-song EP that offers a promising teaser for what will hopefully become a more-developed collaboration. Right out of the gate, gospel-rock opener “Ring the Bells” showcases impressive vocal interplay, as Holcomb’s sturdy Tennessee tenor holds its own with Ramirez and Sudano’s musical theater-ready pipes. The intertwined singing flows even more naturally on “Just Your Memory,” a delicate folk meditation with the building intensity characteristic of male-female groups like the Civil Wars and the Swell Season. Turning Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” into a ballad strips the dusty swagger from the original, but the version will still be a crowd favorite when the two groups support the effort with a brief summer tour. Southern stops include Thomas Wolfe Auditorium in Asheville, N.C. (July 6) and the Carpenter Theatre in Richmond, Va. (July 7).Twisted PineDreamsUp-and-coming string band Twisted Pine went viral last year when video surfaced of the group’s acoustic mash-up of indie funk band Vulfpeck’s “El Chepe” and Bill Monroe’s “The One I Love is Gone.” The combo tune leads off the quartet’s new Dreams, a seven-song, all-covers EP that reimagines songs from a range of genres through the primitive dynamics of wood and wire. In general, bluegrass reboots of pop songs can be hit or miss, but Twisted Pine isn’t just churning out boot-stomping exaggerations of familiar favorites. The group subscribes to the school of sophisticated string arrangements purveyed by predecessors the Punch Brothers and Crooked Still, and accordingly the covers are delivered with nuanced layers instead of overblown solos. The biggest winners are a sweetly patient reading of the Beatles’ “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” and the title track—a pastoral version of the Cranberries’ 90s hit that features vocalists Kathleen Parks and Rachel Sumner jointly nailing the late Dolores O’Riordan’s emotional lilt.American AquariumThings ChangeThings Change is an appropriate title for the seventh studio album from North Carolina alt-country act American Aquarium. After every member of the band quit last year, front man B.J. Barham recruited an entirely new crew to play behind him, but his blue-collar storyteller songwriting hasn’t lost its vigor. In fact Barham sounds ready to roll in the full-throttle bar rock of “Tough Folks,” an optimistic stomper written about the resilience of small-town farmers. Ditto in the rollicking “The World is On Fire,” a countrified positive protest anthem about feeling disillusioned by the country’s current political climate. In the latter, Barham sings, in a resolute cadence similar to that of activist folk bard Billy Bragg, the lines: “We can’t give in / We can’t give up / We must go boldly into the darkness / And be the light.” A great voice in Southern music has found a new spark.last_img read more

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Credit union marketing lessons from man’s best friend

first_imgSix months ago, we got a dog. My 11 year old had been begging for one. We made him do research about dogs, attend an animal camp at the local Humane Society, and promise to take care of the dog.I’m a cat person, so I was kind of “against” the dog. But the 11 year old did everything we asked, and has really stepped up to care for her. And Ali adores him.After six months, I’ve come to learn some life lessons from Ali…lessons we can use in our credit unions.She’s always happy to see you.It doesn’t matter if we’ve been gone for five minutes or five hours, she is excited to see us.Are your front line staff happy to see your members? Do they greet them like a friend? Be genuinely glad to talk with your members and listen to them. A little cheerfulness can go a long way.There’s always something new.Ali takes walks daily and we usually take the same routes. It’s nothing she hasn’t seen or smelled before. Yet, she is always anxious to get outside to see if there is anything new.Get into your community and see if there is anything new. Partner with a new organization. Try something different with a “same old” project, even if it’s just changing a color! Sometimes simple changes can have the biggest impact.Be a step ahead. Our dog has become my running partner. And by running, I mean she pulls me (all 18 pounds of her). She has limitless energy and is always a step ahead, no matter how tired she is.Is your competition one step ahead of you? They can offer a healthy challenge for you, and drive you to keep you on your toes. Do you keep track of what they are doing? Or maybe you’re the one ahead of the game?Take a break.If there’s a patch of sunlight, she’s in it. And she’s not moving. It’s her way of relaxing and recharging.Disconnect. It’s hard in this 24/7 “always on” society, but it’s important to rest, relax and enjoy the sunshine. Even if it’s for only 10 minutes. 17SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Susan Dyer Susan is the Communications Director for the Heartland Credit Union Association, the trade association for credit unions in Kansas and Missouri. She has been a part of the marketing and … Web: HeartlandCUA.org Detailslast_img read more

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UK pensions association calls for ‘compulsion’ on consolidation

first_imgThe UK’s pensions association has called for “radical” measures to increase scale, standards and accountability of governance of UK pension schemes, including bringing about consolidation via “an element of compulsion”.It made the comments in its response to a consultation by The Pensions Regulator (TPR) on trustee standards and governance, which closed on Friday.Luke Hildyard, policy lead for stewardship and corporate governance at the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA), said the association was largely supportive of the regulator’s proposals but did not believe “these relatively subtle changes alone are sufficient to achieve a governance structure that will achieve the best possible value for scheme members over the long term”.He added: “Against a backdrop of significant challenges for pension schemes – from an increase in the number of stakeholders brought into pension savings through auto-enrolment, to deficits in the defined benefits pensions – there is a need for radical measures in terms of the scale, standards and accountability of governance structures.” One of the questions asked by TPR was how pension funds with “sub-standard” governance should be dealt with, and, in particular, whether smaller schemes should be encouraged or forced to exit the market or merge with other schemes.In its submission, the PLSA, which has long been in favour of increased scale in UK defined contribution (DC) schemes, cited “well-documented” benefits of scale, such as value for money, an ability to attract higher-calibre trustees and better governance.“In an ideal world, consolidation would occur through market forces, but progress has been slow in this respect,” it said.“As such, an element of compulsion – as has been applied in other markets – would now be appropriate.”Giving the Netherlands, Australia and Denmark as examples, the PLSA said that, “[i]n the countries with the most highly regarded pension systems, numbers are much lower, and policymakers have actively concentrated on reducing them.”The association also raised the question of whether schemes failing to deliver value for money should face compulsion in another area, namely the appointment of professional trustees.Wider benchmarking would determine which schemes were underperforming in this way, it said.Law firm Sackers said it would probably be “impracticable” to deal with sub-standard smaller schemes by forcing them to exit the market or merge with other schemes.New powers would be required to facilitate scheme closures, as this is impossible under current legislation, it said – and “there is the risk that the powers could be deliberately used to offload pension scheme responsibilities more widely”.This would be unworkable for DB schemes, according to Sackers, while for DC schemes it is unclear how the cost of scheme closure and transfer of benefits or consolidation could be met “without taking the money needed to meet costs from members’ accounts”.“As TPR notes through its research,” Sackers added, “it has already identified some schemes as needing additional support.“It may be appropriate for TPR to target those schemes directly, giving specific support on a case-by-case basis.”last_img read more

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