Up to 150K coronavirus deaths possible by July 18, CDC says

first_imgMyriam Borzee/iStockBy MATT GUTMAN, EMILY SHAPIRO, BRIAN HARTMAN and MARK OSBORNE, ABC News(LOS ANGELES) — As coronavirus cases continue to climb across the country, a new forecast from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the U.S. could soon see 150,000 fatalities.The number of confirmed cases in the U.S. currently stands at 121,969 with 2.38 million confirmed cases, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.There have been over 482,000 deaths globally.Below is the latest coronavirus news as of Wednesday:Dozens of Secret Service agents self-quarantine: ReportDozens of U.S. Secret Service agents are now in self-quarantine after President Donald Trump’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma over the weekend, according to a report in The Washington Post.A source familiar with the matter told ABC News that the number of Secret Service personnel who are self-quarantining for 14 days is in the “low dozens.”To put that number in context, the Secret Service employs approximately 3,200 special agents, 1,300 uniformed division officers and 2,000 support personnel.ABC News previously reported two Secret Service members were among the six Trump staffers to test positive before the rally. Two other staffers later tested positive in conjunction with the president’s return to the campaign trail.The USSS said the self-quarantined members would not affect operational capacity.“The U.S. Secret Service remains prepared and staffed to fulfill all of the various duties as required,” USSS Director of Communications Catherine Milhoan said in a statement. “Any implication that the agency is in some way unprepared or incapable of executing our mission would be inaccurate.”“To protect the privacy of our employees’ health information and for operational security, the Secret Service is not releasing how many of its employees have tested positive for COVID-19, nor how many of its employees were, or currently are, quarantined,” the statement added.Many health officials, including coronavirus task force member Dr. Anthony Fauci, had warned Trump against holding the rally due to COVID-19 fears.In response to questions about the sick agents, White House deputy press secretary Judd Deere said in a statement, “The President takes the health and safety of everyone traveling in support of himself and all White House operations very seriously. When preparing for and carrying out any travel, White House Operations collaborates with the Physician to the President and the White House Military Office, to ensure plans incorporate current CDC guidance and best practices for limiting COVID-19 exposure to the greatest extent possible.”Disneyland delays reopeningAs Southern California deals with a concerning increase in coronavirus cases, Disneyland is delaying its planned reopening.Disneyland had previously announced it would reopen on July 17, pending government approval. But the state now says it will not offer guidelines for theme parks to reopen until July 4.“Given the time required for us to bring thousands of cast members back to work and restart our business, we have no choice but to delay the reopening of our theme parks and resort hotels until we receive approval from government officials,” the park said in a statement. “Once we have a clearer understanding of when guidelines will be released, we expect to be able to communicate a reopening date.”The Downtown Disney District will still reopen on July 9 as previously planned.Orange County, which includes Anaheim, has seen over 11,000 confirmed cases, while nearby Los Angeles County has more cases than any other county in the nation.Nevada mandates masks for everyoneNevada Gov. Steve Sisolak issued a mandate for everyone in the state to wear masks or facial coverings in order to stop the spread of COVID-19.“I know Nevadans are worried not only about their health but also about their jobs and commerce,” Sisolak tweeted. “They keep asking, ‘What can I do to help?’ You can do this. Everyone can. This simple act is this is not only a way for us to save lives, but a way for us to save the Nevada economy.”After test positivity rates dropped steadily through May and early June, rates are now creeping up again. The number reached a low of 5.2%, but has been up seven of the last eight days and now sits at 5.7% of tests coming back positive, according to the state Department of Health and Human Services.“I don’t want to have to take steps backward by imposing stronger restrictions on those identified as high risk if I don’t have to — and the best way to prevent that is to not let a business type or industry become high risk in the first place. It’s on all of us, Nevada,” Sisolak wrote.“That’s why, today, I signed a directive with a new requirement for Nevadans and visitors to wear a cover their nose and mouth with a mask or face covering, when in public space, whether publicly or privately owned,” he added.The directive goes into effect on Friday.So far, there have been 14,362 confirmed cases and 494 deaths in Nevada, according to the state.Texas COVID cases cross 5,500The number of cases reported the previous day in Texas was 5,551, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services. The total is a new one-day record for the state.The previous one-day high was 5,489 — recorded Tuesday.The state also recorded its highest number of tests — both viral and antibody tests — at over 40,000. However, the percentage of positive tests hit a high of 10.42%, a steady climb from one week ago (6.94%).There have been over 125,000 cases in the state so far, and at least 2,249 deaths.CDC offers frightening death toll predictionIn the CDC’s weekly “ensemble forecast,” an average of predictions from 20 different models, the organization said that the U.S. death toll will likely be between 130,000 and 150,000 by July 18.The U.S. death toll currently stands at 121,746.Forecasts indicate that the number of new deaths will likely surpass the number of deaths reported over the last several weeks in the states of Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Hawaii, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Utah.In all other states, the number of new fatalities is expected to stay steady or slightly decrease.California cases see stunning jumpIn California, COVID-19 cases saw a stunning 69% jump in just two days, Gov. Gavin Newsom said Wednesday.On Sunday, California reported 4,230 new cases, on Monday there were 5,019 new cases and on Tuesday cases increased by 7,149, Newsom said.And as the state increases testing, residents should anticipate more of an increase in the positivity rate, the governor warned.Hospitalization numbers have increased and 30% of ICU capacity statewide is being used, he said.Newsom urged Californians to wear masks and practice social distancing, stressing that the state is still in the first wave of the virus.LA County has more cases than any other countyLos Angeles County has more cases of coronavirus than any other county in the U.S.LA has over 88,500 residents diagnosed with COVID-19, followed by 87,700 cases in Cook County, Illinois, and 64,000 cases in Queens in New York City.Florida sees major increaseIn comparison, the entire state of Florida had 109,000 cases as of Wednesday.LA County has about 10 million residents while Florida’s population stands at roughly 21.4 million.But Florida is also seeing a major increase. The state’s Department of Health reported 5,511 news cases Wednesday, representing a 15.91% positivity rate out of 36,300 tests conducted Tuesday — the highest percentage positive in the last calendar month and almost one-third higher than one day earlier.Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Wednesday blamed rapid transmission in the 18-35 age group for the new rise in daily cases.“Granted, they’re weren’t being tested at this level a couple months ago,” he said. “But I also think they are testing positive at a higher and higher rate. So clearly you have community spread there.”LA County public health director reveals death threatsOn Monday, the director of LA County’s Department of Public Health, Dr. Barbara Ferrer, revealed that she’s received death threats due to the pandemic.Ferrer said she was holding a COVID-19 briefing on Facebook Live in May “when someone very casually suggested that I should be shot.”“I didn’t immediately see the message, but my husband did, my children did, and so did my colleagues,” Ferrer said in a statement.“One reason I handle these briefings myself is to shield the extraordinary team at L.A. County Public Health from these attacks which have been going on, via emails, public postings, and letters — since March,” she continued. “It is deeply worrisome to imagine that our hardworking infectious disease physicians, nurses, epidemiologists and environmental health specialists or any of our other team members would have to face this level of hatred.”“Our job and our calling is to keep as many people as safe as possible during this pandemic,” Ferrer said. “While frustration boils over in our communities as people are done with this virus, this virus is not done with us.”In Los Angeles’ fight against the virus, Los Angeles International Airport is implementing thermal camera technology and city officials are bringing mobile testing to about 25,000 people at 15 Los Angeles public housing developments.LA County is continuing to reopen in phases. Among the open facilities are bars, wineries, public pools, beaches and piers, day camps, gyms and museums.Concert venues, nightclubs, youth sports leagues and movie theaters are among the businesses still closed.ABC News’ Scott Withers and Bonnie Mclean contributed to this report.Copyright © 2020, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

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Parents of Walter Wallace Jr. demand justice and police reform in Philadelphia

first_imgCopyright © 2021, ABC Audio. All rights reserved. iStock/Motortion(NEW YORK) — “He’s mental,” were some of the last words Walter Wallace Jr. heard before he was shot 14 times by a Philadelphia police officer.On Oct. 26, 2020, less than a month after marrying his pregnant wife Dominique, Wallace was shot by police in West Philadelphia while experiencing a mental health crisis.His death, caught on video by police body camera and by residents on his block, caused an avalanche of protests in the city.“It’s a hard pill to swallow, you know what I mean? I was thinking about my kids burying me and I had to bury my kids. No parent should have to go through that,” Walter Wallace Sr. said, speaking out for the first time with ABC News. “It’s like the devil’s ridin’ over your back.”His son had a history of mental illness since he was a child. He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and ADHD at a young age and was taking multiple medications, including Adderall.“He was funny. He liked to play basketball. I mean, he liked to rap for sure. He loved making music and he didn’t care about what nobody said about him at all… he was happy with himself,” one of Wallace Jr.’s best friends Kaseem Nelson told “Nightline.” “He was an all-around good person. I don’t know, as far as flaws I didn’t see too many. He was my brother that was it.”As an adult, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.According to his family, whenever Wallace Jr. would have a mental episode, they would call an ambulance and request an emergency evaluation and treatment for mental illness.Bilal Nelson, Kaseem’s brother and another one of Wallace Jr.’s friends, said it didn’t take much to get Wallace Jr. upset, especially when they were younger.“I will always get him to calm down and try to get him to see it from my point of view,” Villa Nelson said. “He would always tell me, ‘little bro I need you’… Basically, I was able to calm him down because when he’s mad, he’s not thinking, all he wanted to do was react.”“I was never afraid of him,” he added.On that day in October 2020, Wallace Jr.’s sister and brother both called 911. His sister told dispatchers her brother had a record, was on probation, and had been violent. She said he was attacking his mother and the dispatcher said she would send help.With the knife in his hand, Wallace Jr. walked out of his home where his neighbors and loved ones were outside. Seconds after police arrived, his wife yelled, “He’s mental,” attempting to warn them her husband needed help, she later told “Nightline.”Police arrived on the scene and asked Wallace Jr.’s mother what was happening, to which she responded “He came outside. He had the knife in his hand.” The police asked him to put the knife down more than 12 times, body camera video showed.Less than a minute on scene, the two police officers on site released 14 bullets. Ten of them hit Wallace Jr. and he died at the scene.Robert Gonzalez has spent his career studying these interactions, helping to change training techniques at the New York Police Department after Eric Garner’s death.“The sister actually tells the 911 dispatcher that the suspect has a record. Was it a criminal record? Was it a medical record?” Gonzales said. “It was the 911 one dispatch, in my opinion, who failed to ask the right questions so that the police officer can be armed on how to deal with this particular situation.”In addition to being ill-informed, the officers were also ill-equipped. In Philadelphia, most officers are not issued less lethal forms of force, like a stun gun. Gonzalez said the only option they could use to disarm him at that point was their guns.“I believe when he failed to comply after maybe the sixth or seventh attempt, they realized that he was never going to drop the knife,” Gonzales said. “Then you need to use deadly physical force. And it appears that’s what these officers did in this particular situation. So in my opinion, this was a justified shooting.”But Gonzales says before deadly force, there should be other de-escalation tactics employed.“Me personally, I probably wouldn’t to discharge my firearm,” he said. “I think what could have saved Walter’s life in this situation is if the officers would have continued to maintain the zone of safety, if they would have requested additional backup where someone who responded might have had a Taser and then perhaps that would have saved the life in this situation.”“Justice need[s] to be served and the cops need to be locked up for what they did to him,” said Kathy Bryant.With her son on the floor gasping his last breaths, his mother Kathy Bryant lunged at the officer.“Why would you do that? I told you he was mental!” she screamed.“If Tasers had been around, if those officers had been Taser-trained and certified, he would very likely be alive,” said the family’s attorney Shaka Johnson, a former police detective.“How are we now four to five months, six months, removed from that shooting, and you still have not implemented required training and required equipment issues at the academy level for less-lethal options? How have you not done that?” he added.In 2015, the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services worked with the Justice Department, concluding all Philadelphia officers should be equipped with less-lethal options like Tasers. They also said not having these options makes officers “more likely to use deadly force.”Research from the Treatment Advocacy Center shows that people with untreated mental illness are 16 times more likely to be killed during a police encounter. At least a quarter of fatal police shootings involve an individual with untreated severe mental illness.Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw arrived on scene shortly after the shooting to address the crowd. Outlaw is the first Black female police commissioner in the department’s over 200 years.“There was a community on scene. There was family there that had witnessed it as well,” Outlaw told “Nightline” co-anchor Juju Chang. “I generally respond to all critical incidents in which there is a discharge of a firearm, where there’s police involved. But it was really important for me to be there because there was a lot of emotion there. There was a lot of community out there and they wanted answers.”Outlaw met with the Wallace family and their attorney to review the body camera footage in the following weeks.After the family’s approval, on Nov. 5th, she made the decision to release the video publicly just two weeks after the incident, along with the 911 calls. It was the first time in Philadelphia police history that this kind of video would be released to the public.“To think about how a call for help ends up part of a death sequence is chilling,” said Marc Lamont Hill, professor of media studies and urban education at Temple University. “But it’s very much what it means to be in America as a Black person and as a person with mental illness.”Outlaw said she has made the request for police officers in the city to be equipped with stun guns, but said the department’s budget has yet to be approved by the city council.“I have made the request,” said Outlaw. “It costs approximately $14 million over a period of five years to get everyone in patrol at least outfitted with Tasers. We did put that request forward.”The city will decide whether to approve the budget in June.The Wallace family is suing the officers involved for wrongful death. They are asking for reform and plan to file a separate federal lawsuit.The family attorney is asking for specific changes within the city’s police department.First, “to retrain every officer who has a Taser right now,” said Johnson. “Make the Taser standard issue at the academy level and you also need to train on less-lethal methods at the academy level.”The Wallace family just wants justice to be served for their son.“Justice need[s] to be served and the cops need to be locked up for what they did to him,” said Bryant. “I can’t touch him. I can’t hug him. I just can’t see him no more. And it hurts me so bad. You don’t know how much I really miss my son. I miss him so much. Sometimes I wish I could just hear the bell ring.”“Charged, that’s right. Do it,” said Wallace Sr. “[Be]cause had it been me [who] shot a cop, and did kill a cop, they would have prosecuted me to the fullest.”Kaseem Nelson remembered the last time they saw each other, just days before the shooting.“We was talking and it’s crazy because I was telling him that I was proud,” he said. “I was happy to see him doing good… when I was with him… I was just with somebody that was cool, he was like my big brother.”last_img read more

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Tax credit bid to keep female talent at work

first_img Previous Article Next Article Comments are closed. Leading consultants have called for working mothers to receive a tax creditequal to 50 per cent of their childcare costs to stop women leaving the jobsmarket. Ernst & Young has backed the campaign, which was inspired by workingmother Jacquline De Baer, during the recent Work-life Balance Week, and urgedthe Government to consider the measure. De Baer, who is CEO of uniform manufacturing company De Baer, said,”Eighty per cent of my workforce are women and they are vital to mybusiness. Unfortunately, if they have children many of them can’t afford towork, and we lose some of our best talent.” Ernst & Young has calculated that this level of tax relief would cost£1bn – equivalent to a third of a penny on income tax. “The tax regulations regard paid childcare as a luxury. We’ve startedthe ball rolling and we want to pressure the Government to make a change.” Related posts:No related photos. Tax credit bid to keep female talent at workOn 25 Sep 2001 in Personnel Todaylast_img read more

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Outside input is needed to make HR strategic

first_imgRelated posts:No related photos. Outside input is needed to make HR strategicOn 28 Jan 2003 in Personnel Today In the HR function’s bid to be a strategic, boardroom player – and disposeof its label as the ‘tea, toast and toilet paper provider’ – it invented therole of the HR business partner. But do these beasts really exist? Without a doubt, HR’s life through the ages has focused on the more mundaneactivities of company life. Organising the Christmas party and handling querieson holiday entitlement, maternity and paternity leave, employee change notes,employee relations, recruitment, training and development and the like,dominate the agenda. These activities are hardly of strategic importance orvital to a business, but nevertheless, somebody has to do it. Here’s where the HR business partner fits in. HR departments have tried tobundle many of these non-core activities into HR shared services. Assuming thatHR has got its act together with HR shared services through outsourcing or themore difficult DIY approach, then the remaining HR staff are free to take onthe mantle of HR business partner, ie, strategic adviser. So what does the role entail? Without doubt, it is to help senior managementto resource and develop the necessary skills to meet the demands of thebusiness plan. This starts with an early involvement in the plan, and calls forknowledge of strategy, markets, products, competition, and the commercial andfinancial challenges the business faces. It also demands an understanding ofthe HR impact on each of these. The HR business partner will need to articulate the type of organisationaldesign required to meet these challenges, and influence the business to ensurethe right structures and culture are developed. Additionally, the HR businesspartner will need to underpin this activity through appropriate policies toattract, develop and retain the right talent. But, as with all senior managers, the HR business partner needs to befinancially astute, and able to turn ideas into robust plans with a positiveand measurable bottom line impact. Only then will they be able to strategicallyinfluence the direction of their business, and gain credibility with theirpeers. Coaching, facilitation and change management skills are all basicrequirements, but I question the need for a detailed understanding of the HRbasics – this can be left to those more capable of delivering transactionalprocesses, and therefore CIPD qualifications are not a pre-requisite. But have today’s HR departments got the skills to meet this challenge? Canhome-grown HR professionals really make the grade of a business partner? I believe HR business partners are few and far between, and if the HRfunction is to seize the opportunity to help truly run a business, it must lookbeyond the function to recruit and develop the HR stars of the future.Operations, finance, commercial and even legal managers, could all prove a usefulsource of candidates. But the question is: will they want to work in HR? By Alan Bailey, Head of communications and change management, Xchanging Comments are closed. Previous Article Next Articlelast_img read more

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Fill in our online survey and top up your wine cellar

first_imgFill in our online survey and top up your wine cellarOn 21 Sep 2004 in Personnel Today Completeour recruitment survey and you could win a case of champagne or a second prizeof three bottles of wine.TheRecruitment Confidence Index (RCI) is a quarterly survey which tracks predictedtrends in recruitment confidence and associated employment areas, and thefindings, which have recently been featured on BBC News, are highly soughtafter by the recruitment community and the business world.Asan HR and recruitment professional, we need your views to help us predict thefuture for recruitment by telling us what’s happening in your own business.Simply visit www.rcisurvey.co.uk and answer the brief questionnaire. Thisshould take no more than 15 minutes.Yourreplies will be treated as completely confidential and the published data willbe aggregated and reported without the names of persons or organisations.Inexchange for your support, you will be entered the prize draw. All respondentswill also receive a complimentary copy of the RCI report, which is available tonon-participants at a cost of £50. TheRCI is produced by the Cranfield School of Managementand the Daily Telegraph in association with PersonnelToday. A detailed report on the RCIfindings is available in Personnel Today’s essential guide to the recruitmentclimate, RecruitmentTrends & Forecasts, which is available on subscription (enquiries: 020 86528803). Forfurther information on the RCI contact Emma Parry on 01234 754808 ([email protected])go to www.rcisurvey.co.uk/survey Comments are closed. Previous Article Next Article Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

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2020 Oxbridge admissions statistics sees two state schools make the top five

first_imgHills student Lena Van Dongen has been offered a place at Cambridge to study Maths: “I’ve always loved Maths, and knew that Cambridge was renowned for its Maths graduates, so I naturally wanted to apply. The process has been generally fine so far but quite demanding. The interview was a great opportunity to try some advanced maths, but I still have to sit the STEP entrance exam, which will be the most challenging part of the process.”Peter Symonds College has had 56 successful offers for the 2021 cohort. The College has a dedicated Oxbridge tutor and offers an Oxbridge preparation program, which includes interview and entrance exam support. Principal Sara Russell told Cherwell: “With the effects of the pandemic students have faced additional challenges this year so we worked hard to overcome some of these. The moment the first lockdown was announced we knew we needed to adapt our strategy, and develop distance ways of delivering the things that have worked so well for decades.”Peter Symonds student Milosz Kowalski has been offered a place at Cambridge to study Human Social and Political Sciences, and said: “As someone from a working-class, migrant background, it was sometimes difficult to see myself at Cambridge, but the supportive atmosphere at Symonds made me feel that truly anyone can succeed.”A spokesperson for St. Paul’s School told Cherwell: “We are delighted that so many of our students who wished to study at Oxbridge have been offered places. It is a testament to our students’ talent and commitment to their studies during an exceptionally difficult year for all schools that so many have achieved their first choice of university. We are also delighted with the success enjoyed by candidates from our partner schools with whom we have worked in support of their applications, in almost all subject areas.”A spokesperson for the Westminster School told Cherwell: “We are delighted that our pupils continue to achieve excellent outcomes despite the challenges of the pandemic, including opportunities to study at the world’s best universities. We are equally delighted by the increasing numbers of pupils from the maintained sector progressing to these institutions, including from Harris Westminster – just one example of what can be achieved through meaningful partnership and hard work. We are proud of each and every one of these students, and applaud their achievements.” A spokesperson for the University of Oxford told Cherwell: “From expanding our digital outreach offering during lockdown, to voicing and upholding concerns about the Ofqual algorithm used to award A-level grades, to the collegiate university this year forming a nationwide community outreach programme offering bespoke and local support to students of mixed ages, their parents and teachers, we are consistently working to make Oxford first choice for students from under-represented backgrounds.”“This commitment to supporting talented students of all backgrounds to achieve their Oxford dreams and potential, has seen a record number of state-school students arriving at Oxford in October 2020, and state school applicants receiving more than 68% of offers in the most recent admissions round.”“We are particularly pleased to have been able to welcome the inaugural class of Opportunity Oxford students, notwithstanding the constraints imposed by the pandemic. It is going to be a challenging year ahead for all of us but we are confident that our concerted outreach efforts are focused on the right areas, and allowing us to find talented students from a broad range of backgrounds who are passionate about their subject.”Eton College has been contacted for comment. Image Credit: JR P/CC BY-NC 2.025/3/21, 16:22 – this article was edited to include comment from the University Data released by Oxford and Cambridge and collated by The Spectator has revealed the top schools for Oxbridge offers in 2020. 3 of the top 5 schools are private, while Hills Road is a selective sixth form college, and Peter Symonds School is a non-selective sixth form college. Research by The Sunday Times has shown that several top private schools have seen a decrease in Oxbridge admissions. Data collected by UCAS has also shown that the 2020 admissions cycle saw a 34.8% increase in students from POLAR4 Q1 (a measure of University participation by area) applicants finding places in the top 15 most selective universities and colleges.The top 5 schools for Oxbridge admission vary in size: Westminster sixth form has approximately 200 students in year 13, while Peter Symonds College has approximately 2000 students in its sixth form, a similar number to Hills Road College. St Paul’s school currently has 217 students in year 13.At Hills Road College, 69 students have now also received an offer for the 2021 cohort, 38 from the University of Oxford and 31 from the University of Cambridge. Hills student Joseph Clarke has been offered a place at Oxford to study history, and told Cherwell: “I hadn’t originally intended to apply to university, and I had only decided that I would apply to Oxford a few months before needing to hand in the application. It was a good deal of work, especially preparing for the admission test and interview, but I’m so glad that I applied because of everything I have learnt.”Awa Ndour, another Hills Road student, has been offered a place to study Experiment Psychology, and told Cherwell: “I didn’t properly consider applying to Oxford until I got my UCAS predicted grades in the summer, and it suddenly dawned on me that I had a chance at getting in. I decided to apply because I knew it was a unique opportunity and I really liked the look of the course. Even though I wasn’t certain at the time I would go if I got an offer, I wanted to give myself that option, and I was up for the challenge.”last_img read more

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Customers Encouraged To Service Air Conditioners; Reminded Of Rebates For High-Efficiency Cooling systems

first_img With warmer temperatures back in the forecast, Vectren wants to remind customers to have a trained heating and air professional perform routine maintenance on their air conditioning systems to improve efficiency and comfort. Customers should maintain their cooling system to prevent future problems and unwanted costs.“As temperatures push in to the upper 80s and low 90s this weekend, many customers will turn their air conditioners on for the first time,” said Brad Ellsworth, president of Vectren Energy Delivery South. “As we enter the cooling season, its important customers maintain their air conditioning systems properly to ensure they perform optimally during the summer months.”According to www.energystar.gov, routine maintenance check-ups should include the following actions to ensure your house or business stays cool:Check thermostat settings to ensure your cooling system keeps you comfortable when you are home and saves energy while you are away.Tighten all electrical connections and measure voltage and current on motors.Lubricate all moving parts to reduce friction in motors, which increases the amount of electricity used.Check controls of the system to ensure proper and safe operation.Regularly clean and/or replace your air conditioner filter to help your unit run at full efficiency and supply better air flow.Clear leaves and other debris away from your air conditioner’s condensing unit on the outside of your home and hose off any accumulated dirt.Check your air conditioner’s refrigerant level – too much or too little will make your system less efficient and reduce the life of the equipment.Clean and adjust blower components to reduce problems with air flow, which can also make your system run less efficiently.Vectren offers several energy efficiency and rebate programs for residential and business customers, including cash rebates for residential customers of $200 to $400 for a high-efficiency central air conditioning unit, depending on the SEER level, and heat pumps. Learn more about Vectren’s programs at www.vectren.com/saveenergy or call 866-240-8476. FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

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Raisin & Orange brioche

first_img“This is much lighter than a muffin because there is less fat, but it has a similar look,” says baker Dominique Homo, who developed the product for California Raisins.This recipe makes 48 x 50g briochesDoughIngredients    Bakers %    gramsBread flour    100    1,000Salt    2    20Dry yeast    2    20Sugar    6    60Powdered milk    4    40Eggs    25    250Orange juice    38    380Unsalted butter, softened    25    250Marinated Californian raisins    72    720Total    274    2,740Marinated Californian raisinsIngredients    gramsCalifornian raisins    600Orange juice    120Total    720ToppingIngredients    gramsEgg white    100Icing sugar    200Almond powder    100Total    400GarnishesSliced almonds and icing sugarMethod1. At least 12 hours ahead, combine raisins with orange juice and let stand until plump.2. Cobine all ingredients for dough except butter and raisins with paddle-fitted mixer. Mix on low speed for 3 minutes, then increase to second speed for another 3 minutes.3. Add half the butter and beat for another 3 minutes on second speed. Then mix in the rest of the butter and beat on second speed for 3 minutes more or until dough is smooth and well developed.4. Reduce speed to low. Carefully and thoroughly mix in plumped raisins and any remaining orange juice.5. Set aside in warm place to ferment for 2 hours, folding once after 1 hour.6. Divide dough into 48 pieces @ about 50g each and shape into rolls.7. Let rest for 15 minutes. Reshape and roll again. 8. Arrange in individual paper tulip cups and set aside to proof @ 27*C/80*F for about 2 hours.9. Meanwhile, for topping, mix all ingredientstogether and beat until smooth. Just before baking, divide and pipe onto top of each brioche and garnish with sliced almonds.10. Bake @ 180*C/360*F for 15 minutes until deep golden brown.11. Let cool and sprinkle with more icing sugar before serving.last_img read more

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Gov’t Mule Announces Stacked Lineup For Island Exodus 8

first_imgGov’t Mule has revealed plans for their annual island getaway, Island Exodus 8, held in beautiful Runaway Bay, Jamaica at the Jewel Paradise Cove Resort. Set for January 14-18, 2017, Mule has enlisted the services of funk/jazz trio Soulive (x3) as well as singer/songwriter Nicki Bluhm, guitar prodigy Marcus King and renowned saxophone player Ron Holloway to come along for the ride.In total, Gov’t Mule will perform three nights (two sets a night) at Island Exodus 8, including a solo performance by Warren Haynes. The Marcus King Band will get things underway on Friday, January 13th with an “Exodus Eve” show that is not to be missed. Check below for all relevant ticket information.PRE-SALE & ON-SALE INFO:Island Exodus 7 Attendee Pre-Sale: Mon. March 21 @ 10a EDTAll Other Previous Island Exodus Attendees: Tue. March 22 @ 10a EDTGeneral On-Sale: Wed. March 23 @ 10a EDTAll “Repeat Mule-fenders” (previous attendees) will receive an email by the end of the day this coming Thursday 3/17 with a unique code which will allow them access to their corresponding early booking date.Visit Gov’t Mule’s website here for more information on Island Exodus 8.last_img read more

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AURA Fest Shares 4K HD Footage Of The Werks Jamming Out On ‘Duck Farm’

first_imgThe Werks are at the top of their game! Coming off a 2015 that saw the group release the concept album Inside A Dream, The Werks continue to impress with big time jams and great songwriting. Among the highlights from their set at the recent AURA Music & Arts Festival was their original tune “Duck Farm,” an upbeat number with some great guitarwork from Chris Houser.Thanks to the festival, we now have pro-shot, 4K/HD footage of this great jam! Check it out below:last_img

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