Oculus Rift and STEMs make the ultimate lightsaber game possible

first_imgWe’ve had several generations of console hardware, enjoy HD graphics on massive TVs, and carry around powerful computers in our pockets, but we still don’t have a decent lightsaber game to play. That is set to change, though, through the combination of Oculus Rift Best Price at Amazon and Sixense’s STEM System.Oculus Rift is the best implementation of a virtual reality headset created so far, and looks likely to play a major role in gaming going forward (when it finally sees a release). But it is just a headset. For us to experience games as if we’re actually in them the Rift needs to be combined with other devices. And that’s where the STEM System comes in.AdChoices广告Sixense has developed STEM to be a wireless motion tracking platform for video games. A player can wear up to 5 wireless motion trackers (STEMs) allowing that motion to be seen in-game. So, for example, when wearing an Oculus Rift you look down and see your arms in the game because they are being tracked by STEM Packs.In order to demonstrate how powerful a combination this is for gaming, Sixense created the lightsaber demo:As you can see, the person wearing the Oculus Rift steps forward and picks up two STEM Packs. Instantly the two in-game arms start tracking the movement of his real arms. Then we see not just one, but two lightsabers being used as if he’s actually holding them.Sixense is making the STEM System an open platform to encourage use by developers. An SDK is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, and therefore it should be easy for game developers to add compatibility for their virtual reality games.As for gamers, they are going to need to purchase the STEM System as well as an Oculus Rift. STEM is already available to pre-order with a 2-Tracker bundle costing $299.99 and shipping in October. You can also get a 3 Tracker bundle for $389.99, or 5 Tracker for $579.99. Expensive? Yes, but hopefully worth it if we finally get that lightsaber game (and many others) we’ve all been waiting to completely immerse ourselves in.last_img