This Guy Officially Has the Worlds Largest Video Game Collection

first_img There is a fine line between hoarder and collector, and Antonio Monteiro walks it every day.The Texas man last week earned the Guinness World Record for largest video game collection: 20,139 (as of March 28).Monteiro’s library, which has been growing since he was a child, features titles for second- to eighth-generation consoles—as well as 100-plus devices on which to play all of them.For a vague idea of scale, his stock includes:More than 1,000 PlayStation 1 titlesComplete PlayStation 2 collection (North America)Complete PlayStation 3 collection (North America)More than 900 PlayStation 4 titlesEvery PS Vita game released to date (North America)Complete PSP collection (North America)Complete Xbox collection (North America)Complete Xbox 360 collection (North America)More than 500 Xbox One titlesComplete Wii U collection (North America)Complete GameCube collection (North America)Complete Wii collection (North America)Monteiro started collecting video games when he was a child (via Guinness World Record)118 Nintendo Switch titlesTurbografx gamesSuper Famicom games (equivalent of Super Nintendo for Japan/Europe)Complete Sega Dreamcast collection (North America)Complete 32X collectionComplete Atari Jaguar System collection (North America)Complete Atari Lynx retail collection (North America)Complete SEGA CD collection (North America)Japanese Saturn games Japanese Dreamcast gamesComplete Game Boy collection (North America)Complete Game Boy Color collection (North America)Complete Game Boy Advance collection (North America)More than 1,100 Nintendo DS titlesEvery Neo Geo Pocket game released in North AmericaNintendo 64 collectionAtari and Gauge gamesSEGA PICO titlesComplete NES collection ((North America)—including unlicensed titlesThe collection is so big (how big is it?) that it took eight days to count before Guinness could confirm the record.“I’m really excited to be finally sharing this with the world,” Monteiro, who clearly takes great pride in his highly curated selection, said in a statement.Of his 20,139 babies, however, “Castlevania IV”—a 1991 platform game from Konami, described by Monteiro as a “masterpiece”—is his favorite.Including games and consoles, Monteiro’s collection is so big it took eight days to count (via Guinness World Record)There are plenty of duds, for sure, as well as several “unusual” pieces, like the “Max Basic Rifle Marksmanship Program,” released by Nintendo exclusively to the U.S. Military for shooting practice and never sold to the public.Monteiro—whose occupation and bank account balance were not revealed—also owns a complete collection of Nintendo 64DD games, published only in Japan; rare Sega Game Gear title “CJ the Elephant”; and a series of educational Sega Dreamcast games such as “Timeless Math.”More on You Beat These 9 Incredible Gaming World Records?‘Gaming Disorder’ is Real Mental Condition, And You May Have ItCharles Martinet Holds Guinness World Record for Voicing Mario Stay on targetcenter_img Watch: This ‘Dragon Ball’ Fan Quit His Job to Set a World Record200-Pound Python Named ‘Ginormica’ Could Reach World-Record Size last_img