Google will release a physical Wallet card

first_imgIf you’re in an area that supports NFC transactions, and you have a device that supports NFC transactions, and you are on a carrier that allows you to use payment apps, Google Wallet is pretty neat. Standing in line at the local grocery store, I’ve already got my phone in hand. I just tap the phone to the pad and the transaction is finished. Quick, painless, and — at least for now — everyone around looks at you like you are some kind of wizard.NFC’s adoption rate is increasing, but still far from being available everywhere. Add the endless frustration that is the carriers involvement in this process and you’ve got a pretty small slice of the pie using Google Wallet. What Google needs right now is to get people using the service, and the rest will follow. To do that, Google is looking to release a physical Google Wallet credit card that you will be able to use in stores.It may feel like a step backwards, and that’s because it is. Google is planning to allow users to request a physical credit card for a service that is specifically designed to take all of the credit cards in your wallet and store them on your phone.The service formerly known as Google Checkout was merged with the mobile service to create a Google Wallet that everyone can use. In addition to NFC payments, Wallet can be used for purchases online, allowing you to flip through a bank of cards and pick which one you want to use.One payment system to rule them all, that’s the idea here. Your bank card, your credit card, that transit card you use to ride the metro… everything. You can even store money in Google Wallet and send that money from your Wallet balance to other Wallet users, just like many do every day with Paypal. All of your transactions, everything you use to move money from one place to another, can be controlled through the app on your phone and this one black card.This is what Google has wanted the whole time, but was unable to get with NFC alone. The search giant has only ever wanted your data. Google wants to be the method with which you make every single transaction, so they can use that information to better serve their customers. The advertisements and deals are just the start, especially with Google Now in full swing. With Wallet, Google will know how often you fill your gas tank, where you go to fill up, and whether or not you grab a soda while you’re at the pump.The screenshots that were leaked from the new Wallet app demonstrate that Google is not far from releasing the new version of Wallet. Chances are that there’s still plenty for Google to show off with the new service, whenever they are ready to officially launch the product. There’s still a lot of unanswered questions, like whether or not the Wallet balance will be handled by a partner that is FDIC insured or how exactly the card and the phone interact with each other.It all depends on Google right now, and whether or not they made a great new service or just another Paypal.via AndroidPolicelast_img