Designed Selection Is Not Evolution

first_imgWhen you insert mindful choice or programmed choice into a process, Darwinism disappears.The following articles repeat a common mistake: confusing artificial selection with natural selection. Natural selection is a contradiction in terms. Who is the selector? If it is random chance, then the concept implodes into the Stuff Happens Law.AI and high-performance computing extend evolution to superconductors (Science Daily). The article begins by recognizing design: “Materials by design: Argonne researchers use genetic algorithms for better superconductors.” So what’s evolution got to do with it? The article creates a hopeless muddle like mixing oil and water:Owners of thoroughbred stallions carefully breed prizewinning horses over generations to eke out fractions of a second in million-dollar races. Materials scientists have taken a page from that playbook, turning to the power of evolution and artificial selection to develop superconductors that can transmit electric current as efficiently as possible.What Argonne National Laboratory is doing has nothing to do with evolution. At every point, the researchers are the selectors. They “need to be selective” to get defect-free materials, they say. This is not evolution; it is biomimicry – the imitation of design in nature.Programming the forces of evolution ( Under a big photo of Charlie’s hairy face, this group similarly confuses designed selection with Darwin’s error, mixing artificial selection with his Stuff Happens Law. The confusion starts in the first sentence:The genius of evolution is rarely seen in action, so the invisible hand guiding the direction of biological systems is often taken for granted. However, by applying the principles of natural selection to research questions and designing robots to carry out these tasks, scientists are creating the world’s first evolutionary machines.It would be hard to design a more equivocal, confused, and misleading statement than that. Evolution is no genius. It is dumb! It is mindless. Such are the big lies and half truths utilized by Darwin propagandists today in the media.Darwin can help your doctor (Science Linx News). If you want to live healthy, kick that Darwinist out of your doctor’s office fast! History used Darwin’s ideas to murder and kill millions of people in the name of “survival of the fittest.” Darwinism treats human beings as a population no differently than a culture of bacteria in a petri dish. Here’s how to dress up an ugly idea and make it look fashionable:Taking an evolutionary view can inspire new ideas in clinical microbiology. For example, evolutionary studies can reveal why some antimicrobial dosing regimens are better than others in preventing the development of drug resistance. Looking at microbial communities, rather than just the pathogenic micro-organisms, can also lead to new insights. That is why clinicians, bioinformaticians analysing pathogens and evolutionary biologists should all work together.The evolutionary biologist, like a wolf in wolf’s clothing (yes, that’s what we mean), snickers as he openly weasels his way into the group committed to the principle, “Do no harm.”Regarding drug resistance, that is microevolution at best. Listen to Ann Gauger answer a question at ID the Future if antibiotic resistance represents evolution. She starts by saying “evolution is a fact” in this instance – but only because it involves random mutations in just a couple of amino acids in existing proteins that, because they break the antibiotic’s access, manage to spread through the population after the susceptible microbes die off  (microevolution). But that is not a case of new genetic information arising by chance. Gauger’s work with Doug Axe at the Biologic Institute concluded that for an enzyme to change its chemistry by just four amino acids in order to gain a new function would require more time than the age of the universe – by an order of magnitude. It’s not going to happen. (Visited 319 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img