A Dozen Leftovers

first_imgHere’s a rapid-fire list of links to science stories that looked interesting, but were filling up our backlog.  Thinkers, bloggers and reporters might want to do what they want with them.Baby born after 20 years as a frozen embryo: PhysOrg.Where dinosaurs died reveals how they lived: Live Science.Clues included in diamonds: PhysOrg; but did they look for carbon-14?Neptune was incapable of sending asteroids out to the edge: Science Daily.Crystal cave in Mexico: great photo gallery on National Geographic.NASA has a busy “year of the solar system” on tap: PhysOrg.Talk about global warming: the universe overheated, according to Science Daily.Earliest land plant in Argentina? BBC News.Fish were first to have sex: Discovery Channel.The case of the cannibal T. rex: Live Science.Giant pterosaurs might have flown 10,000 miles nonstop: National Geographic.Monkeys try to make a movie: New Scientist.These 12 stories would have been classified under more than 12 Chain Links, but the catch-all categories Amazing and Dumb will have to suffice for now; readers can pigeonhole them into one or the other.The list provides a small taste of the dozens of headlines, stories, papers, and claims that have to be evaluated each day for a chance to be reported on Creation-Evolution Headlines.  Which one(s) would have won Stupid Evolution Quote of the Week?(Visited 10 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img