Thousands rally with PPP/C at campaign launch

first_imgIt was an electrifying atmosphere on Sunday as thousands of Guyanese from all walks of life gathered at the Kitty Market Square for the official launch of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) 2020 elections campaign under the theme “Stronger together for a better Guyana”.A section of the large gathering of supporters on SundayThose in attendance were decked in red, yellow and black, like the party flags which dominated the atmosphere.The event was expected to commence at 15:00h but the crowd was there hours in advance, anxiously awaiting to hear their leaders as they outlined their vision of the PPP/C for Guyana.The sound of loud cheers was deafening as the speakers delivered their remarks and it was almost impossible to move through the crowd.Among the list of speakers were many young professionals who endorsed the PPP/C since they believe that the party provides opportunities for the young to play a major role in the leadership of the country.One thing that was common to the young speakers was the fact that the APNU/AFC failed on their 2015 promises.Many of the young professionals expressed that they were least interested in politics until the APNU/AFC coalition Government took office in 2015 and realised that with the failed promises and stagnation of progress across the country over the past five years, they needed to step in to take the country back in order to see real progress achieved.Moreover, supporters among the crowd were eager to express their thoughts as to why they will be voting for the PPP/C at the upcoming General and Regional Elections slated for March 2, 2020.Michael Indardat, who was in the crowd, said: “The coalition did nothing for Guyanese people, nothing at all whatsoever. I want to see more progress from where they [PPP/C] left off from 2015. From where PPP leff off 2015 to now you see no progress whatsoever…the people struggling all over the place. All over de place you nah find job for de people them. So I think Guyanese will vote for the PPP and let progress continue.”Another supporter, Sherry, said “I don’t want stress anymore. We punish enough and we want PPP to come back to give we a better change. And I love PPP and I get strong hopes PPP will come back”.“I fly till from New Jersey. I get my first Guyana ID card. I’m excited for young leadership of Guyana and I’m excited with [having a] PPP Government because they are gonna take back Guyana. They’re the right people to take back Guyana and the economy because this Government is not doing [anything]. I’m overseas and what [I’m] seeing, it hurts me to see what the youths and what they promise the young people of Guyana. For five years, nothing has been done. They raise their salary, nothing has been done in this country. I’m gonna tell the young people here, their best choice is Irfaan Ali and I’m with Irfaan. I’m with Irfaan all the way,” another supporter of the PPP stated.“We don’t believe in politics but we believe in a betterment for Guyana. The coalition didn’t fulfil their promise[s] but we believe in PPP/C and they will fulfil [their] promise[s]. Because lot[s] of people [on] the East Coast, they are suffering. Some rent [and] have nowhere to go and it really hard. No job, nothing. Money nah circulate so it really very hard right now. We want a betterment for the future for the new generation, schooling, reverse the VAT, you know, etc,” PPP supporter Pam explained.Finola Trim told this publication: “Well the reason I’m here is that the PPP/C party is a party with a vision. They have the interest of every Guyanese at heart.” On why the coalition should not be re-elected, she said: “Because they’re a set of old cabals who are just interested in filling their pockets and their cronies. She added: “If the PPP/C gain victory, well I would like to see they provide jobs for the youths.”The successful track record of the PPP/C was referenced and persons expressed confidence in the party and their eagerness to see the PPP/C come out victorious at the upcoming elections as they believe them to be the only political party capable of moving Guyana forward and continuing the progress which was evident prior to 2015 and came to a halt after the APNU/AFC coalition Government took office.last_img