Lindeners benefit from Food for the Poor’s animal husbandry project

first_imgA total of 30 families from Linden, Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice) are benefitting from a sustainable development animal husbandry project initiated by Food for the Poor Guyana Inc.The project aims at improving the economic status of low-income families and the promotion of food security within the region. The sustainable project, being executed in partnership with the Agriculture Ministry, Guyana Livestock Development Authority (GLDA), entails pig rearing by low income families as an alternative source of income. The families benefitting from the project hail from Amelia’s Ward, West Watooka, Wisroc, Siberia/Old England, Coomacka and Blueberry Hill.Representatives of Food for the Poor Guyana Inc recently met with the families who are a part of the project. Those families are expected to receive four piglets — three sows and a boar — in addition to materials to construct a housing unit for the animals and feed for 6 months. While Food for the Poor Guyana Inc has provided the livestock for the project, the GLDA provided technical advice and training.Participants have also benefitted from a capacity building workshop conducted over a 5-week period. It entailed training in production systems; and record keeping, site selection and housing designs in Swine production; feeds and feeding practices, as well as care and management.Following this, participants from the region were awarded certificates of participation from the capacity-building workshop. They were also presented with a copy of Guyana Livestock Development Authority’s Pig Rearing Manual, which will serve as a guide to pig rearing.Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Food for the Poor Guyana Inc, Ken Vincent, congratulated the participants on the completion of a workshop in which they were educated on caring for the animals. Additionally, Senior Project Manager of Food for the Poor Guyana Inc, Andrea Benjamin, urged that the beneficiaries make the project a success to enable others to benefit. “You have been given a great opportunity. This is our first pig project, and this is one of our first major projects in Region 10. We have done some work before, but not anything much, so I want you guys to represent your region. I want you guys to ensure that we get 100% success rate from this project,” she noted.Senior Livestock Extension Officer of GLDA Selwyn Anthony said the Association is delighted to be in collaboration with Food for the Poor Guyana Inc. in support of the venture. The next phase of the project will see the construction of housing units for the pig. Region Five is also set to benefit from the initiative.last_img