Margibians Vex with Senator Cooper

first_imgSen. Cooper: “because we would be in violation of the Act that created the LAA.”Scores of Margibians have expressed disappointment in Margibi County Senator, Oscar Cooper’s opposition to former House Speaker, Emmanuel Nuquay’s confirmation by the Senate as Director General of Liberia Civil Aviation Authority (LCAA).Cooper recently wrote the Senate plenary protesting the confirmation of former Margibi District #5 representative, that he is not suitable to occupy the post.Senator Cooper noted that the Act that created the LCAA calls for the director general to have an expertise in civil aviation.Callers on a local radio station in the county said they were disappointed in Cooper’s opposition to Nuquay which they said has the propensity to thwart the county’s post-election reconciliation drive.They noted that the attitude of the senator is highly ungrateful as he was brought to the political limelight through the efforts of Nuquay and other Margibians who thought that he would have made a significant difference.They said if the former speaker should face any opposition, “it shouldn’t come from Cooper who we voted for as our Senator in 2011 because of Nuquay’s influence.”“Regardless whether he is qualified or not, such  divisive politics should not be preached by a Margibian; we should be there for each other, especially when we are no more in political campaign period,” Andrew Saye noted.Samuel Korpu said Nuquay’s appointment is a true manifestation of President Weah’s quest for national reconciliation and it should be welcomed by all Margibians, especially so as the county’s Legislative Caucus is embarking on a reconciliation drive.“It’s disappointing for the Margibi Caucus to be preaching reconciliation and you have a Senator who is opposing a man that he claims to be his kinsman, I think reconciliation in Margibi should go beyond the lip service,” Korpu added.Among those expressing their disenchantment were Margibi Liberty Party Chairman, Albert Sonnie who said the Margibi senator has failed to do justice to his conscience, especially by opposing Nuquay when he [Senator Cooper] sits in the Senate where some nominees who are being confirmed have little or no experience on the job.Meanwhile, a group of concerned women in Margibi comprising mainly of market women has issued a statement commending President George Weah on the appointment of former House Speaker Nuquay whom they described as an industrious son of the county.The women noted that although they did not vote for President Weah, his decision to appoint Nuquay further demonstrates his sincerity for public service and they believe that Nuquay will be an asset in promoting the pro-poor policy.“We want to appreciate President Weah for choosing Nuquay to work in his government and we think it’s the best decision President Weah has taken for the sake of Liberia.“Nuquay is someone we can count on in difficult and happy times and we feel represented in Weah’s government with Nuquay’s presence and we think Liberia with Weah as president is beyond political party interest,” the statement said.Prior to Weah’s inauguration, Nuquay appeared on a local radio station to officially congratulate Weah and called for collective support in helping his government to succeed as the failure of his regime would mean a failure for all Liberians.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img