Mangled Body Found on Monrovia-Gbarnga Highway

first_imgThe stretch of paved road after Zeanzue along the Monrovia-Gbarnga Highway was the scene of sorrow and fear for passengers and nearby villagers when the mangled body of a man assumed to be a “car-boy” was found in the center of the road.Before reaching the scene, drivers and passengers would assume from the signs of leaves placed on the road that a vehicle had broken down ahead; but as they go further, they would see a group of people standing by the roadside keenly looking at a body with its head bent toward the chest, and its legs mangled.Vehicles were diverted from the main road to bypass the body, while passengers disembarked to take a closer look, expressing sorrow, and wondering who the unfortunate person is.“We don’t know this person lying dead in the center of the road. We woke up and those that first came along the road told us that a body was here, and it is how we started coming,” a villager said.“For me, I was in a car and came across the body. I don’t know how he died, but he is suspected to be crushed by other vehicles,” a passenger also said.“Oh God! Whose child is this and how did he die on the road like this? I think he was a car-boy and suspect he was coming from Monrovia to Gbanga and fell off the vehicle. We can tell by his slippers, clothes and the dragging mark on the road,” a female passenger said.From the position of the body, the head was in the direction of Gbarnga while the crushed legs pointed towards Zeanzue, which sparked up imaginations that he might have been on a car from Monrovia to Gbarnga and apparently fell off of it.The clothes on the deceased were dirty, like those worn by mechanics, while his shower slippers were old.The condition of the legs made passersby to believe that he might have fallen off the car and run over by other vehicles, who didn’t stop to assist him.Others, however, believed that he might have been a drunken resident of the area who was hit by a vehicle during the night hours.Still at the scene into the morning hours, the Daily Observer reporter did not see any police officer at the scene; he also did not see a vehicle owner coming to establish how this sad and dreadful event occurred.The road from Monrovia to the Guinea border in Ganta, Nimba County, is at the point of completion.As a result of the smooth road surface, vehicles run with excessive speed so much so that it takes such vehicles three hours to reach Monrovia, unlike in the past when they spent six to seven hours en route.This makes it dangerous for people in villages along the road to cross the road as they often do.It is a common attitude of many Liberians, including those living alongside major highways, not to quickly cross a road. Instead, they walk slowly, expecting the drivers to slow down for them. Such a situation, especially along highways like the well paved Monrovia-Ganta Highway, results in cars running people over and leaving them for dead.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img