Demanding that Mr Granger call elections now

first_imgDear Editor,The House-to-House Registration was unreasonably and deliberately unleashed by the caretaker Granger Government to delay and to ultimately deny the benefits of the No-Confidence Motion (NCM) which was passed more than eight months ago. It is simply a fraud by GECOM to initiate House-to-House Registration after six months of the passage of the NCM to benefit Government. Guyanese need to be convinced that GECOM is functioning independently from Government. Without a doubt, such a useless and dubious registration process will push the Regional and National Elections way past 2020 because it simply takes time to arrive at an accurate database and this is why House-to-House Registration was unreasonably unleashed six months after the passage of the NCM. All of this is dead wrong, irrational, unacceptable and deliberate deception which is fraud. Guyanese are convinced that the existing database can be updated through Claims and Objections and can be used to satisfy the constitutional requirements triggered by the passage of the NCM in a fair election. So those who are upholding such fraud are obviously enabling Mr Granger to deny the No-Confidence Motion. This is a disgrace in a democracy.Editor, it would only be morally right for those who are in the capacity to bring the House-to-House Registration to a halt to immediately do so. Further, such a registration process is a colossal waste of much-needed tax dollars. It is marred with problems. The House-to-House Registration only serves the purpose of enabling Government to disrespect our Constitution and to trample our democracy in the most lawless and vulgar way to remain in power. This has to be traumatic for the Guyanese people.Moreover, it needs to be reminded that the NCM is a democratic tool which allows citizens in a democracy to bring an end to an unfit Government in power. So why deny the NCM and act as if it has no place in a democracy? Civilised nations do not behave this way. The Granger Government is the only country on this planet to trample the benefits of the passage of a NCM. This is the kind of lawless reputation Guyana earned under the Granger Government. And last but not least, I must point out the sufferings in this country under the Granger Government by highlighting that there are not even functional morgues in many parts of our country. With that said, I call on all those who are in charge to do the decent thing by demanding that Mr Granger call elections now.Sincerely,Annie Baliram (PhD)last_img