Gabriel Jesus, to AS: “We don’t trust … It’s Real Madrid”

first_imgHave you asked them about the club and the city?No, no, we haven’t talked about that. We talk about our clubs, about the life we ​​have in the countries where we play, but they are normal conversations, of friends.Here we know little more about his more personal side. As described?I am a very quiet boy. I like to stay at home with my friends when they are in Manchester, also with my family. Everyone knows that I am very close to my mother and my brothers.What is left of the boy who left Palmeiras for Europe?I am still the same dreamer as when I was wearing the Palmeiras shirt, which wanted to conquer great things, achieve great goals. I am still very young, despite having already won important things in my career. I always want more and fly high.He was champion in Rio 2016, a milestone for Brazil, and also won the Copa América in 2019. For this summer, do you prefer the Games or the Copa América?They are two very big titles in my career and with different meanings. The Olympic Games have a special meaning because Brazil had not achieved it, so it was something that everyone in our country looked forward to. And last year’s Copa América was also very special for our fans for playing in Brazil. Both tournaments are very special. For this summer I like both. He has participated in 27 goals in 36 games this year, that is, scores or assists every 78.77 minutes. It seems he is at the best moment of his career. Do you feel at the level of the biggest?I feel very good and very confident. I’m on a good run, always giving my best level, and things are going like that for that. I am dialing and attending, helping the City. I feel good and looking to grow more and more to be at the best possible level.He has a contract until 2023, but he is very young. Would you like to play in a club like Madrid one day?I have a contract with the City and I am very happy with the season I am doing, being able to play, score goals and help my team. I am very happy with the year I am having and I do not think about these issues.In Madrid there are many Brazilians. Why do you think it is?I think that because of the history of Brazilians with the Madrid shirt. There have been many in the club and they have made history and shown the best of them: Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Sávio … I think the story that some made here helps that. “The red one to Ramos was another normal situation. I went to the goal and suffered a blow to the legs. It is one of the best defenses in history.” How would you describe your first visit to the Bernabéu, on one of those nights that have built Madrid history in the Champions League?I’m very happy. Wednesday was one of the most important and significant goals of my career. It was a very difficult game, we all know the importance and size of Real Madrid. That is why I say that I am very happy and sure I will always remember this great night. But now we have to focus on the turn. There is nothing done or resolved, we do not trust: it is Real Madrid. They have a lot of quality and we have to go very concentrated.Few gave him as headline. Did you expect it?We always say that the City has more than 11 headlines. All players who wear this shirt have to be prepared for these types of situations. People want to fight for all the titles, so we have to have a whole staff ready. I was ready and, when I learned that I was going to play, I knew I could do my best.He was impressed by his performance on Wednesday. What did you feel when you scored the goal that put the City in the tie?I’m very happy. We knew it was a very complicated game, but I felt very comfortable in one of the great temples of football. He had had several opportunities before and knew that the goal was close, he was confident. Good to have helped in this way! We are going to think now about the Carabao Cup and then again in the Champions League.There is talk of whether Ramos needed it in 1-1. How did he see it?It was a normal set, a natural dispute over the position. I was just looking at the ball, we fought for that space and when it arrived and I scored this very important goal. In the previous one he was seen on the bench and not only started, but also star. Gabriel Jesus (Brazil, 22 years old) drove mad to the defense of Madrid, made the 1-1 that put City fully into the game and forced the red to Ramos, that the return will be lost unless the Real Madrid resource thrives. Hours after showing off all over Europe looking at the Bernabéu, the paulista attended AS.center_img 9 It also caused the captain’s red. What a night he gave …It was another normal situation. I went to the goal and suffered a blow to the legs. Party stuff. Sergio Ramos is one of the best defenses in history, I respect him and his career very much. I did my job and I am happy because we won.Did any Madrid player congratulate you on your match?Naturally, we all talk after the game. I have friends in Madrid, players I have met with in Brazil, like Casemiro and Marcelo, who were in the World Cup.And Guardiola or his companions? The normal. We congratulate everyone for the great game we did. It was a very mature performance because we suffered the first goal and managed to stay focused. It was a great performance by everyone.What percentage of chances do you give City and Madrid to pass now?You can’t talk about percentages when you face a team like Madrid, with so much history and quality. We made a great trip, with a good result, but we have to remain focused on the lap to give our best and ensure the classification.last_img