After he played in the young team of Real Madrid: Yunus Gulnar on trial in FC Celik

first_imgJust before the preparations in Medjugorje, the former young football player of Real Madrid, Yunus Gulnar, had joined the football players of Celik.Gulnar has played for young teams of great clubs in his career, such as Manchester City, Real Madrid, Galatasaray and Atletico Madrid, and he decided to continue his career in the Premier League team from Zenica.In a talk for, this 18-year-old player from Turkey also emphasized that he played for Genk and Besiktas, and that before Celik he played for Belgian Club Brugge.“I heard for Celik from my manager, and in that period I had a lot offers from Europe and Turkey. However, when I came to Bosnia, I’ve  promised myself that I will be successful here and I have to realize that“, said Gulnar.As he added, in his football career he have travelled to many states and cities, and he operates easiest in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He came to BiH in September last year when he joined the junior team of FC Sarajevo where he trained until December.“I am not for a long time in Bosnia, and considering that I have lived in many countries and cities, I have adopted here easiest. Since I am the youngest in the team of Celik, everyone is treating me like a younger brother“, said Gulnar who don’t like to speak much about himself, but as he said, he wants t show who is Yunus on the field.Gulnar didn’t get a chance on the preparation matches that Celik played as a part of preparations in Medjugorje, but he hiopes that he will play at the last one which will be played on Friday against GOSK in Gabela.Players of Boris Pavic have played two matches so far, and both of them were draw.(Source: