Week of ‘Weird’ Family Contests Starts on Monday

first_imgOcean City’s “Weird Week” will offer daily “wacky but not tacky” competitions in french-fry sculpting, saltwater taffy molding and noise-making starting on MondayOcean City’s week-long series of family-oriented contests is a tradition that happens twice a summer. The first week was held in June. The second starts on August 10. All events are held at the Ocean City Music Pier (on the boardwalk at Moorlyn Terrace) and each day the events start at 11 a.m.Entry in the contests is free and prizes are awarded. Age divisions include 5-and-under, 6-8, 9-12, teens and adults.The contest schedule is as follows:Monday: Salt Water Taffy Sculpting. Contestants are challenged to create a work of art from taffy donated by Shriver’s.Tuesday: It’s French Fry Sculpting. This category has featured such entries as Elvis, a bouquet of flowers, and a map of the State of New Jersey. The fries are donated by the Promenade Food Court.Wednesday: It’s “That’s the Way The Cookie Crumbles.” Transform a giant cookie into a work of art. There also will be an ear-wiggling contest.Thursday: Contestants sculpt paper clips, which have resulted in such past entries as the Brooklyn Bridge.Friday: Sculpting is abandoned for creative performance. Little Miss and Little Mister Chaos requires children from three to five years of age to make as much noise as possible pounding on pots and pans. They are accompanied by the music of Dire Straits. The Contest concludes on Friday with the Miss and Mr. Miscellaneous talent pageants. This is for all those who have always wanted to perform in a talent show but somehow missed the bus or got delayed at a Rugby Game.For information, call  (609) 399-6111.last_img