Experts warn bus driver over slim chances in court

first_img Previous Article Next Article Related posts:No related photos. Comments are closed. Experts warn bus driver over slim chances in courtOn 13 Jul 2004 in Personnel Today A bus driver sacked for being a member of the far-right British NationalParty (BNP) is unlikely to have a case for unfair dismissal, according to legalexperts. Arthur Redfearn is taking legal advice after being dismissed by WestYorkshire Transport Service less than three weeks after his election toBradford Council. The private company, which runs services for the council and the NHS, saidit was “incompatible” for a BNP member to be transporting largenumbers of Asians every day. But lawyers believe the fact Redfearn had been employed for less than a yearsignificantly reduces his chances of bringing an unfair dismissal claim. David Gibson, solicitor at law firm Dickinson Dees, said: “Unless hecould show other forms of discrimination then it will be difficult to bring aclaim.” However, Michael Ball, employment law partner at Halliwells, said thatRedfearn could have a case under racial discrimination legislation, in whichlength of service is irrelevant. He said the fact the employer referred to the “vast proportion” ofpeople using the service as being Asian could be significant, and a tribunalcould ask whether they would have treated him the same way if the bus servicehad predominantly white passengers. last_img