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Science, Barpeta,A. including Billy’s surgeon and we have named one of the rooms of the heart institute floor in honor of Billy…That will forever be the Billy Kimmel room” DeGeneres went on to announce that several of Billy’s nurses were sitting in the audience Watch the full clip below Write to Megan McCluskey at [email protected] are 89 million children in the US whose health depends on the federally-funded Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and in a matter of months and in some cases mere weeks these children could be out of luck This is because CHIP’s funding expired at the end of September more than two months ago It could be said that Congress faces a race against the clock Lawmakers are under mounting pressure to reauthorize the program as states drain the last of their CHIP coffers to keep children covered At least five states will be completely out of funding by the end of January with many more forced then to start phasing out their coverage programs But calling it a race would imply a certain urgency that doesn’t seem to apply to Capitol Hill The House of Representatives passed a reauthorization bill in early October but it’s remained in a purgatorial state since The Senate has failed to bring the legislation to the floor instead busying itself with fast-tracking a controversial tax reform bill Unlike the tax bill CHIP is an immensely popular piece of legislation A bipartisan effort introduced two decades ago the program offers health insurance coverage to those children whose parents don’t have or can’t afford private insurance but also do not qualify for Medicaid It operates as a block grant system: the federal government gives lumps of cash to individual states which allocate that money as they see fit If reauthorization doesn’t happen the vast majority of states will run out of money by the end of spring according to a report by the Kaiser Family Foundation Conversation around CHIP was renewed on the Hill on Tuesday after talk show host Jimmy Kimmel addressed the issue on Monday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live He spoke tearfully while holding his 7-month-old son Billy who has undergone several operations to address a congenital heart condition “Now CHIP has become a bargaining chip it’s on the back burner while they work out their new tax plan” Kimmel said “Which means parents of children with cancer and diabetes and heart problems are about to get letters saying their coverage could be cut off next month Merry Christmas right” This isn’t the first time Kimmel has used his platform to invoke political change and once again politicians appeared to be listening “This is not just a failure of one program” Sen Mike Rounds a Republican from South Dakota said on Tuesday “This is the failure of Congress for the last 43 years to do their work on time This is just the current manifestation of that failure” But those on the other side of the aisle pointed their finger at Republicans who control both houses of Congress “We have a Republican leadership more concerned about throwing 30 million off healthcare and giving tax breaks to billionaires than worrying about the health of children” Sen Bernie Sanders of Vermont said “Well youre going to have to ask Leader McConnell that wont you” Sen Tammy Duckworth of Illinois said briskly when asked if the Senate had any imminent plans to reauthorize CHIP Right now there’s talk of keeping the program funded through the larger government funding bill that Congress has to pass by Dec 22 in order to avoid a government shutdown “I sure hope this happens” Sen Rob Portman an Ohio Republican said on Tuesday But the fate of that package is anything but certain Republicans will likely need Democratic votes to pass it and Democrats could potentially hold out their support if the package contravenes their priorities: a dearth on non-military funding perhaps For now rhetoric will have to suffice “Its just something that needs to be done” Sen Cory Booker the New Jersey Democrat said “Its outrageous to me that it hasnt been done These are children across the United States of America who need it done as soon as possible” Last week President Donald Trump signed a temporary stopgap measure that keeps CHIP funded through December but even its sponsors concede that it is only an interim solution Contact us at [email protected] email released Monday from Hillary Clinton’s private server shows the former Secretary of State and current presidential candidate referring to Mitt Romney as “Mittens” ahead of a Republican debate in Florida in 2012 In response to an email about deadlines for Republican candidates to file in various states Clinton wrote “If Mittens can’t beat Grinch in Florida there will be pressure on state Republican parties to reopen or liberalize ballot access especially in the caucuses which as we know are creatures of the parties’ extremes” “Grinch” presumably refers to Romney’s then-rival and Bill Clinton’s former antagonist Newt Gingrich Nine days after the email was sent Romney won the Florida Republican primary with 46% of the vote Hillary Clinton’s name for Mitt Romney "Mittens" pictwittercom/a6QhSQ58tQ Matt Viser (@mviser) November 30 2015 Contact us at [email protected] tougher on Wall Street Hillary or Bernie And does taking money for speeches from Goldman Sachs mean you cant rein in big finance Those were the most important questions in Thursday nights Democratic presidential debate So let me give my thoughts on both Listening to Bernie and Hillary talk about Wall Street is like listening to a prophet debate a technocrat Bernie hasnt presented as nuanced a vision of the financial system as Hillary Clinton has His main message is: the biggest banks in the country have too much power and they should be broken up The first is certainly true And while I happen to agree with the second point as well you can have an intelligent debate about whether bank breakups would make the financial system safer and come out on either side But Bernies message about “too big to fail” is really a proxy for a bigger and more important message: Wall Street has too much power over Main Street and our financial system as a whole no longer works for the average person Thats a point I agree with in fact I just wrote a book about it When it comes to debates Bernie acts ironically like Ronald Reagan did Hes not going to tell you the details hes just going to hand down the gospel and let people smarter than him do the fine tuning Hillary on the other hand is all about the details She rightfully says that the problems in the financial system go beyond Goldman Sachs extruding into areas like shadow banking hedge funds and even big businesses that have monopoly power like pharma firms She has laid out a sophisticated plan for curbing Wall Street power including a "risk fee" on institutions that take on too much of it All this is great in theory But the issue here is where her heart lies when it comes to policing the Street I have no doubt that Bernie would be incredibly tough on Wall Street Hillary I am still not completely sure in part because it’s still unclear whom a President Clinton would pick as her top economic advisers If its the same Rubin/Summers camp that helped deregulate the system to begin with that makes me nervous Summers has tried to rehabilitate himself as someone who cares about inequality and the poor more than financial interests but most progressives dont buy it If Hillary wants to make them feel better she should go point by point over her husbands economic legacy and tell us what exactly shed do differently and why (we already know she isnt necessarily in favor of bringing back Glass-Steagall which got the final nail in the coffin under Bill Clinton) And no just saying that growth was great under Bill doesnt do it since much of that growth was generated by tech productivity increases that had nothing to do with government policy and a dot-com bubble which did in part because of changes in executive compensation with helped fuel that bubble Thats why the Goldman speech money matters Its not so much that anyone thinks that Hillary can be paid off explicitly by Lloyd Blankfein Its that her coziness with such financiers evokes ghosts of the 1990s An existential split within the Democratic Party during that time yielded one branch that was more supportive of laissez-faire economic policies and the Street (exemplified by Bill Clinton but also President Obama to a certain extent) and another branch that wanted to change the system more profoundly and put it completely back in service to Main Street (led by Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders) Until Hillary tells us more explicitly what shed do differently than Bill and why those ghosts will continue to hover Contact us at [email protected] Kimmel couldn’t help but get emotional when DeGeneres explained that she had arranged for a room in Los Angeles Childrens Hospital to be named after Billy. 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