Scottish bakery defrauded

first_imgA MANAGERESS defrauded £14,000 from a Scottish bakery over a two-month period, a court heard.Margaret Anderson, 44, of Yoker, Glasgow, admitted embezzling from Bradford Bakers of Giffnock when she appeared before Paisley Sheriff’s Court.The court heard how Ms Anderson had initally impressed management and was promoted from shop assistant to manageress of a branch.However, when an investigation was launched after losses were noted, it was revealed that she had been keeping takings rather than depositing them in the bank. Ms Anderson will be sentenced in mid-February.last_img read more

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Quote of the week

first_imgWhenever a Pepsi is purchased, our consu-mers will be led on a journey of discovery – Bruno Gruwez, marketing director of Pepsi Beverages UK on the wonders ofdrinking his sparkling cola brandlast_img

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International activity

first_imgThe International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) will be held in Orlando, Florida on 7-10 October.An anticipated 800 exhibiting companies – including manufacturers, ingredient and equipment suppliers, distributors and packaging systems – will showcase exhibits to 20,000 attendees from all segments of the industry, from wholesale plant bakeries to artisan bakers.According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2008, a 16% growth rate in the retail bakery segment is predicted and a 12% growth in baking manufacturing in the USA.The latest baking technology will be on show at the event, including rolls, cookies, sweet goods, tortillas, snack foods, biscuits, crackers and more.Daryl Brewster, president and CEO of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, said: “This is the biggest baking event of year. It provides an efficient, informative venue to meet industry experts and find innovative ideas.”Companies set to exhibit include ADM, BakeMark USA, Dawn Foods Products, Lesaffre, Crawford’s Bakery, MIWE, Golden Gate Bakery, Reiser, Cargill, Terranetti’s Italian Bakery and Puratos.Attendees who register before August receive a $35 discount on entry fees and pay $50. Those signing up between 1 August and 6 October will receive a $10 discount and pay $75. For the first time, IBIE 2007 will be held at the Orange County Convention Center. It is jointly sponsored by the American Bakers Association (ABA) and the Baking Industry Suppliers Association (BEMA).last_img read more

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Rogue trader fuels price rises

first_imgA rogue trader at the commodity broker MF Global played a large part in pushing up global wheat prices at the end of February, taking huge personal bets on the direction of wheat prices and losing $141.5m (£71m).The company fired trader Evan Dooley at its Memphis office for an “awful” position taken on wheat futures on Chicago’s derivatives exchange during the early hours of February 27. Wheat futures suffered the largest swings in the market’s history that day, with prices changing by as much as 25%.MF had to cover the losses under the rules of the Chicago Board of Trade.last_img read more

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In Short

first_img== Award for Fosters ==Fosters Bakery was named Best Overall Barnsley Business at the local Chamber of Commerce’s Business Awards. Fosters received the award in front of over 300 guests at Brooklands Hotel.== Tesco bakery ’strong’ ==Trade for bakery is very strong at Tesco, according to category manager Neil Franklin. “Our Christmas products are performing well, particularly mince pies and puddings,” said Franklin. Tesco’s third-quarter interim management statement revealed a group sales increase of 11.7%.== FoB conference ==The Federation of Bakers’ annual conference will take place on 20 May, 2009, at the Dorchester Hotel, London. It will highlight current issues affecting the industry and is open to anyone who wishes to attend. Further information and booking forms are available at [] or by contacting Sarah Brummitt, tel: 020 7420 7190.== New BSI standard ==BSI British Standards has published a new food safety specification for the food manufacturing industry. PAS 220:2008 prerequisite programmes on food safety for food manufacturing states the requirements for controlling food safety hazards, such as the layout of premises and work space, personnel hygiene and product recall procedures.== BCCC event ==The Food and Drink Federation’s Biscuits, Cakes, Chocolate and Confectionery group (BCCC) will be hosting its annual technology conference from 26-27 March, 2009. Entitled ’Drivers for Success’, it will be held at Ettington Chase Conference Centre, Stratford-Upon-Avon. For more details, see diary dates, pg 34.last_img read more

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Smoothing the sheets

first_imgWhat’s a Stuffer?It’s the Vemag’s positive displace-ment double-screw pump, which provides high levels of portioning accuracy. The double-screw transports product extremely gently and without crushing or smearing, says Reiser. The Vemag is available in various models and hopper capacities to meet most production requirements. Sounds good. Where do I get one?BVT is represented in the UK by Sollich and will also be exhibiting at Europain in Paris from 6-10 make brownies by hand but want to automateTry the Vemag single-lane sheeting system from Reiser. It combines a Vemag Stuffer with a Rotary Sheeter Attachment, which can be used to extrude all types of portioned doughs, fats, toppings and batter for panning applications. It can also extrude continuous sheets of product. What’s the latest?The D’Artagnan from DrieM is brand spanking new. It’s a dough sheeting line for industrial bread products, such as baguettes (both rolled and cut types), ciabatta, square seeded rolls and pizza crusts. Three orders have already been placed, with the first line starting production of ciabatta and rolls in Germany in May. Owned by Kaak, DrieM is represented in the UK by Benier. What can you make with it?Ciabatta, bread rolls, baguettes, pizzas, flat breads, croissants, puff pastry, and Danish pastry. The modular nature of its design means that the Menes can also grow in line with your How does it work?The dough isn’t rolled down, as in traditional systems, but pressed to size by a high-speed, gentle tamping movement. By eliminating different speeds in the dough layers, this ensures the dough is not stressed. The planet-rollers are driven independently to avoid the dough slipping, ensuring the lowest possible stress to the dough while its thickness is being reduced.Within the sheeting system the dough is eased forward over the whole section, so that any displacement of the structures in the dough is kept to a minimum. Ciabatta from a sheeter. How is that possible?The dough is rolled through three progressively tighter sets of rollers to produce the initial undamaged dough sheet. After this, the dough set is further rolled in length and width to produce the final dough sheet, which can be cut, rounded and moulded into different breads, or used to make pizza crusts.center_img Is it easy to operate?The changeover tools for the guillotine are removable and there is a trolley for flour dispensers and other tools, user-friendly PLC screens and non-fraying belting.www.driem.nlI handle large batches of dough. What do you have for me?Dutch company BVT has recently developed a new dough feeder for a sheeting line or laminator.The company says that if you want to handle large batches of dough, you usually have to deliver it in smaller pieces to the pre-sheeter of the sheeting or laminating line, but with this new type of dough feeder this isn’t necessary. What about hygiene?The machine is easily cleaned, with roller gaps that can be automatically opened and removable flour duster hoppers. Tell me more about the sheeter attachmentIt extrudes smooth, uniform sheets of fats or dough with consistent thickness and width. For panning applications, the attachment can be equipped with a rotary cut-off device to ensure clean, even edges with no mess. The Rotary Sheeter produces portions of exact weight and size and deposits into pans corner-to-corner. It can also be used for margarine sheeting, extruding consistent sheets of margarine or other shortening on to moving lines.www.reiser.comWhat’s got EPP all excited?The Epsom-based company says its König’s Menes sheeting and laminating technology is setting new standards because of its TwinSat system a multi-roller satellite head, which cuts shear stress on dough. Interesting. So how does it work?The complete batch of a mixing bowl for example from a mixing carousel can be delivered to the dough feeder at once. This means you can process it in one go.The dough is cut in smaller pieces and is transported to a pre-sheeter. This pre-sheeter makes a sheet of dough, which will be cut and equally divided over different extruders. In this way, a continuous process is created, with a minimal number of operators.last_img read more

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IXIA develops denester

first_imgPick-and-place denesting technology specialist IXIA Packaging Systems has developed a high-performance denester for the baking industry. It has been designed to automatically pick, fold and place U card or acetate pack bases on to a flighted conveyor, ready for filling and wrapping.U cards or acetates are used to line the base of flow-wrapped packs containing bakery items, such as hot cross buns or bread rolls. The denester has ’Snapdragon’ quick-change tooling, which enables the operator to change card or acetate types and sizes in less than two minutes.The machine can also handle a range of U card styles, including perforated or scored versions. It also ensures highly accurate placement of the folded card between the conveyor flights at speeds of up to 60 packs per minute.The unit can be easily transferred between different lines or moved for cleaning.The pneumatically driven denesters are capable of handling closely stacked plastics, aluminium foil and cardboard trays, cartons, pizza bases, pots and containers in a variety of read more

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Warburtons buys North East Bakery site

first_imgWarburtons has announced the purchase of North East Bakery’s former site in Newburn, after the retail and wholesale business went in administration in December last year.Joint administrators, Ian Green, partner and Mark Loftus, director of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP had been looking to sell the business and assets of the company, comprising the 20,000sq ft bakery in Newburn, Newcastle upon Tyne, and 13 retail units. A spokesperson for Warburtons confirmed that it had purchased the North East Bakery site, which is adjacent to its existing Shelley Road Bakery on Newburn Industrial Estate, saying: “This purchase demonstrates Warburtons’ commitment to the future development of the business in the North East.”“We are pleased to have secured a sale of the bakery site in a relatively short period of time,” commented Loftus. “It can only be good news for the local economy that Warburtons is the buyer.”The Newcastle-based firm, run by entrepreneur Greg Phillips, went into administration 22 December after costly rebranding plans and “a disappointing trading performance” saw the firm’s liquidity hit hard.last_img read more

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Raisin & Orange brioche

first_img“This is much lighter than a muffin because there is less fat, but it has a similar look,” says baker Dominique Homo, who developed the product for California Raisins.This recipe makes 48 x 50g briochesDoughIngredients    Bakers %    gramsBread flour    100    1,000Salt    2    20Dry yeast    2    20Sugar    6    60Powdered milk    4    40Eggs    25    250Orange juice    38    380Unsalted butter, softened    25    250Marinated Californian raisins    72    720Total    274    2,740Marinated Californian raisinsIngredients    gramsCalifornian raisins    600Orange juice    120Total    720ToppingIngredients    gramsEgg white    100Icing sugar    200Almond powder    100Total    400GarnishesSliced almonds and icing sugarMethod1. At least 12 hours ahead, combine raisins with orange juice and let stand until plump.2. Cobine all ingredients for dough except butter and raisins with paddle-fitted mixer. Mix on low speed for 3 minutes, then increase to second speed for another 3 minutes.3. Add half the butter and beat for another 3 minutes on second speed. Then mix in the rest of the butter and beat on second speed for 3 minutes more or until dough is smooth and well developed.4. Reduce speed to low. Carefully and thoroughly mix in plumped raisins and any remaining orange juice.5. Set aside in warm place to ferment for 2 hours, folding once after 1 hour.6. Divide dough into 48 pieces @ about 50g each and shape into rolls.7. Let rest for 15 minutes. Reshape and roll again. 8. Arrange in individual paper tulip cups and set aside to proof @ 27*C/80*F for about 2 hours.9. Meanwhile, for topping, mix all ingredientstogether and beat until smooth. Just before baking, divide and pipe onto top of each brioche and garnish with sliced almonds.10. Bake @ 180*C/360*F for 15 minutes until deep golden brown.11. Let cool and sprinkle with more icing sugar before serving.last_img read more

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Warburtons takes swift action to contain fire

first_imgWarburtons has suffered a fire on a muffin line at its Variety Bakery in Bolton.The blaze broke out on the morning of 11 July, and was attended by three fire engines, from Bolton and Bolton North stations, who contained and extinguished the fire.It was caused by a build-up of dust which had overheated, said a spokesperson for the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service.A Warburtons spokesperson confirmed there had been a small fire in a debris containment unit on the muffin line at the Britannia Way site: “All employees were safely evacuated, while the fire was promptly contained and extinguished by the fire brigade.” She added that no damage had been caused to the plant or the building and that Warburtons was currently working to get the line up and running again.In other news, Warburtons has just filed its accounts for the full year to 25 September 2010. The firm said its underlying trading performance was not as strong as the previous year, put down in part to the difficult trading environment, resulting in an increased level of commercial support through promotions and pricing in order for it to maintain its market share position.Turnover stood at £492m for the 52-week period, dropping from £510m in 2009. This represented a decline in sales of 3.6%. Profit before tax fell £5.1m to £28.8m.The fire which took place at its Hereford Street bakery in July 2010 resulted in a number of exceptional items, with an insurance claim still ongoing. Sixty firefighters fought to put out a blaze that was contained to its ChippidyDooDaa snack plant.>>Warburtons goes back to snacks>>Fire halts production at Warburtons bakerylast_img read more

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