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first_img== Award for Fosters ==Fosters Bakery was named Best Overall Barnsley Business at the local Chamber of Commerce’s Business Awards. Fosters received the award in front of over 300 guests at Brooklands Hotel.== Tesco bakery ’strong’ ==Trade for bakery is very strong at Tesco, according to category manager Neil Franklin. “Our Christmas products are performing well, particularly mince pies and puddings,” said Franklin. Tesco’s third-quarter interim management statement revealed a group sales increase of 11.7%.== FoB conference ==The Federation of Bakers’ annual conference will take place on 20 May, 2009, at the Dorchester Hotel, London. It will highlight current issues affecting the industry and is open to anyone who wishes to attend. Further information and booking forms are available at [] or by contacting Sarah Brummitt, tel: 020 7420 7190.== New BSI standard ==BSI British Standards has published a new food safety specification for the food manufacturing industry. PAS 220:2008 prerequisite programmes on food safety for food manufacturing states the requirements for controlling food safety hazards, such as the layout of premises and work space, personnel hygiene and product recall procedures.== BCCC event ==The Food and Drink Federation’s Biscuits, Cakes, Chocolate and Confectionery group (BCCC) will be hosting its annual technology conference from 26-27 March, 2009. Entitled ’Drivers for Success’, it will be held at Ettington Chase Conference Centre, Stratford-Upon-Avon. For more details, see diary dates, pg 34.last_img read more

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BP studying 1.5GW of renewable energy capacity for Western Australia green hydrogen project

first_imgBP studying 1.5GW of renewable energy capacity for Western Australia green hydrogen project FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Renew Economy:Oil and gas giant BP is looking to build 1.5 gigawatts of new wind and solar capacity in Western Australia if it goes ahead with a full commercial project to build a renewable hydrogen production facility in that state, with an eye to the export market.The scale of the project underlines the massive opportunities that could be presented by the renewable hydrogen industry, which will look to draw on Australia’s magnificent wind and solar resources and use them to create zero emissions export fuels, such as hydrogen or ammonia, or for use to support a revitalised domestic manufacturing industry.The Australian Renewable Energy Agency, which is putting $1.7 million towards a $4.4 million feasibility study, says the potential market of renewable fuels – both for export and domestic use – is so big it is thinking in terms of Australia moving beyond “100 per cent renewables” to 700 per cent renewables.Many states are now looking at the possibility of tapping into their own wind and solar resources to develop an industry that would match, if not replace the LNG sector over time, these include Queensland, South Australia and W.A., where another two projects have also been identified in the Pilbara and the same region targeted by BP.The significance of the BP interest is the focus of one of the Big Oil majors on renewables. The economics of renewable hydrogen over fossil fuel alternatives will likely be driven by the price trajectory of electrolysers, but also the potential to supply manufacturing and industries like steel making at scale.“We believe that green hydrogen will play an increasingly important role, not only as a new, clean energy vector but also in enabling the further growth of renewable power,” Dev Sanyal, executive VP of BP’s gas and low-carbon energy business, said in a statement.[Giles Parkinson]More: BP looks to add 1.5GW wind and solar for huge renewable hydrogen project in W.A.last_img read more

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Athletics snap three-game win streak in loss to Milwaukee Brewers

first_imgClick here if you are having trouble viewing the gallery on your mobile device.OAKLAND — The A’s (61-48) snapped a three-game winning streak, falling 4-2 to the Milwaukee Brewers on Wednesday night.The Brewers set the tone early, with Lorenzo Cain taking Brett Anderson’s second pitch of the game into the left field seats.Christian Yelich extended his hitting streak to 18 games with an RBI double in the third inning. Anderson dealt seven innings, allowing just three earned runs on eight hits …last_img read more

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Easter bunny helps riverine cousin

first_imgThis riverine kit may live to breed a new generation of the species, thanks to the efforts of the Endangered Wildlife Trust.(Image: Eric Herrmann, N Cape Dept of            Environment and Nature             Conservation) MEDIA CONTACTS • Christy Bragg  EWT riverine rabbit programme manager  +27 82 332 5447 • Nomonde Mxhalisa  EWT communications manager  +27 11 372 3600 RELATED ARTICLES • EWT making tracks in conservation • Addo’s elephant fence comes down • Raggies to help shark conservation • Big five cat moves into new reserve • Lions return to Great KarooEmily van RijswijckChocolate rabbits and Easter are synonymous, with the roots of the tradition going far back to the pagan festival of Eastre and its fertility symbol of the rabbit.This year, as was the case in 2011, the tradition gets an added twist with the famous golden Easter bunny of Lindt & Sprüngli, Swiss master chocolatiers, joining in the fight to save one of South Africa’s most endangered mammals, the riverine rabbit.Lindt will donate a percentage of all sales from their legendary Lindt gold Easter bunnies to the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s (EWT) riverine rabbit programme.It is the second year that the company joins forces with EWT, a non-profit nature conservation organisation focussing most of its efforts on field research.While the golden chocolate rabbit is hard to miss in the shops – and even harder to resist – the riverine rabbit (Bunolagus monticularis) is far less legendary. In fact, it is a rather elusive character, hiding out in thick, thorny shrubs and doing most of its foraging during night time or early dawn.The 13th most endangered mammal in the world, the riverine rabbit is South Africa’s second most threatened species after the De Winton’s golden mole. It faces an uncertain future.It is estimated that only a few hundred of these rare animals remain in the wild today. The riverine is now listed as critically endangered on the Red List of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.Saving the KarooThe rabbit’s endangered status is only a small part of the reason why the EWT embarked on its riverine rabbit programme almost a decade ago.Most of the field work takes place in the Klein and Great Karoo region, the rabbit’s natural habitat. One of the programme’s aims is to conserve the biodiversity of this region, as the loss of habitat and land use changes are the most important threats to these animals.“By saving the rabbit we are also in effect saving the Karoo,” says EWT project manager Christy Bragg.The rabbit programme is the flagship project in this ecosystem, and the animals’ status is used as a key indicator of what’s going on with the region’s river ecosystems.Its extinction in many areas where it formerly occurred indicates the degraded status of riverbanks along the perennial Karoo rivers, according to Bragg.“The riverine rabbit is an important indicator species for ecosystems. Through the programme we are saving a whole suite of other animals, plants and insects,” she says.Bragg says the money received from Lindt will be used in three areas:Firstly, the actual number of rabbits and the number of breeding pairs is still open to speculation and needs further research. According to Bragg, an estimated 250 breeding pairs exist.A second aspect will focus on habitat rehabilitation, with the planting, not only of foliage for food, but also for shelter as these creatures are extremely shy. Local people are enlisted in habitat restoration projects.The last part of the programme is critical as most of the riverine rabbit populations live on private land.This third aspect focuses on getting private landowners to become partners in the programme. Farmers are encouraged to promote integrated land management practices that can sustain the riverine rabbit, its habitat and many other species while ensuring socio-economic benefits to landowners and communities.So far, about 350 000 hectares of riverine rabbit habitat is under informal stewardship agreements with farmers in the North and Western Cape areas. These agreements are set to be formalised in the near future.Lindt bunny and SanbonaLindt hopes to break the current record of R250 000 (US$32 600) from Easter sales in 2011, which was donated to the EWT programme.The little hollow chocolate figurine, with its trademark red ribbon and golden bell, has been around since 1952 and celebrates its 60th birthday this year. It is sold in various sizes and forms of packaging.Lindt, together with Sanbona Wildlife Reserve, is also offering a two-night getaway to the reserve, one of the rabbit’s habitats.Since 2006, when the first rabbit was sighted at the reserve, over 100 sightings of the little creature have been recorded. The reserve has instituted its own research initiative to study the rabbit.In 2003 Sanbona introduced lion and cheetah into the reserve for the first time, marking a significant milestone in the history of the Karoo.Sanbona lies in the Klein Karoo near Montagu, a mere three hours’ drive from Cape Town along the R62 and is located at the foot of the Warmwaterberg Mountains.last_img read more

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — June 28, 2018

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Clouds and lingering showers can be found in far eastern parts of Ohio to start the day this morning, but generally, we should be seeing mostly sunny skies and a nice batch of drying over the rest of the state. In fact, Dry weather is here for the next 3 and a half days to almost 4 days! We see nothing but sunshine and blue skies today through most of Sunday. Temperatures will be climbing. We expect temperatures to be in the lower 80s today, mid 80s tomorrow and a range of 88-95 for the weekend, with Saturday being the hottest day. A large part of the state will see 90+ temps on Saturday. The map at right shows those high temperatures across Ohio for Saturday. With humidity values trying to increase, the heat index values will be climbing as well.Now, fortunately, growing crops could care less about heat indices. While it will be hot, we need to stress that actual air temps are not going to really be all that excessive. These temps are going to be a good 5-7 degrees above normal for this time of year, but after all, it is summer, and we have been cooler than normal the past several days.Scattered showers move into NW Ohio Sunday evening, and spread south and east from there through the overnight hours Sunday night and into Monday.  Rain totals can be anywhere from .1”-.5” with coverage at 60%. Rains should wind down by Monday afternoon at the latest. We see mixed clouds and sun for both Tuesday and Wednesday (Independence Day) of next week, but we can’t rule out a bit of scattered shower action. Tuesday it looks to mostly be south of I-70, and Wednesday it s just scattered about, with not more than 50% coverage. We do not think this is a big deal, but we can’t bring ourselves to wave the all clear flag. Temperatures for the Monday through Wednesday period will be generally in an 82-88 degree range.We are dry next Thursday through the following Monday. Temps to finish next week will be in the upper 80s to low 90s. This will promote strong drying once again. For the rest of the extended period, we have a few scattered showers with 40% coverage for the 10th, rain totals of no more than .4”, and then we are dry again for Wednesday the 11th through the morning of the 12th. The only strong front in our forecast this morning comes late in the 11-16 day window, crossing from Thursday afternoon the 12th through Friday the 13th (yes…Friday the 13th!). That front has potential for half to 1.5” rains with coverage at 90% of the state. We swing back dry with strong high pressure building in for the 14th forward.So, a general summary of this forecast runs similar to what we have been hinting at over the past few days. The pattern is getting warmer, yes. But a bigger story will be precipitation shutting off. Initially, that will make many folks happy, as we have see excessive rains over the past couple of weeks. However, soil conditions may change quickly, with maximum evaporation and high temps. This makes us concerned that we may start to hear complaints about moisture and “needing a rain” as soon as mid to late week next week. Time will tell, but if we have gotten used to ample moisture to this point…we likely are going to be in for a rude awakening. We are not calling for instantaneous drought or immediate crop problems…but rain timing will take on much more of a premium in our discussions going forward.last_img read more

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The Insane Stunts and Action of 87Eleven

first_imgExplore the explosive stunt work of 87Eleven Action Design, a studio that’s established two of Hollywood’s most in-demand directors.Top image via 87Eleven87Eleven Action Design was established by stunt coordinators Chad Stahelski and David Leitch, who have risen to the upper ranks of Hollywood action directors after years of working as 2nd unit directors.Chad StahelskiImage via 87Eleven Action DesignChad Stahelski began earning black belts at a very early age. While studying at the University of Southern California, he discovered the Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts. He rose to be an instructor and soon began competing in mixed martial arts. In the early 1990s, Stahelski was cast as Brandon Lee‘s stunt double in The Crow. His stunt career flourished when he was cast as Keanu Reeves’ double in The Matrix films. It was on the set of The Matrix that Stahelski learned Hong Kong action training from Woo-Ping Yuen. He established himself as a top-tier fight choreographer when he tackled the action blockbuster 300. Stahelski even became an in-demand 2nd Unit Director, especially for his fantastic vehicle stunts.Building on his success, he co-founded 87Eleven Action Design with fellow stuntman David Leitch.David LeitchImage via iMDBDavid Leitch also fell in love with martial arts at a young age, especially when it came to watching Kung Fu Theater late Saturday nights. Leitch began studying martial arts himself by poring over books and magazines and training in his garage. Like Stahelski, Leitch also found the martial arts academy led by Dan Inosanto.He began his career as Brad Pitt’s stunt double on Fight Club, continuing to serve as his double on films like Troy and Mr. & Mrs. Smith. He also doubled as Matt Damon in The Bourne Ultimatum, for which his stunt team won a Screen Actors Guild Award and World Stunt Award.Leitch would team up with Stahelski when working on The Matrix films and 300. He began doing pre-visualization work for major films, which helped him establish 87Eleven.87Eleven Action DesignImage via 87Eleven Action Design87Eleven Action Design has established itself as one of the premier studios for fight choreography and stunt coordination. Since its inception, the team at 87Eleven has worked on hundreds of action scenes and directed 2nd units on films like The Expendables, The Hunger Games, Conan the Barbarian, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Mechanic, Anchorman 2, and The Wolverine.87Eleven is also home to many of the best stunt doubles and choreographers in the business. Choreographer Jeremy Marinas has choreographed fights for films like Captain America: Civil War and Insurgent, while working on shows like Agents of SHIELD.Their team has included members like Sam Hargrave, who frequently doubles for Chris Evans in Captain America.Heidi Moneymaker doubled for and trained Scarlett Johansson in Iron Man 2 and The Avengers. She also doubled for Michelle Rodriguez in Fast & Furious.Heidi’s sister Renae Moneymaker has doubled for Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games and X-Men films. Renae also doubled as Taylor Swift in the music video for Bad Blood.87Eleven became known for their proactive approach. When hearing about films in pre-production, the team would present a fully storyboarded action sequence — and often a full stunt sequence on video.“We were, like, we want the job. We want to do this movie. Here’s what you could have,” Stahelski said to ABC News. “It was like mini film school.”One such short was this one they created for a Hawkeye/Black Widow sequence.With all of these films under their belts, Stahelski and Leitch turned to directing. Together, their directorial debut blew everyone away.John WickImage via 87ElevenAs 87Eleven had established itself as an action powerhouse, Keanu Reeves turned to Stahelski and Leitch to work on his next film, John Wick.They know how to make a movie — When I sent them ‘John Wick,’ I was hoping … that they could bring something unique to it because of their experience, but I was secretly hoping that they would direct it. — NightlineIn this interview, the directing duo talks about creating a world and doing something different than a traditional action film. This film allowed them to make their mark as directors. Stahelski talks about doing something more than just an action movie, and the odd role reversal of going from doubling as Keanu Reeves to directing him.Keanu Reeves loved everything about working on this film, especially the fact that the directors shot long takes — rather than hiding action behind edits. This meant Reeves had to do many of the stunts himself.I always want to do as much as I possibly can, because I think action should be tied to a character, and emotion, and to the story. — The Today ShowIn this interview with Ask Men, Reeves talks about the task of grabbing a foe, rolling over him, shooting another enemy, and then delivering the final blow — all in one take. He also talks about the fun of stunt driving.With their experience as 2nd unit action directors, Stahelski and Leitch not only showcased their great physical action skills, but also their skills directing vehicular stunts… vehicle stunts that Keanu Reeves performed himself.Keanu trained martial arts, guns, and more for several hours a day. John Wick’s stunt coordinator, Darrin Prescott, admits he had never worked with an actor who worked and trained so hard. The fight team also discusses the difficulty of realistic movement and looking good on camera.This final John Wick behind-the-scenes video from 87Eleven showcases the whole crew at work. It offers a great peek at the actual stunts, camera packages and setups, as well as the directing duo at work.The directing duo of Stahelski and Lietch is already back to work. Lietch is currently finishing the Cold War film The Coldest City, while Stahelski is already working on the much-anticipated sequel, John Wick 2. What are your favorite 87Eleven-designed stunt sequences from the films mentioned in this article? Let us know in the comments below.last_img read more

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