WOLF!’s New Album “1-800-WOLF!” Will Have You Howling For More [Review/Stream]

first_imgThe three professional sidemen who stepped out of the shadows to form WOLF!, are back on the line with their new album, 1 (800) WOLF!. When destiny called guitarist Scott Metzger, bassist Jon Shaw and drummer Taylor Floreth to act as a backing band for an artist, they had no way of knowing they would end up forming a new band to fill the void by their prospective employer’s last minute no-show. With no plan, the trio was forced to discover themselves as a band in the heat of the moment. Between the crowd reaction to their efforts and the friendship already shared, the trio decided that maybe they were onto something.Listen to the new album below, and continue reading for the full review!The success of WOLF!’s first album, a self titled 2015 release, helped build the band a dedicated following and their follow up is certain to bring new fans into their pack. “Pork ‘n Slaw” kicks things off with a fitting encapsulation of the fun to come, showcasing jazz and rockabilly elements that will crop up in a variety of ways over the thirteen tracks total. The clean guitar tone on the tune gives a clear look at the work Metzger is doing, and it is a delight to see such skilled fret work on display so naturally.“Tomahawk Chop” runs the opposite direction, as Metzger’s guitar lines are so drenched in reverb you’ll expect your speakers to drip musical sludge. Echo effects give “You Are No Longer My Friend, My Friend” a sound that seems perfectly suited to ring out over a long and lonesome desert on some star filled night. Covering clean jazz, 50’s era garage rock and western music is a serous musical challenge that the rhythm section of Shaw and Floreth show themselves more than capable of handling.On tunes like the surf rock reminiscent “Furry Freedom” and “Whiskey Mister,” Floreth effortlessly cracks the whip and shows a deft precision that surpasses genre requirements. Such crisp percussion  allows bassist Shaw to let loose his tone and the wide open mixes provide space for prominent near leads and heavy resonance. “Bohemian Grove” sees Shaw step into a shared lead with Metzger that he nails perfectly, snaking back and forth, evoking tinges of jazz and the sounds of the islands.Often trios find themselves limited in the amount of variety they can produce. Other acts have used sequencers and digital triggers, but not WOLF!. Showing a level of talent and execution that surely hearkens back to their studio work Wolf! manages to vary style and tempo in such a deft manor that each song is complete and unto itself. Another sign of the maturity and musical IQ is the brevity of the pieces themselves. A majority of the compositions presented here are less than two and a half minutes long, and to a one they leave listeners satisfied and ready for more.The brevity of the majority of songs on this disc makes the few longer tunes stand out. Album closer “All Dressed Up (Nowhere To Go)” constructs a rock solid blues foundation,  with a riff built upon it as wide as the skies themselves. 1 (800) WOLF! is an impressive album from a trio of deeply talented and versatile musicians clearly enjoying the freedom they have to follow whatever musical whim strikes their fancy. Daring, varied and flawlessly executed, WOLF! raises the stakes with their latest release, and easily shatters expectations and sets the stage for what should be a long and wonderful road ahead.Be sure to catch Metzger at Brooklyn Comes Alive on October 22nd, across three venues in the heart of Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Metzger will be performing with Joe Russo, Robert Walter and Andy Hess, comprising one of the many wonderful super jam sessions at this unique event. With over 50 musicians on the lineup from bands like The String Cheese Incident, Dead & Company, The Disco Biscuits, Snarky Puppy and more, don’t miss your chance to see your favorite artists let loose! More information can be found here.last_img read more

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Fort St. John Soccer Club offering two camps over summer

first_imgThe Fort St. John Soccer Club will be offering two soccer camps over the summer to help local players further develop their skills. The University of Victoria will be returning for another year July 20-24, and a grass roots soccer camp is slated for August 17-21.The Victoria Vikings camp will be catered towards players between the ages of 9-18. Players taking part will receive a camp t-shirt, soccer ball, a team photo, and a certificate of participation.The sessions will run daily from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m., and the cost to take part is $175.- Advertisement -The grass roots soccer camp is broken up into two groups. Players between the ages of 4-8 will take part in half day camps from 10 a.m. -12 p.m. for $100, and those 8-14 will have their camp run from 9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. for $175.Details on how to register for either camp can be found by clicking here.last_img read more

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first_imgStunning image of Slieve League taken by Noel Keating. Photo taken by Gary Loveridge yesterday morning at 2am over Fanad.The Northern Lights from Tory Island by Owen Clarke.PICTURE SPECIAL: Above are a selection of images that were taken from different parts of Donegal which captured the mesmerising beauty of the Northern Lights. Due to the recent explosion of solar storms there is an increased chance of seeing even more Northern Lights in the coming days.Some parts of the county have been unable to view the stunning sight due to cloudy conditions.But in Slieve League, Tory Island and Fanad the conditions were absolutely perfect last night which led to these incredible images being taken. PIC SPECIAL – MORE STUNNING IMAGES OF THE NORTHERN LIGHTS TAKEN ACROSS DONEGAL was last modified: March 19th, 2015 by Mark ForkerShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:AuroraFanadFeaturesnewsnorthern lightspicture specialSlieve LeagueTory Islandlast_img read more


QPR fans welcome news of duo’s return

first_imgQPR fans on Twitter have largely welcomed news that Darnell Furlong and Michael Doughty are set to return.West London Sport revealed on Wednesday that Rangers plan to exercise options in both season-long loan deals enabling them to recall the youngsters from Swindon Town next month.Many R’s supporters believe right-back Furlong and midfielder Doughty will improve the squad.Ah wow that’s great news… https://t.co/lag8Oyi610— angela b (@angeleyesqpr) December 21, 2016Best thing I’ve heard all year #qpr https://t.co/JWGB4ewrKS— Conor (@conorbarz88) December 21, [email protected] this is good news! 👍🏻— Dale H (@DaleH_21) December 21, [email protected] @WestLondonSport Doughty and Furlong are good enough for this team!— Alan Knight (@californiahoop) December 21, 2016great news https://t.co/gu3EKwQbOF— Joe (@QPR_Joseph) December 21, 2016Good news👍🏻 https://t.co/UCSNZSx0nK— Tommy Allen (@TommyAllen_98) December 21, 2016Start them both 👌 https://t.co/AIMd5Q61n6— AshleyQPRShaw (@BrightsideShaw) December 21, [email protected] @TBATW_ both walk into the match day squad for me. Attitude alone will put them up for consideration. Good move I reckon— AJ (@Forbsie19) December 21, 2016 See also:QPR keen for Furlong to sign new contract  Ads by Revcontent Trending Articles Urologists: Men, Forget the Blue Pill! This “Destroys” ED x ‘Genius Pill’ Used By Rich Americans Now Available In Netherlands! x One Cup of This (Before Bed) Burns Belly Fat Like Crazy! x Men, You Don’t Need the Blue Pill if You Do This x What She Did to Lose Weight Stuns Doctors: Do This Daily Before Bed! x Drink This Before Bed, Watch Your Body Fat Melt Like Crazy x Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

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What Your Cells Do For You

first_imgUntil recently, we humans had no idea the complexity of the systems that keep us alive.Nature creates its own plaster to protect wounds from infection (Medical Xpress). A cut in the skin can start a deadly infection if not closed quickly. This article explains how the body makes a temporary plaster cast of fibrin molecules that coil around red blood cells to seal off a wound quickly before reconstruction of the tissue begins.Scientists have found that a protein film forms rapidly over a wound as part of the natural clotting process, and it provides protection for at least 12 hours.They believe this bio-film gives the immune system time to marshal its defences to deal with any infection.‘Walking molecules” haul away damaged DNA to the cell’s emergency room (Phys.org). Emergency room? Walking molecules? Yes; the emergency room for damaged DNA is right at the nuclear pore, a very complex gateway to the nucleus (see it described on Evolution News). Myosin motors are the walking molecules that carry broken DNA to these locations for repair. The language of the article is intelligently designed to help readers relate to other things they know are intelligently designed: emergency health systems.The scientists found that after the DNA strands are broken, the cell prompts a series of threads— nuclear actin filaments— to assemble and create a temporary highway to the edge of the nucleus. Then come the paramedics—proteins known as myosins.“Myosins are conveyed as a walking molecule because they have two legs. One is attached and the other moves. It’s like a molecular machine that walks along the filaments.”The myosins pick up the injured DNA, walk along the filament road and then reach the emergency room, a pore at the periphery of the nucleus.“We knew, based on our prior study, that there was an emergency room—the nuclear pore where the cell fixes its broken DNA strands. Now, we have discovered how the damaged DNA travels there” Chiolo said. “What we think is happening here is that the damage triggers a defense mechanism that quickly builds the road, the actin filament, while also turning on an ambulance, the myosin.”Developmental Biology: Neurons That Divide Together Wire Together (Current Biology). Are home theater systems intelligently designed? If so, you can understand the analogy made by two writers for this dispatch about biological networks of neurons.If you have ever assembled an elaborate home entertainment system, you are likely familiar with how challenging it can be not only to plug all of the wiring into the correct ports, but also to make sure that the setup is space-efficient, modular, and reproducible. Yet this task is analogous to a problem all developing nervous systems must solve on a much larger scale: the adult human central nervous system, for example, is estimated to have hundreds of trillions of synapses. What developmental strategies do nervous systems use to wire complex circuits? A recent study by Pinto-Teixeira et al., along with two related studies, illustrates how simple developmental processes can be combined to produce, differentiate, and wire a large population of neurons with complex synaptic connections ….The word “simple” must be taken in context. No neuron is simple! Neurons are loaded with complex specified information, molecular machines and hierarchical networks. Neurons are made in such a way, though, where they can connect to other neurons quickly and easily. That may sound “simple,” but how do neurons know where to connect? In your home entertainment system, you can’t just connect wires at random! Examining the process in a human eye or brain would be too challenging, so these scientists looked to the humble fruit fly to attempt to get their minds around neural network construction.How do T4 and T5 neurons find their targets within the retinotopic map? On the basis of both clonal analysis and live imaging of developing neurons, Pinto-Teixeira et al. suggest that birth location and timing are critical for targeting T4 and T5 dendrites and axons to the appropriate retinotopic map positions. The relative birth positions of T4 and T5 correlate with the dorsoventral organization of their projections, whereas birth timing correlates with anteroposterior organization. Posterior visual fields map onto earlier-born T4 and T5 neurons, while anterior visual fields map onto later-born T4 and T5 neurons. Critically, the columnar neurons in the medulla that define the retinotopic array display the same correlation between birth timing and anteroposterior organization. These observations suggest that, as T4 and T5 neurons are born, they target the most recently-born upstream columns. Taken together, this combination of birth location and timing, as well as the shared lineage of T4 and T5 subtypes receiving signals from the same point in visual space, form a complement of simple developmental strategies that solve a complex wiring problem.Got that? Don’t worry; it won’t be on the test. There will just be one question: “True or false: fruit fly retinotopic map networks illustrate intelligent design.”Have you thanked your Maker yet today? Now you have some specific things you can praise Him for. (Visited 431 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

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Dusi 2013: two of a Kime

first_img17 February 2013Lance and Robyn Kime created history by becoming the first siblings to win the men’s and women’s singles titles in The Unlimited Dusi Canoe Marathon on Saturday at Blue Lagoon in Durban. While Robyn surged to a convincing victory, having led from five kilometres into the 120km race, Lance had to wait until 10 kilometres from the finish to hit the front for the first time.The first two days of the men’s race had belonged to Sbonelo Zondi, who was bidding to become the first black paddler to win the K1 title. Thulani “Michael” Mbanjwa had previously taken the K2 title with the “Dusi Duke” Martin Dreyer in 2008. Now Zondi, under the guidance of Dreyer at the Computaform Change A Life Academy was chasing victory.The Dusi, unlike other paddling races, requires the competitors to be competent runners with their boats, quite apart from their paddling ability, with a number of compulsory portages included along the route. In some places the contestants have to choose between running and paddling.The importance of portagingOn day one, despite a slightly low river, Zondi showed just how important portaging could be when he raced to a stage record. He and three-time defending champion Andy Birkett were both within the previous mark, with Zondi finishing 20 seconds in front of Birkett in 2:43:17. Kime was third, just over two minutes off the leader.“I’m very, very happy about my result. To be the first here at Number Nine (Dusi Bridge) for the first time is great,” said Zondi. “I didn’t think about trying to break the record. I just tried to race my own race today and the record, it just happened, but I’m very happy about it.”In the women’s race, the story was not dissimilar as Robyn Kime pulled clear of Abby Adie and Jen Theron after the trio reached the Campbell’s portage together.Kime had to wait until the Fingerneck portage for a split. “They told me it was nine minutes. I really couldn’t believe it. I kept pushing to extend my lead to as big as I could make it.”Epworth 1-2-3Using her experience as a trail runner to her advantage, Kime destroyed the opposition, completing the day in 3:11:21, which gave her a lead of over 14 minutes over Adie. Epworth schoolgirl Bianca Haw followed the two former Epworth pupils across the finishing line.Day one was a real test of endurance for most. The Valley of 1 000 Hills was like a cauldron, with temperatures reaching into the 40s, coupled with high humidity, but somehow those in the pack, known as the fish and chips paddlers, made their way to the finish at Dusi Bridge after a 42km slog.Included in the field were former Olympic silver medallist Terence Parkin, paddling with Midmar Mile organiser Wayne Riddin, who was paddling his 25th Dusi. 5FM and SuperSport presenter Sias du Plessis tackled the race for a second time with former Dusi champion Deon Bruss, while Idols’ judge Unathi Msengana, KFM presenter Liezel van der Westhuizen and East Coast Radio’s Damon Beard also took on the challenge.Defending champ’s chances scupperedThanks to a generous water release, day two saw the level of the rivers rise considerably. It also saw four changes in the lead of the men’s race. Andy Birkett managed to hit the front, but he suffered rudder damage and a swim and the time it took for him to repair his rudder dropped him down to fourth spot, which effectively scuppered his chances of another title.“Andy was opening a gap at Gauging Weir, but when I saw him change his rudder I knew I had to go for it and I put the hammer down all the way to the finish,” said Zondi after finishing day two in first place, thanks to the staggered start based on elapsed times. Kime and McGregor turned in faster times on the day, with McGregor the fastest by three-and-a-half minutes.“The first 30 minutes or so were absolute hell. It was pretty low and we kept having to bump over the rocks. Once we got to confluence it was a big relief. I was much happier and was able to really work quite hard at catching the guys in front of me,” he said afterwards.‘An epic incident’Robyn Kime’s race was very nearly ended at Hippo Rapid. Describing an “epic incident”, Kime said: “I took the day very conservatively, but I often swim at Hippo. There’s only one place you can break your boat at Hippo, but I found it.“My boat was almost folded in half. I managed to save it before it totally broke and was very surprised when my boat simply popped back into shape.“I thought ‘that’s it, it’s gone’,” she admitted.It took Kime some time to get back into a rhythm. “I emptied the boat, had a quick look at it. It looked okay. I stopped, put my splashie back on. Then I had to stop for a few seconds, take a few deep breaths to compose myself and carry on.”Despite her mishap, Kime was still the fastest woman on the day, finishing close to three minutes ahead of Adie. Jen Theron and Hilary Pitchford caught Bianca Haw, in third place overnight, on the flat water of the Inanda Dam and went on to finish third and fourth respectively.A new innovationDay three featured a new innovation for the race, now into its 62nd year, a reverse start, which saw the leaders departing the Inanda Dam many hours behind the slower batches to avoid catching them. The result of this was a big crowd awaiting the front runners in Durban; in the past, the winners had reached Blue Lagoon to a small gathering of people because they had arrived so early in the day.In the men’s race, Kime caught Zondi and had built up a 20-second lead by Burma Road, a notoriously tough six-kilometre long, hilly portage. By the next put-in, however, Zondi had turned the deficit into a lead of a minute and 40 seconds. He was on course for victory, but some tough rapids stood between him and victory.At Pumphouse Weir, it all went wrong for the Change A Life Academy star. He took a swim and was separated from his boat. Kime took advantage, slipping past into the lead, and before Zondi could empty the water from his craft McGregor went past him too.‘The biggest adrenalin rush of my lifeExplaining his feelings at the time, Kime said: “It was really heartbreaking for him [Zondi], but, at the same time, I got probably the biggest adrenalin rush of my life. Suddenly I was paddling into the lead of the Dusi on the third day with only flat water to go.”Kime couldn’t relax at all, however, with the powerful two-time flatwater marathon world champion McGregor trying to haul him in. But, with 10 kilometres to go to the finish, the biggest victory of his life was in sight.The Stellenbosch University student pushed hard and went on to take the win in a day three record and overall race record time. “I think I got the record purely because of the final kilometre,” he reckoned. “I paddled faster than I have in my life. It was probably the loudest crowd that I have ever heard in my life and that just pushed me to a whole new level.”RecordKime finished in a record total time of eight hours and 29 seconds, with McGregor second in 8:04:38 and Zondi third in 8:05:50. Defending champion Andy Birkett ended fourth.For Zondi, it was a case of so near, yet so far. The crowd showed their appreciation for his fantastic effort by giving him a massive round of applause upon his arrival at Blue Lagoon, but the victory was Kime’s and there was the added bonus that he could await the arrival of his sister, who was on her way to her fourth consecutive Dusi win and her second in a K1 boat.Robyn played it conservatively, portaging over Burma Road and Pumphouse Weirs. Abby Adie, in second place, knowing that Kime had such a big lead wasn’t trying to chase her. She was defending her position. After a wretched day of running on day one, she opted to paddle around Burma, but apart from that she too took a conservative approach.‘I was so excited’At Pumphouse Weirs, Kime learnt her brother had won the men’s race. “I definitely had extra energy after hearing he had won. I was so excited about it,” she said.She went on to victory in race record time of nine hours, seven minutes and 16 seconds, over 14 minutes ahead of Adie, who had the fastest time on the last day.Modestly, Kime said: “I’m very pleased. I think the race records, especially on day two and day three, were more due to the [high] water level than anything else. I certainly didn’t have a good day two. For some reason I was still under the record. I think it was just because of the huge water release that we had.”A great successFor Kime, as it was for the top finishers in the men’s race, the reverse start was a great success. “It was great having so many people lining the banks. It’s also nice to have paddlers in that crowd.Previously the crowd was made up of some seconds and people that don’t really know about paddling. Now it’s people who have already finished the race. They’re there on the banks. They know what it’s all about. It really adds to the vibe, having people there that are part of the race.”“I believe it was fantastic,” commented Brett Austen Smith, the general manager of the Dusi organising club, the Natal Canoe Club. “The atmosphere here at the finish was absolutely awesome and there was great crowd participation. It has vindicated our decision.”After a ding-dong tussle, Jen Theron pulled clear of Hilary Picthford for third place in the women’s race. Both took swims on the final day, but Pitchford’s proved to be the more costly.The day, though, belonged to the Kime siblings. “I am very, very proud of them both. It was lovely to see it happen.” said their father, Patrick.Would you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more

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Open Source: Big-Vendor Strategies Intrigue Governments

first_imgWith few exceptions, federal and state governments have been hesitant to adopt Open Source.  The Apache web server is one exception of Open Source that has been successfully deployed widely within government, but beyond that, Open Source adoption has been fairly limited.Governments have viewed Open Source as something too risky and not very well understood.  But as big-name vendors like IBM, Sun Microsystems, Novell, Unisys, and Oracle have begun building major product strategies around Open Source, governments are giving Open Source a second look.  Large systems integrators that work with governments are beginning to frequently use Open Source on their commercial accounts.  Governments see the support and acceptance from these vendors and integrators as a validation that Open Source can be used in ways that can provide significant value. They also can see value in Open Source because it tends to be more flexible with more frequent release cycles and lower total costs than proprietary software solutions.And vendors are providing solid support and indemnification of Open Source.  For example, IBM has hundereds of developers involved in Open Source, and Sun has Open Sourced their Solaris Unix operating systems, Java and other software tools. As large vendors and integrators become involved in developing for and responding to government requests for proposals, it is likely that we will see more and more government acceptance of Open Source solutions.last_img read more

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Morrison delivers promise to win gold for his grandmother

first_imgLATEST STORIES His family migrated to Maryland but transferred to the Philippines for good when he was seven.The 2015 SEA Games gold medalist in featherweight graduated from the University of Santo Tomas.He was also a bronze medalist in the Incheon Asian Games in 2014.“I’m already 27 now, so if I can still can I will still fight in the 2019 SEA Games in Manila,” said the 6-foot-1 Morrison.ADVERTISEMENT Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. View comments Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC WATCH: Streetboys show off slick dance moves in Vhong Navarro’s wedding Read Next Samuel Thomas Harper Morrison of the Philippines battles Ardian Prayogo Dinggo of Indonesia in the finals of the men’s -74kg of the 29th Southeast Asian Games taekwondo competition. Morrisson prevailed to win the gold medal. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO/SEA GAMES MEDIA POOLKUALA LUMPUR — Samuel Morrison knew that he could be fighting in his last Southeast Asian Games of his career.That’s why he was overcome with emotions after capturing the gold medal in the -74-kilogram division.ADVERTISEMENT Catriona Gray spends Thanksgiving by preparing meals for people with illnesses Typhoon Kammuri accelerates, gains strength en route to PHcenter_img LOOK: Venues for 2019 SEA Games PH boxing team determined to deliver gold medals for PH PLAY LIST 05:25PH boxing team determined to deliver gold medals for PH03:07PH billiards team upbeat about gold medal chances in SEA Games00:45Onyok Velasco see bright future for PH boxing in Olympics00:50Trending Articles01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games03:04Filipino athletes share their expectations for 2019 SEA Games02:25PH women’s volleyball team motivated to deliver in front of hometown crowd01:27Filipino athletes get grand send-off ahead of SEA Games MOST READ Kammuri turning to super typhoon less likely but possible — Pagasa SEA Games in Calabarzon safe, secure – Solcom chief READ: Emotional Morrison wins gold in taekwondo, avenges teammate’s loss“I made a promise to my grandmother to win,” said Morrison, 27.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSSEA Games: Philippines picks up 1st win in men’s water poloSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutoutHis maternal grandmother died during the time he was trying to qualify for the Rio Olympics last year. He didn’t make it to the Games.“That’s why I went to her grave before I flew here,” said Morrison, who was born in Olongapo to an American serviceman and Filipino mother. Ravena wants more after winning record fourth gold medal UPLB exempted from SEA Games class suspensionlast_img read more

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Hockey coach Harendra resigns after India’s loss to Malaysia

first_imgIndian men’s hockey team national coach Harendra Singh on Tuesday resigned from his post after his side crashed out of the Asian Games final with a 3-4 defeat by Malaysia in the second semifinal in Guangzhou, China.India’s hopes of a gold medal and a direct berth in the 2012 London Olympics were dashed by a spirited Malaysia, who rode on Muhammad Amin Rahim’s 75th minute golden goal to progress to their maiden title clash, where they will meet seven-time champions Pakistan, on Thursday.Soon after the unexpected loss, Harendra tendered his resignation to Hockey India secretary general Narinder Batra taking full responsibility of the team’s disastrous showing in the semifinal.”Keeping in view of the dismal performance of the men’s hockey team in the semifinal match against Malaysia today, I hereby tender my resignation as the national coach of the men’s hockey team with immediate effect,” he wrote in his resignation letter to Batra.”I accept the moral responsibility for the debacle at the 16the Asian Games,” Harendra added.In his resignation letter, he also thanked the HI and various government bodies apart from the players and his colleagues for their support during his association with the national team.”I am grateful to Hockey India, Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs, Government of India and Sports Authority of India for all the support and encouragement I received during my tenure as a national coach.”I am thankful to all the officials of the said organisations for giving me this wonderful opportunity to serve for the country. I would also convey my gratitude for the kind of unconditional support I received from my countrymen as well as well wishers form various countries during the said appointment,” he wrote.advertisement”I would also like to put on record the support I received from the members of the media. I would fail in my duty If I do not convey my sincere thanks to all my players and support staffs who stood by me in each and every occasion during this eventful tenure. I wish all the luck to the Indian men’s hockey team for the future,” Harendra signed off.However, Batra said, in no way, the federation would accept Harendra’s resignation at this crucial juncture and had asked him to continue with the job.”I had received his mail and also talked with him over phone. I told him that it is not right to be emotional. We have a bronze medal match to play and I asked him to concentrate on that match,” Batra told PTI.”It is good that he has taken moral responsibility but it is not the right time to take this step. All this can be sorted out after returning to India. I asked him to be with the team and work together so that we can return with the bronze medal,” he added.last_img read more

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The art of corruption and forgetting

first_imgDid you think, with the Games over, Suresh Kalmadi and his cronies would be in jail by now? And that Sheila Dikshit, Tejinder Khanna, Jaipal Reddy and M.S. Gill would have lost their jobs? Were you expecting guilty IOC, PWD, DDA and NDMC officials to be in chains? Did you,Did you think, with the Games over, Suresh Kalmadi and his cronies would be in jail by now? And that Sheila Dikshit, Tejinder Khanna, Jaipal Reddy and M.S. Gill would have lost their jobs? Were you expecting guilty IOC, PWD, DDA and NDMC officials to be in chains? Did you hope sports bosses who cling like barnacles to a ship’s keel will be removed? Don’t be silly. In India, corrupt politicians don’t usually go to jail; some go to Parliament. If they are lucky, Gandhi sycophants or vote-bank thugs, they may even become Cabinet ministers. So, fat chance sacked chief minister Ashok Chavan will go to prison for his sea-facing role in the Adarsh scam. Vilasrao Deshmukh will continue as the union minister for industries. A Cabinet, which has the 2G-tainted A. Raja as a proud member, doesn’t sack the guilty.Corruption seems to be the 546th member of the Indian Parliament. Some 150 of our esteemed MPs have criminal records. Seventy-two are accused of murder and rape. Corruption is not without its little ironies. Radadiya Vithalbhai Hansrajbhai, Congress MP from Mahatma Gandhi’s Porbandar, tops the list with 16 criminal cases. When it comes to crime and no punishment, the BJP has the most tainted MPs: 42. The Congress follows with 41. When Indian voters are represented by many with criminal records, expecting politicians to go to jail for corruption is naive. In India, corrupt politicians don’t usually go to jail; some go to Parliament. If they are lucky, Gandhi sycophants or vote-bank thugs, they may even become Cabinet ministers.advertisementOfficial corruption is a legacy of the British Empire. When the Indian police force was constituted in British India, the kotwals (aka the chief police officers) responsible for maintaining law and order were paid no salaries. They had to fend for themselves, pay their constables and maintain police stations on their own. Collecting money became a bigger priority than keeping law and order, and extortion got an official face. Villagers, traders and small merchants became victims of police shakedowns and many policemen became henchmen of powerful landlords. The practice continues. A World Bank report calculates that Indian citizens pony up bribes amounting to Rs 21,000 crore yearly. The Central Vigilance Commission receives around 70 corruption complaints a day.Though it must be said that independent India didn’t start off too badly. Jawaharlal Nehru sacked his first finance minister R.K. Shanmukham Chetty for helping industrialists close to the Congress evade income-tax investigations. (Nehru-aide M.O. Mathai’s Reminiscences of the Nehru Age reveals that Chetty was acting on Sardar Vallabhai Patel’s behalf, who made him the sacrificial goat.) Arjun Singh’s father Rao Shiv Bahadur Singh, who was also a minister in Nehru’s Cabinet, was the first Indian minister to be jailed for corruption.Alas, today, the only prison the corrupt politician is in is the helplessness of public imagination. But don’t worry; you will soon forget all this happened. Until another multi-crore scam surfaces and a bunch of self-righteous television commentators invade your drawing room, calling for political blood. Public memory is shorter than newspaper editorials. Until then, stay tuned.last_img read more

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