WOLF!’s New Album “1-800-WOLF!” Will Have You Howling For More [Review/Stream]

first_imgThe three professional sidemen who stepped out of the shadows to form WOLF!, are back on the line with their new album, 1 (800) WOLF!. When destiny called guitarist Scott Metzger, bassist Jon Shaw and drummer Taylor Floreth to act as a backing band for an artist, they had no way of knowing they would end up forming a new band to fill the void by their prospective employer’s last minute no-show. With no plan, the trio was forced to discover themselves as a band in the heat of the moment. Between the crowd reaction to their efforts and the friendship already shared, the trio decided that maybe they were onto something.Listen to the new album below, and continue reading for the full review!The success of WOLF!’s first album, a self titled 2015 release, helped build the band a dedicated following and their follow up is certain to bring new fans into their pack. “Pork ‘n Slaw” kicks things off with a fitting encapsulation of the fun to come, showcasing jazz and rockabilly elements that will crop up in a variety of ways over the thirteen tracks total. The clean guitar tone on the tune gives a clear look at the work Metzger is doing, and it is a delight to see such skilled fret work on display so naturally.“Tomahawk Chop” runs the opposite direction, as Metzger’s guitar lines are so drenched in reverb you’ll expect your speakers to drip musical sludge. Echo effects give “You Are No Longer My Friend, My Friend” a sound that seems perfectly suited to ring out over a long and lonesome desert on some star filled night. Covering clean jazz, 50’s era garage rock and western music is a serous musical challenge that the rhythm section of Shaw and Floreth show themselves more than capable of handling.On tunes like the surf rock reminiscent “Furry Freedom” and “Whiskey Mister,” Floreth effortlessly cracks the whip and shows a deft precision that surpasses genre requirements. Such crisp percussion  allows bassist Shaw to let loose his tone and the wide open mixes provide space for prominent near leads and heavy resonance. “Bohemian Grove” sees Shaw step into a shared lead with Metzger that he nails perfectly, snaking back and forth, evoking tinges of jazz and the sounds of the islands.Often trios find themselves limited in the amount of variety they can produce. Other acts have used sequencers and digital triggers, but not WOLF!. Showing a level of talent and execution that surely hearkens back to their studio work Wolf! manages to vary style and tempo in such a deft manor that each song is complete and unto itself. Another sign of the maturity and musical IQ is the brevity of the pieces themselves. A majority of the compositions presented here are less than two and a half minutes long, and to a one they leave listeners satisfied and ready for more.The brevity of the majority of songs on this disc makes the few longer tunes stand out. Album closer “All Dressed Up (Nowhere To Go)” constructs a rock solid blues foundation,  with a riff built upon it as wide as the skies themselves. 1 (800) WOLF! is an impressive album from a trio of deeply talented and versatile musicians clearly enjoying the freedom they have to follow whatever musical whim strikes their fancy. Daring, varied and flawlessly executed, WOLF! raises the stakes with their latest release, and easily shatters expectations and sets the stage for what should be a long and wonderful road ahead.Be sure to catch Metzger at Brooklyn Comes Alive on October 22nd, across three venues in the heart of Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Metzger will be performing with Joe Russo, Robert Walter and Andy Hess, comprising one of the many wonderful super jam sessions at this unique event. With over 50 musicians on the lineup from bands like The String Cheese Incident, Dead & Company, The Disco Biscuits, Snarky Puppy and more, don’t miss your chance to see your favorite artists let loose! More information can be found here.last_img read more

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DNB director calls on Dutch schemes to consult participants on ESG

first_imgShe added: “It also matters whether you choose investments in countries with dodgy governments, or instead opt for companies that are developing alternative energy sources.” Kellermann said she regretted the fact that Dutch pension funds rarely consult participants on sustainable investments; she said just over 20% of the larger schemes had asked participants for their opinions on environmental, social or governance issues.However, by involving participants in their investment decisions, she said, pension funds can strengthen their place in society and foster participants’ support for their policies.Kellermann has served as supervisory director of pensions at the DNB since 2007.She will be succeeded by Frank Alderson on 1 November. Joanne Kellermann, outgoing director at Dutch regulator De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), has said pension funds should ask participants to get more involved in the ethical aspects of their schemes’ investment decisions.Speaking at the DNB’s annual congress for pension funds last week, Kellermann highlighted the impact of schemes’ investment policies on popular opinion.“By investing in companies, pension funds’ participants indirectly become co-owners of these firms, and this comes with both social and moral consequences,” she said.“Is a pension fund, for example, opting to invest in a multinational company that is moving many jobs to low-wages countries? Or is it deliberately investing in local companies intending to stay in the Netherlands and create jobs through innovation?”last_img read more

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Iker Casillas: ‘I would like to return to Real Madrid one day’

first_imgRead Also: Sevilla to swoop for Super Eagles defender Chidozie Awaziem“I would like to return to Real Madrid one day,” Casillas told Spanish youtuber DjMariio, as cited by El Mundo Deportivo. “I consider it to be my home even though I have been away for five years. The link is palpable. I had 25 years there. Of course I am convinced that someday I will return to the club.”Casillas also spoke in support of Zinedine Zidane’s position at the helm of Madrid: “You come from winning four Champion Leagues (in five years). It is difficult to know how to improve. We have become very demanding with this Real Madrid.”FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 In May last year, the 38-year-old fell ill during training with Porto and was rushed to hospital where he underwent emergency surgery. Loading… Legendary goalkeeper Iker Casillas, currently running to be the next president of the Spanish FA, has said: ‘I would like to return to Real Madrid one day’.Advertisementcenter_img Promoted Content6 Interesting Ways To Make Money With A Drone18 Cities With Neverending Tourist-FlowBest & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever MadeWho Earns More Than Ronaldo?8 Best 1980s High Tech GadgetsA Hurricane Can Be As Powerful As 10 Atomic Bombs12 Movies That Almost Ended Their Stars’ CareersCan Playing Too Many Video Games Hurt Your Body?Did You Know There’s A Black Hole In The Milky Way?The Highest Paid Football Players In The WorldThese TV Characters Left The Show And It Just Got BetterThe Funniest Prankster Grandma And Her Grandson Whilst that was a success and Casillas was discharged five days later, it had appeared unlikely that he would return to first-team football but despite training this season, he has not played any first-team games and he is now running against Luis Rubiales to be president of the Spanish FA.Casillas is one of the most decorated players in Spain’s history, playing over 700 games for Madrid before joining Porto in 2015.He won three Champions Leagues with the capital giants, as well as two European Championships and a World Cup in his 167 caps for La Roja.last_img read more

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The Esports Roundtable: Ryan “OpTic J” Musselman, Infinite Esports and Entertainment

first_imgTHE ESPORTS ROUNDTABLE IS A PODCAST THAT HOSTS DIFFERENT GUESTS EACH AND EVERY WEEK, DISCUSSING ALL THINGS BUSINESS IN ESPORTS.This week’s instalment of The Esports Roundtable welcomes Ryan “OpTic J” Musselman, the Senior Vice President of Infinite Esports and Entertainment – the parent company of organisations such as OpTic Gaming, Team Allegiance, Obey Alliance, NGAGE Esports, among others.Musselman delves into his history in esports: how he entered the industry and how he found himself involved in one of the biggest esports organisations in the world. As he explains, Musselman spent a long period of time working with Machinima, recruiting content creators for the network. From 2014, Musselman worked for Google to help develop its Gaming division as the head of Strategic Partnerships for a couple of years. That was until his moved into a full-time position with OpTic Gaming as it brought on more teams and content creators.Ryan Musselman, Infinite Esports and EntertainmentOpTic Gaming was invested in by Neil Leibman, Co-Owner of Texas Rangers in 2017, who founded Infinite Esports and Entertainment with Chris Chaney to manage its operations. Musselman explains that this decision was part of the organisation’s growth strategy and was envisioned to help to develop esports as a whole. Since its inception, we’ve seen many companies created – such as the innovative GG Esports Academy – and pre-existing organisations being acquired.The conversation drifts onto the topic of how esports brands aren’t necessarily innovating in the industry, which is damaging their ability to gain more fans and sponsors – which ultimately will help build longevity.Musselman commented on this episode of The Esports Roundtable afterwards: “It’s always fascinating to sit down and discuss the raw ideas that drive growth, development and innovation in esports: be that be on the level of professional play, business or for building an experience for the fans. Infinite is blessed to be in a truly unique position with our 360 compliment of stellar businesses supporting our pros and we cannot wait to bring more news of the projects we have in the works soon.”Joe Hills, LFG and The Esports RoundtableSpeaking to Esports Insider, Joe Hills, Founder and Host of The Esports Roundtable, also had his say:“The vision and drive behind Ryan’s new venture is contagiously inspiring. Watch this space for 2018 in and out of game.”Hills is the Founder of Looking for Group, an esports executive recruitment company and has worked to achieve placements for many high profile individuals in the burgeoning esports industry.last_img read more

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first_imgThe focus of this second article of the series centered on the indispensability of reforms, from time to time, of individuals, Institutions, and nations, is on what the Bible has to teach us on reforms and how to carry them out. Various words are used to describe the concept of reform or the attempts to correct and make persons, things and institutions better. These words are transformation, revolution, renaissance, renewal, invigoration, rejuvenation, and revitalization. All these words and the concepts they seek to convey have in common the desire and concrete attempts to correct the mistakes of the past and make things, persons and institutions better. In what ways can the Bible teach us about how to reform ourselves and our institutions? Let us explore in brief below. The introductory article on background and definitions made the following points:There is no argument that Liberia desperately needs to reform its public sector as a whole. This will certainly include the major areas of governance, security, economy and education. But what do we mean by reform? What is it we want to reform? How do we want to reform? Are we willing to pay the price for reforms? We need to reflect on and find answers to these and many more questions if we are to correct the errors of the past and make genuine progress.What is a reformation? How does it differ from a revolution? A reformation calls for a return to the roots, basics; restoration to the original mandate or intent. It still has faith in the system or institution but questions unhelpful additions or deviations and cries for a return to the original. A reformation assumes something has gone wrong but that it can be corrected. It is a call for making good that which was once good but has gone bad. A reformation is a gradual and peaceful change. But a revolution is a call for a radical change; it loses faith in the system or religion and demands that it be removed or destroyed and replaced with a new one.The key concept in both terms is change for the better. Change is part and parcel of human existence. Someone has observed that when we face inevitable changes in life, and they will come from to time, we have two choices: either to cry and give up and let the changes do whatever they will or we can use them to get better. Most of us desire change but often resist it when it involves us personally. We would rather expect the government and everybody else to change but not us. Change or reform must we or miss out a lot in life.Religions call for change or reform of people and their environments. Most major religions of the world are in the business of making people and their relationships to the rest of creation better. The chief goal of Christianity is to make people and their environments better. The Bible uses different words to convey the idea of reform: transformation (Romans 12:2), renewal (Romans 12:2), new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17). The basic and fundamental truth is that all human beings and their institutions are not perfect and thus need reform or renewal. The Psalmist and Paul make this point vividly: “God looks down from heaven upon us all, to see if there is any who is wise, if there is one who seeks after God. Everyone has proved faithless; all alike have turned bad; there is none who does; no, not one…. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God” (Psalm 53:2-3; Romans3:23).The fact of the matter is that, and we all know this from experience from within and around us, none of us is without some weakness somewhere and we all have the tendency to be bad. The Bible attributes this to sin and a fallen nature in each one of us. But the Bible does not only tell us that we are weak, do terrible things, have the tendency to decline from good to bad; it points the way out. That we can be saved and can change for the better at any time, no matter how bad and far we have strayed from God and what is good.Paul writes, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your minds, so that you may discern what is the will of God—what is good and acceptable and perfect” (Romans 12:2). The basic biblical principle is that man and his institutions are capable of failings, and therefore need reform all the time. The Bible implies that this much desired reform or transformation begins with the mind, a mind that earnestly desires and seeks change for the better. It believes that the change comes when humans cooperate with God and in dependence upon God do what they ought to do. It neither can be done when humans push everything on God and do nothing, nor when they depend solely on their own ingenuity. God wants all persons and their institutions to reform and will play his part but humans must play their part too.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more