Dairy cow diet

first_imgBy Brad HaireUniversity of GeorgiaThe dairy herd on the University of Georgia campus in Tifton, Ga., ate 12 tons of food Thanksgiving Day. They made a lot of noise but uttered no words of thanks. They simply ate their fill and walked away, expecting another meal just like it tomorrow.”Cows like the same diet every day,” said John Bernard, a livestock nutritionist with the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.”They don’t like a lot of change,” he said. “If you mix it up, it may take them several days to adjust, and their milk production can suffer.”The 230-cow dairy herd is about the size of the average commercial herd in Georgia. It’s used to test new feed additives, mixes and techniques the dairy industry can use to efficiently produce milk, Bernard said.”We basically want to find ways to make more milk and keep cows healthier,” he said.Although cows don’t like change, he said, they have changed over time. The United States had 21 million dairy cows in 1924. The average cow produced 476 gallons of milk, or 4,100 pounds, that year. (Milk is sold in pounds. A gallon weighs 8.6 pounds.)The U.S. had 9 million dairy cows last year. On average, each cow gave 19,995 pounds (2,325 gallons) of milk for the year. Georgia had 77,000 dairy cows in 2006.”We’re not dealing with the same cow from a few decades ago,” Bernard said. “Today’s dairy cow is like a top-notch athlete. You can’t just work up a routine and walk away. It changes.”Other things have changed more recently, he said. It costs dairymen 30 percent more than just a few years ago to feed cows. This is due to higher fuel and crop prices. It costs $5.80 per day to feed each UGA dairy cow.A dairy cow’s diet is mostly corn silage and hay. But it also includes vitamins, protein supplements and by-products such as the cottonseed left after cotton ginning and the grain mash left after beer, whiskey and ethanol production.”We look at how these by-products can fit into feeding,” he said. “What are the nutritional characteristics? Are they harmful at any level? We can then give the industry guidelines.”Dairy farmers can’t worry only about what goes in the front end, either. They must now be responsible for what comes out of the back end of a cow, Bernard said. Nutrients in cow manure can become pollution. What a cow eats can determine the nutrients it releases into the environment.In many ways, cows are excellent recyclers, he said. A cow has one stomach with four chambers, where microbes help it digest things humans can’t or won’t. “A cow is able to convert many by-products that would otherwise end up in landfills into energy for them and for us,” he said.The shopping list for the UGA dairy cows’ Thanksgiving Day meal was 554 pounds of alfalfa, 852 pounds of ryegrass, 12,572 pounds of corn silage, 1,100 pounds of cottonseed, 5,600 pounds of brewers’ grains, 2,000 pounds of corn and 1,658 pounds of minerals, vitamins and protein supplements.They washed it down with 30 to 40 gallons of water each.last_img read more

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Demand has been steadily lifting in this near city suburb

first_imgEmanuela Ispani is selling her townhouse in Carina which has been tipped to be a hotspot for home buyers in 2018. Picture: Lachie MillardTOWNHOUSE owner Emanuela Ispani was pleased to hear that the suburb she is selling her home in was one that would continue to be in demand in 2018.Ms Ispani bought her townhouse at Flavelle St, Carina in 2014 and has listed it now to move closer to the coast.She had always been attracted to living in Carina because it was close to the city and made it easy to travel to and from work.“What I like is very much is the fact that it is very, very close to the city but not close enough to feel the intensity, the noise, the crowds and the traffic,’’ she said.More from news02:37Purchasers snap up every residence in the $40 million Siarn Palm Beach Northless than 1 hour agoNew apartments released at idyllic retirement community Samford Grove Presented by “You can (still) move around.’’She said the area would suit most people, it was close to schools, shops and public transport.And she said it had everything to offer the “peace and tranquillity’’ that people were looking for in their downtime.She has noticed of late a lot more first home buyers and young professionals moving into the area and said while there was a fair bit of development in Carina, it wasn’t enough to change the lifestyle there.The two-bedroom, two-level townhouse at 4/2 Flavelle Street Carina is listed for offers of more than $449,000 through Erin Greenhalgh and Jose Peralta of Ray White Carina.Ms Greenhalgh said interest had picked up in the suburb in the past four or five years.“It has always been a very good market. I think it is the just the proximity to the city and the price range as well,’’ she said.last_img read more

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Joey Chestnut net worth: Updated career earnings in 2020, records for hot dog-eating king

first_imgImagine a world where you get paid hundreds of thousands dollars to eat. For 11-time Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest champion Joey Chestnut, that fantasy is a reality.Chestnut first dove into the world of competitive eating in 2005 while he was a student at San Jose State University. His first major victory came that year when he ate six-and-a-half pounds of fried asparagus in 11 1/2 minutes. That year, Chestnut qualified for his first Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest and ate 32 hot dogs. MORE: Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest odds, prop betsBy 2011, Chestnut had become such a force on the eating circuit that he was able to quit his full-time job in construction management and focused solely on training for eating competitions. That year, he won his fifth straight Mustard Belt, awarded to the winner of the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.Since then, Chestnut has cemented his status as the best competitive eater of all time. He currently owns 49 records officially recognized by Major League Eating — among them are 141 hard boiled eggs in eight minutes and 121 Twinkies in six minutes — and most famously ate a record 74 hot dogs in 10 minutes at the 2018 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. His ability to plow through food has given him a full stomach and bank account to match.Joey Chestnut net worth: How much does he make?The life of a competitive eater may not be glamorous, but it can pay pretty well.Chestnut’s 2020 net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. The Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest pays its winners a whopping $10,000 dollars every year, an event Chestnut has won 13 times.The site also states that the top competitive eaters can easily make $500,000 a year between a combination of winnings and sponsorships.Joey Chestnut career earningsSpecific sponsorship details are hard to come by, but in 2014 alone, Chestnut reportedly made $230,000. His 12 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest victories have resulted in a combined $120,000 worth of winnings. According to EatFeats, Chestnut has made close to $600,000 in his eating career since 2005, and that doesn’t account for various unknown sponsorship deals.Chestnut has already won five events in 2019, each with their own prize money. The combined purse money from his five victories — hot dogs, croquetas, mutton sandwiches, canteen sandwiches and pepperoni rolls — was worth $26,500.Joey Chestnut endorsementsJoey Chestnut has several endorsements from a variety of companies, with most of course being food companies. Chestnut has made social media posts endorsing Hooters, Hostess, Coney Island IPA and even Pepto Bismol. The Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest is sponsored by Coca-Cola, Netflix, Pepto-Bismol, Old Navy and Heinz.MORE: Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest TV schedule, start time, more Joey Chestnut business venturesChestnut recently launched his first company that features a line of condiments.  Joey Chestnut Select product line includes Chestnut’s Firecracker Mustard, Boardwalk Coney Sauce and Deli-Style Mustard with prices ranging from $5.00 to $6.50. Profits from the online product sales leading up to the 2018 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest benefitted Hidden Heroes, the Elizabeth Dole Foundation’s program for assisting wounded warriors.Joey Chestnut social media influenceChestnut doesn’t use social media all that frequently, but does use it sporadically to promote appearances at restaurants or certain food products. His Twitter account has 26.6K followers, and his Instagram profile has 13.9K followers. Most of the pictures are of him eating food. His Facebook fan page has 16K followers.How many hot dogs did Joey Chestnut eat in 2019?Chestnut didn’t quite set a new world record this year, but he still managed to eat 71 hot dogs — and buns — in 10 minutes. His total was a full 21 more than runer-up Darron Breeden’s 50. The sweltering heat likely impacted Chestnuts performance.last_img read more

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