Young children? Help them enjoy a Halloween holiday, not a horror

first_imgAs spooky celebrations get underway across the county this weekend, the Donegal County Childcare Committee has tips for making Halloween more fun and less frightening for young children.Halloween is the time when scary skeletons, spooky ghosts and wicked witches roam the world. Some children love the thrill of Halloween horror, but younger children may find the noise, decorations, costumes and masks quite frightening. It can be hard to know what reaction your child will have, but let’s try to anticipate any potential problems to make the day fun for everyone.• Listen to your child and reassure them that you will be there to help them no matter what their worry is. Don’t dismiss their feelings and fears. Be aware of signs of stress or anxiety and find out what makes your child afraid and help them find ways to manage their anxiety. • Be aware that something that you don’t find scary can still be frightening for your child. Be patient. Try to remember what it was like when you were young.• Let them pick their own costume. Letting them pick something out that they like themselves, like a superhero or favourite cartoon character. This will encourage your child to discover the excitement of dressing up in costumes in their own terms.• Read some Halloween stories with your child. Choose books about Halloween that are friendly, not scary. Local libraries have good selections.• Create a Halloween feast and play fun games. Make treats such as ghost-shaped cookies and toffee-coated apples. • Cut out silly faces on pumpkins or create some fun Halloween crafts for kids.• Children may be afraid of masks or costumes. Ask trick-or-treaters to remove their masks when they call to your door, so your child can see that it is just a costume and not real.Remember, a 3-year-old who doesn’t want to participate in the Halloween activities this year will be at a completely different developmental stage next year. They may grow into the 4-year-old who wants to dress like a witch.Happy Halloween from all at DCCC!Young children? Help them enjoy a Halloween holiday, not a horror was last modified: October 25th, 2016 by Rachel McLaughlinShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:childrenDCCCDonegal Childcare CommitteeHalloweenlast_img read more

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Square’s On-the-Go iPhone Credit Card Scanner Will Cost $1

first_imgA Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… The blog iPhone Alley reported Monday night that Square, the forthcoming mobile credit transaction service co-founded by Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, will launch early this summer for the low price of $1. By plugging a small square card reading device into the iPhone’s headphone jack, anybody with the device can instantly conduct credit card transactions using the service’s iPhone app.Usually, running credit card transactions means opening up a special merchant bank account and dealing with various fees. Any bank account will work with Square, and the only charge to use the service is $1 for the application and the card reader accessory; however, Square can afford to give away the dongles because they will be banking 2.9% of each transaction. Users can also pick their favorite charity and Square will donate a penny to it from its cut of each transaction. Related Posts Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Tags:#start#startups chris cameron Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Not only could this app be the new best way to pay back your friend who bought your drinks at the bar, but it could also become a killer app for small businesses. For just $1, anybody can have the functionality of a full blown credit card reader on their phone. Small merchants won’t have to resort to dealing only in cash, and record keeping would be made simple with the service tracking each receipt. Square recently produced the introductory video below to familiarize people with the service (with some awesome use of motion graphics, I might add).A similar device and service from mophie called “marketplace” plans to bring a credit card scanner to their popular line of iPhone cases. Using this device would mean being stuck with a mophie case, and while the price has not been announced, mophie’s cases can range from $10 for a basic hard case, to $100 for their battery pack cases. Frequent users, however, might be more accepting of a case implementation like the mophie over a small, easily losable dongle like Square. Square’s website says the accessory works with “any device with an audio input jack,” which means the app will likely work with the iPod touch and iPad as well. One question mobile skeptics may have for both of these services is how it will work if the device is lacking an internet connection or cell signal; can payments be queued up to send at a later time? Is Square going to be your startups mobile credit app of choice? Or will you be going with the mophie or a similar product? Will these apps even take off? Let us know what you think in the comments.last_img read more

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How Green Is The Cloud? Cutting Through The Carbon Emissions BS

first_imgWhile some cloud providers build great press about their energy consumption, the truth is data center carbon emissions can actually be much higher than the greenwashing hype would lead you to believe. Most data centers measure energy use, not emissions produced. So one Icelandic start-up cloud provider plans to open source its monitoring software to help cloud providers clear the air about carbon.Clouding SustainabiliyA lot of press has been generated about how cloud computing is a green solution. Intuitively, it certainly feels like increasing energy efficiency should cut energy consumption and carbon dioxide (as CO2) emissions. That’s why cloud services spend a so much time on a stat known as Power Usage Efficiency (PUE), working to achieve a higher utilization of virtual machines on each physical server. Indeed, a recent study from WSP Environment & Energy and the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) would seem to back up this assertion, as shown in this graph:Key values for determining the carbon emissions of cloud computing. (Image courtesy of NRDC.)In practice, though, there are some wrinkles. For one thing, besides PUE and server utilization, the location of the data center most definitely matters and is intertwined with the other data-center-emission variables – an uncomfortable fact often overlooked in the press releases from major cloud providers and their clients, says Tom Raftery, lead analyst, of the GreenMonk energy and sustainability practice within analyst firm RedMonk.That raises the second and larger problem: For all the green hoopla surrounding the openings of the new high-efficiency data centers that reportedly sip power, there is a distinct lack of transparency into just how much CO2 emissions these data centers are actually responsible for.Facebook Is An Open BookTake, for instance, Facebook’s much ballyhooed Prineville, Oregon, data center, for which the company has open-sourced the highly efficient plans as part of its Open Compute Project. While most new data centers have an average PUE value of 1.5, with older data centers carrying PUEs of around 2, the Prineville facility has a PUE range of 1.07 to 1.08 throughout the year.But according to Raftery, the Prineville facility’s utility company, Pacificorp, gets 58% of its energy from coal and 12% from gas – that’s more than 70% from fossil fuel directly. And since 22.5% of Pacificorp’s power is purchased from other suppliers, there could be even more fossil fuel hiding in the background. Pacificorp burns an estimated 9.6 million tons of coal per year, Raftery said.And while Prineville is a model of energy efficiency, it is only one part of Facebook’s total energy consumption. According to Facebook’s own data, in 2011, Prineville used 71 kilowatt-Hours (kWh) of power, just 14% of Facebook’s total of 509 kWh across all of their data centers.It’s important to note that Prineville did not open until April of 2011. Using Facebook’s carbon-emissions data from the same report, though, we can figure out Facebook’s ratio of carbon emissions to its total data-center power, displayed in this table:Of the four data centers outlined by Facebook, the West Coast center seems to be doing the best, pulling in the most power and only pushing out a third of Facebook’s total data-center CO2 emissions. But even at low PUEs of 1.08, Prineville is just barely improving upon the carbon-emission/power-consumed ratio, and the new North Carolina data center that opened in April of 2012 is responsible for more carbon emissions for power consumed than even the presumably dirty East Coast colocation facility.Just as Raftery pointed out this weekend in his keynote address at the CloudStack Collaboration Conference in Las Vegas, the source of a data center’s power is as important to the data center’s total production of emissions as its efficiency ratings. Too often, he added, “energy use” and “emissions produced” have been conflated to mean the same thing. But as outlined here, that’s very much not the case.Clouding The PictureFacebook, it should be emphasized, is a very good example of transparency when it comes to data-center (and other) power used and amounts of carbon emitted. We are taking the social network’s reported findings at face value, of course, but at least it is making those reports. Many companies don’t even bother with the details, and still make big claims.Amazon, for instance, claims that “both the Oregon and GovCloud Regions use 100% carbon-free power,” presumably from a completely renewable energy source. Ask Amazon to explain those claims, however, and all you’ll get is the sound of crickets, Raftery told his audience, like this non-response from Amazon Web Services senior evangelist Jeff also likes to play the sustainability game a little fast and loose. Raftery lambasted the company’s Carbon Calculator, which lets customers select their current location and cloud type to generate a picture of what their annual carbon savings might be if they migrate to Salesforce’s cloud. Raftery said the Europe setting (apparently continents are as granular as Salesforce gets) promises up to 86% annual carbon savings.“Of course that’s complete horseshit,” Raftery stated. Europe is not homogeneous in its use of fossil fuels for electricity production. While some cloud providers build great press about their energy consumption, the truth is carbon emissions can actually be much higher than the hype would lead you believe.Clearing The AirTransparency is key when cloud providers talk about energy and sustainability issues, but Raftery notes that can be hard to achieve even if a company is willing to share its actual data. The problem is that there are few tools and few standards to measure and rate cloud emissions.In Iceland, a nation that’s fast becoming a data-center hot spot thanks to a 100% renewable energy grid and lots of cold seawater for cooling, start-up cloud provider Greenqloud has made some strong efforts in building software that can monitor the the emissions and energy stats for any cloud system.Raftery was particularly excited about Greenqloud’s intention to open-source its monitoring code in the second quarter of 2013.Raftery believes that opening this code and incorporating it into open-cloud systems like CloudStack, OpenStack and Eucalyptus will make monitoring emissions easier for cloud providers around the world.It will still be up to those providers to choose how much information they want to share. But they’ll have one fewer reason not to make their emissions stats more transparent.Lead image courtesy of the Open Compute Project. Tags:#Data Centers#efficiency Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting How Intelligent Data Addresses the Chasm in Cloud Serverless Backups: Viable Data Protection for …center_img Related Posts brian proffitt Cloud Hosting for WordPress: Why Everyone is Mo…last_img read more

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Kohli has an edge over Raina for number four slot: Dhoni

first_imgIndian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni Wednesday said that Virat Kohli has the edge over Suresh Raina to bat at number four going by the current form of the two players while also saying that he would want Yuvraj Singh in the playing eleven for the World Cup.Stating that Yuvraj did not get a chance to bat on Wednesday since Raina was sent up the order to have left-right combination, Dhoni said, “Major difficulty will come when Yuvraj gets going and scores one or two 50s, that will be the time we will be in a dilemma. Number four slot is very important for us. Right now it is a slot war. It is number four slot where Kohli needs to bat with Gautam Gambhir at number three.””To perform to his potential, Virat needs to bat up the order. That is where Raina can score batting down the order as well and he has done very well batting at number five and six. So, it will be a slot war more than for a place in the playing eleven.”Kohli is sort of a player who likes to spend little bit of time early and then go after the bowlers. Still, there is a bit of chance where Virat may get an edge over Raina seeing the current form he is in,” he said after India crushed New Zealand by 117 runs in their second and final World Cup game here.Talking about importance of having Yuvraj in the team, Dhoni said, “What is important is we are playing with four bowlers. A part-time spinner is really important especially if it is left-arm away going spinner. That really adds on to the bowling strength, that’s the one big advantage he has got over others. Once he gets going, it is difficult to stop him (Yuvraj) from scoring runs.”advertisementAsked whether he is worried that Yuvraj has not been scoring big in recent times, Dhoni explained, “Today, he did not get an opportunity. It would have been nice for him if he had batted. It is important to have runs under your belt. You may be talented but at the end of the day you need those 30 or 40 runs and then you start thinking positively. Then you look to dominate the bowlers.””Positive thing about Yuvraj is once he scores, he scores through the series. Being a left-arm bowler, he has been contributing right from South Africa, he has been a big strength to the team. If we play with three seamers and one spinner or two seamers or two spinners, Yuvraj role becomes important.”He gives us the odd breakthroughs required in the middle overs. That is a big asset he has got where he edges over the others. If all the batsmen are in good form, I do not mind one batsman out of form. But the amount of talent he has got I will back him fully. We are not playing with seven bowlers,” said Dhoni.On the decision to send Raina ahead of Yuvraj today after he got himself promoted up the order, Dhoni said, “That was the decision taken by Gary (Kristen). I was in the middle (batting). Both of us were padded up. We wanted a left-right combination. Virat got out and that is the reason why I got promoted myself. If Gautam had been out, Yuvraj would have come in.”India batsman Suresh Raina. AP”I remember the Peshawar game when I batted at number three or four. Later on, we were not able to capitalise in the slog overs and then I batted consistently for five, six or seven slots. That number you have to change the game and I did for the team. All of a sudden, if I have to change again to play up the order it will be difficult. At the same time, we have got talented players in the side to fill in those slots.”I feel batting at number five to seven is a bit difficult as you have to bat according to the demands of the game at that point of time. Especially when you see Virat in a good form, he can play to his potential if he is played up in the order rather than batting at five six or seven.”Dhoni also talked about S Sreesanth’s theatrics during matches and said he has no problem till the pacer does not cross “boundaries”.”I am very specific to him and told him that he should not cross a few boundaries. It is better that you do not cross those boundaries. If you want to irritate someone that should be the opposition and not your side. Till he does both these things, I am really happy to let him do whatever he wants to do. As for his behaviour today, I do not think there was much. I must say that bit of chit chat is always fine. It does not mean that whenever we play cricket such things does not happen.advertisement”As I said, there are certain boundaries that you should not get too personal with a player. If these guidelines are followed I am quite happy with it. More often than not it is the batsman and Sreesanth who knows exactly what is going on.”On the positives gained ahead of the World Cup, Dhoni said, “We have achieved whatever positives we can from practice games. From here on we have to start from scratch. We are playing on February 19 and hope we will perform to our potential.”On his own batting approach in the game on Wednesday, Dhoni, who scored an explosive unbeaten 108, said, “I wanted to spend more time in the wicket. In the last two three games, I tried to score off every delivery but one has to see the wicket whether the ball will come or not. I was pushing myself too much that was one of the reasons that I was getting out. I wanted to make the most out of this warm-up game.”So, I said to myself that irrespective of whatever happens in the first 15-20 deliveries, I will be careful and after that I will look to score. My strength has always been like that. Even if my strike rate is initially 60 or 70, I can always accelerate. My main aim was to rotate with my partners.”Dhoni said whether Aswhin will get to play in the World Cup will depend on the condition and pitches.”I think Ashwin is a positive character and has tremendous belief in himself. Whatever variations he has got, he backs himself to bowl in those areas. What we have seen lately is that he can contribute with the bat also. That is a big positive. On making him play or leave him out, we will decide after seeing the wicket. We have to know whether the wicket will spin or not and then go with two pace and two spinners or two pacers and three spinners,” he said.Stating that he wants to back each and every player, Dhoni said, “We want to back each and every individual irrespective of the fact whether he has played ten years, eight years or just made his debut. What we try to do is not to let any player dropped from the side.””The core teams needs to be tight together. As far as Yuvraj is concerned he is among the seniormost players with the amount of experience he has got from 230-240 odd international games. He has got plenty of experience batting at four and he has come up ranks from batting at number five or 6-7.advertisement”It is a tough slot to perform because more often than not you don’t get a chance to perform because the top order contributes if you are playing in the sub-continent. It’s a plus to have him in your side. Big positive, big match player.The tournament is happening in India and he will push himself to perform.”- With PTI inputslast_img read more

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