Chili Finger Lady accused of cooking up new yarn

first_imgSAN JOSE, Calif. — The infamous Chili Finger Lady is in hot water again, accused of cooking up another yarn that authorities find less than palatable.Last time, the lie was about a severed finger. This time, prosecutors say, it’s about a wounded ankle.Anna Ayala, the woman behind the notorious 2005 hoax involving a segment of human finger strategically placed as an extortion-flavored ingredient in a bowl of fast-food chili, is again behind bars after being arrested Thursday on charges of being an accessory to a felony and filing a false police report.The finger escapade was a weird scam that attracted worldwide attention — an oddball plot by Ayala and her husband to bilk money out of Wendy’s restaurants after her husband bought a dismembered ring finger for $100 from a co-worker who had lost it in a workplace accident. Even though they were exposed, the restaurant claimed to have lost $21 million because the stomach-turning tale sent customers elsewhere.This time, Santa Clara County prosecutor Bret Wasley said her lie wasn’t for financial gain, but rather to protect her son, whom police found suffering from a gunshot wound to the ankle in front of an Alviso, Calif., home where he lived with his mom.Guadalupe “Junior” Reyes has a previous burglary conviction, Wasley said, and is not allowed to possess a gun. He told officers he was approached by a pair and shot “for no rhyme or reason,” Wasley said.last_img read more

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