Theres now only one buckabeer option left in Ontario

TORONTO — Four months after Doug Ford delivered on his campaign promise to bring back “buck a beer,” the only brewery still offering the option appears to be one in the Ontario premier’s west Toronto neighbourhood.When Ford announced incentives for companies selling beer at $1 for a bottle or can last August, two breweries took him up on the offer — Cool Brewery in Toronto and Barley Days Brewery in Picton, Ont.Loblaws also offered its President’s Choice beer for a dollar a bottle for a limited time.Ontario scraps beer tax increase planned by previous Liberal governmentPresident’s Choice to participate in buck-a-beer for limited timeOntario to offer incentives to brewers to sell their beer for a buckBut now the Liquor Control Board of Ontario says the Barley Days Brewery beer that had been available for a dollar — plus the 10 cent deposit — has raised its price to $1.65.The Crown corporation in charge of alcohol sales in the province says that as of Monday, Cool Lager was the only “buck a beer” still available on its website.The government offered businesses that agreed to sell “buck a beer” for a dollar prime spots in LCBO stores and advertising in the store magazine’s inserts. read more

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