Minister Signs FiveYear Agriculture Agreement

first_imgNova Scotia farmers will continue to have programs to help them adapt to changing consumer markets, enhance food safety systems, support environmental actions and prevent disease and track food to its original source. Agriculture Minister Brooke Taylor, with his Canadian counterparts, signed a $1.3-billion agreement today, July 11, during the annual ministers conference in Quebec City. The Growing Forward agreement will fund current programs and help develop new approaches for Nova Scotia’s agricultural industry. “Growing Forward provides many benefits right across the value chain, from farm gate to fork,” said Mr. Taylor. “We have consulted with the agricultural sector and involved them in discussions leading up to the signing of this agreement. “Growing Forward is good for Nova Scotia farmers because it provides program flexibility to meet local needs.” Nova Scotia will work with the federal government to determine the program details and implement them by April 1, 2009. The agreement is cost-shared 60-40 by the federal and provincial governments. The agreement also includes agriculture business risk-management programs.last_img read more

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