Review This smartphone is designed to take great selfies but is that

first_imgHUAWEI IS A company on a mission. Usually associated with low and medium range phones over in this part of the world, the Chinese company is aiming to become a major player in the smartphone market, and is putting serious effort into its high end range.Huawei’s first 4G smartphone, the Ascend P7, aims to be a cheaper alternative to Samsung’s Galaxy range and the HTC One (M8), but offering the same quality and experience. Yet it is a worthy rival to the Galaxy S5?Unique selling points 13MP camera and 8MP front facing camera.Comprehensive photo editing features.Phone management system for improving battery life & freeing up memory.Ultra power saving mode.Hardware and SoftwareThe Ascend P7 doesn’t deviate too far from the design most Android phones follow. The now traditional 5-inch screen is crisp, and is the right size for watching a show on Netflix or playing games.The phone is eloquently designed, using steel casing with a glass front and back, and makes it feels like a flatter version of the iPhone 4S. That’s not a bad thing by any means, the phone feels solid in your hand and it’s just the right weight. Source: TheJournal.ieThe changes Huawei made to Android KitKat are purely cosmetic – at best it’s brighter and more colourful than the traditional Android look – but it can feel a little bland and it will take you a few moments to get used to the changes made with the interface.Its performance, for the most part, is above par, with the only instance of lag occurring the few moments after you boot up the phone. Unless you turn your phone off regularly, this won’t be much of an issue, and it does a good job in running the more intensive apps out there.CameraWith a 13MP camera, you expect the quality of photos taken to be good, and you would be correct. Considering it’s one of the phone’s main selling features, Huawei has gone all out in ensuring the camera app is the only one you need thanks to a rather comprehensive selection of editing tools.You do have to be a little careful with lighting as high-quality photos on your phone may not translate well on a computer, but provided you get the focus right, it’s quite impressive.last_img read more

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