IMO Noise Code Becomes Mandatory from July 2014

first_imgzoom On 1st July 2014, the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) will be amended to make the ‘Code on Noise Levels Onboard Ships’ mandatory for new vessels.IMO recognizes that high noise levels onboard ships could affect seafarers’ health and impair the safety of the ship. The purpose of the Code therefore is to limit noise levels and to reduce seafarers’ exposure to noise.Managements ResponsibilitiesWhilst it will become mandatory from 1st July 2014 for new vessels, all vessel owners and managers are encouraged to review their responsibilities in relation to this code. The key responsibilities are listed here:– To provide instruction in the hazard of noise exposure and the risk of hearing loss at initial employment and periodically thereafter.– Provide warning signs at all entrances to spaces exceeding a noise level of 85dB(A), entry to such areas is to be controlled.– Where hand tools, galley equipment or other portable equipment exceeds 85dB(A) in normal working conditions warning information needs to be provided.– Provide effective hearing protection on an individual basis.– Provide a Hearing Conservation Plan for seafarers exposed to high levels of noise and that no expense is incurred by the seafarer.Noise Awareness PosterMaritime Progress has for many years produced a range of posters designed to assist management in bringing safety and operational issues to the attention of marine personnel.Poster 1072 – “Control of Noise” forms part of the popular “ISM Safety Works”, series of posters which have been continually developed by Maritime Progress since the company’s inception in 1985.The poster has been developed to assist management in bringing the attention of the crew to this important subject and is available from Maritime Progress stockists now.Original Legislatively Correct ProductsThe popularity of Maritime Progress posters has encouraged some producers to make illegal copies and has lead to inaccurate and unaccountable information being displayed to crew onboard ship. Seafarers are strongly recommended to deal only with recognised Maritime Progress distributors for the supply of ISM SafetyWORKS posters and manuals.Maritime Progress, April 9, 2014last_img read more

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