Morocco Reaffirms Support for ‘Legitimate’ Hadi Govt. in Yemen

Rabat- Morocco has pledged support for the government in Yemen led by President Abdurabbuh Mansour Hadi, amid the continuous insurgence of the Iran-backed Houthis.On Sunday, members of the Arab coalition for Yemen, led by Saudi Arabia, met in Riyadh. The meeting convened with a set goal to continue backing the Hadi government in the war-torn country until it regains control over its territories.During a speech at the meeting, the Secretary General of the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mohamed Ali Lazrak, reaffirmed Morocco’s commitment to “preserving Yemen’s unity and territorial integrity.” Morocco, Lazrak said, will maintain its commitment to finding a solution to the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.Lazrak also pledged support for Saudi Arabia, which has been a major political ally for Morocco for decades.The secretary general said Morocco supports all Riyadh’s actions aimed to counter threats facing the kingdom. He also offered Morocco’s help to ensure the safety and security of the kingdom and the Gulf in general.Meanwhile, Lazrak, who headed the kingdom’s delegation to the meeting, accused the Houthi rebels of refusing to make concessions in order to find a political solution to the deadlock in the country.In March 2015 Saudi Arabia formed a coalition to fight the Houthis in Yemen and reinstate the ousted legitimate government.In the same month the coalition started an air campaign against the Iran-backed militia and its allies among fighters loyal to former President Ali Abdullah Saleh.Morocco joined the coalition along with countries such as UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Egypt.In June, Qatar pulled out of the coalition following the decision of Saudi Arabia and other allies to cut ties with it for allegedly supporting terrorism and undermining the security of those countries, an accusation that Qatar has repeatedly denied, calling it “unfounded.” read more

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