Black Lives Matter Oxford faces antisemitism concerns

first_imgSpeaking to Cherwell, Councillor Alexandrine Kántor said: “I do not think they have an issue with antisemitism, it was a case of not being aware and they have learnt from it and took action on their staff members to ensure this does not happen again.” On June 27th, Black Lives Matter Oxford, an independent organisation showing solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, posted a mural by graffiti artist Mear One which has been described as “combin[ing] a variety of antisemitic slurs” by the Jewish Chronicle. The mural was posted as a cover photo for the event ‘Freedom Summer BLM’, a solidarity march to be hosted on Saturday.  The Campaign Against Antisemitism, a major UK Jewish watchdog, has heavily criticised this tweet. The watchdog stated: “Black Lives Matter should aspire to be a movement against racism that unifies people and achieves lasting change, not a movement that spreads hatred and achieves lasting division.” The Jewish Chronicle, an influential Jewish newspaper, wrote in 2018 about the mural: “The overall message is a classic conspiracy theory. […] Antisemitism has always had a left-wing version that fingered Jewish capitalists as the enemy of the good. Saying rich Jews are a class enemy is no less vile than saying they are a racial one.” Black Lives Matter Oxford has been contacted for comment.  “We will use this time to learn from their mistakes and ensure every person who attends our events feels safe. We stand resolutely against antisemitism, and see our struggles for liberation as interconnected.” In July 2018, Oxford City Council agreed to adopt the IHRA definition of antisemitism which includes “making mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations about Jews as such or […] Jews controlling the media, economy, government or other societal institutions”. The mural in question, titled ‘Freedom for Humanity’, depicts six men in suits under an Eye of Providence, playing a Monopoly-like board game that rests on the backs of naked, predominantly dark-skinned figures. The artist Mear One has confirmed that “the banker group is made up of Jewish and white Anglos”. On his Facebook page, he further stated: “For some reason they are saying I am antisemitic. This I am most definitely not… What I am against is class.”  Black Lives Matter Oxford have also apologised for retweeting the Black Lives Matter UK statement regarding Palestine, saying: “We would like to state we are extremely upset and sorry concerning the retweet made by an unauthorised individual who was not given permission nor had cleared the action with us. The views implied do not represent us and we are working to ensure that this never occurs again.” The statement reads: “We understand that recently an antisemitic image was used on one of our events. This is deeply concerning and the person who used the image is deeply sorry. We absolutely do not condone the image used and have since removed it.”  CW: antisemitism, Racism Shortly after, Alexandrine Kántor, a South Oxfordshire Liberal Democrat Councillor, posted on Twitter: “The Oxford #BlackLivesMatter seems to think antisemitism is a [sic] acceptable way to fight racism. How disappointing. You don’t fight racism with racism.” On Facebook, the councillor asked Black Lives Matter Oxford to remove the picture, saying she would otherwise report the group for racism. “Mistakes can happen and become opportunities to learn and educate ourselves. It is quite rare to receive an honest and meaningful apology, as well as actions to ensure this won’t happen again. Apologies appreciated and accepted, but this is not about me […]. I am an ally, I am very glad about their public statement. UK BLM should learn from them.” Black Lives Matter Oxford has replaced the mural photo on Facebook and published a formal apology on their Twitter account. The group Black Lives Matter Oxford has been accused of antisemitism after posting a widely criticised mural as a cover photo for a Facebook event on Saturday. The photo gained attention following a tweet by South Oxfordshire Liberal Democrat councillor Alexandrine Kántor. Over the past weeks, Black Lives Matter UK has repeatedly faced concerns regarding antisemitic elements in the organisation.  Source: Twitter (@Alexa_Kantor) Following posting this image on Facebook, Black Lives Matter Oxford retweeted a statement on Sunday from the organisation Black Lives Matter UK, which described “mainstream British politics [as] gagged of the right to critique Zionism”. The tweet has been widely condemned as antisemitic. The article was published when Jeremy Corbyn, Labour leader at the time, was heavily criticised for his reaction to the mural on social media during his time as a backbencher. He has since publicly stated his regret for his actions and described the contents of the mural as “deeply disturbing and antisemitic”. Adam Bernstein, President of Oxford JSoc, told Cherwell: “We were disappointed to see it posted but pleased to see it taken down almost immediately. Oxford Jsoc remains determined to stand up to antisemitism and anti-black racism.” Background photo by Bablu Miah/ Flickr. Mural by Mear One.last_img read more

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Perseverance in the face of adversity

first_imgDear Editor:A revolution is quietly taking place in England. An American, divorced, Catholic has captured the heart of Prince Harry. Will English subjects be so easily enamored? Only time will tell. Regards,Renee Wallacelast_img

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Quote of the week

first_imgWhenever a Pepsi is purchased, our consu-mers will be led on a journey of discovery – Bruno Gruwez, marketing director of Pepsi Beverages UK on the wonders ofdrinking his sparkling cola brandlast_img

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Speech: Security Council stands behind Special Envoy on Yemen

first_imgThank you very much Madam President. Thank you for convening this session which we appreciate very much. It was very good to be able to hear from the Special Envoy. We appreciate the efforts he’s made. We share his disappointment at the fact that the talks did not go ahead as planned but it was good to hear that the consultations he did manage to hold yielded some positive outcomes. I think among those was the inclusivity point that you mentioned Martin, particularly the presence of the women. I think that’s excellent.But I do urge all sides including the Houthis to get behind the process that the Special Envoy is leading, to invest in confidence-building measures and engage in future consultations in good faith. This is bound to require flexibility from all sides but we all know and we’ve said many times there’s no alternative to a political solution. We do support you. We’d like to continue to support you to the hilt. We can offer Council members some press elements if that would be welcome as a way of expressing that the Council stands behind you at this time as you try and bring all the parties back together.I think what you said about the economy of Yemen just gives added urgency to an already desperate situation. So I hope we can all build on that.Thank you Madam President.last_img read more

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Student conference attracts greater participation

first_imgLesley Foottit reports from the Alliance for Bakery Students and Trainees’ (ABST’s) annual conference 2014, which saw the AGM, prizes awarded and plenty of opportunities for students to network with industry professionals.The AGMThe Alliance for Bakery Students and Trainees (ABST) celebrated its 84th annual conference at Alton Towers over the weekend as it welcomed new members and planned more international representation.Newcastle College, Cooplands trainees and Reaseheath College in Cheshire joined the organisation this year, with numbers up 15% year-on-year. Members now comprise 305 students and trainees across 16 training providers, compared with 219 from 13 providers in 2013.Outgoing president Ian Dobbie passed the chains to president elect Neil Woods, who will take the seat for the coming year, while Zeelandia managing director David Amos is the new president elect.A year-long strategic review has started to “check the organisation is going in the right direction”. Almost 300 members gathered at Alton Towers to spend the weekend among peers.Dobbie said: “We now have wider representation of colleges and I have thoroughly enjoyed my very worthwhile experience as president. I am pleased to see ABST working more closely with the Craft Bakers’ Association – organisations work better when joined up together.”International reachGeneral secretary for the ABST Matthew May said: “I think an international influence will always be a good thing, because the students can learn from others. I want the students to meet people in the industry and gain an impartial view to make decisions about where they want to go in their careers. This is the only real opportunity for industry and students to meet and build relationships.Award winnersCompetition entries were up by more than 200 year-on-year, with 30 judges on hand to pick the winners from more than 3,000 entered products. Four live competitions ran across four categories: royal icing; bread modelling; marzipan modelling; and cookies. In total, 27 awards were given out including in a new sourdough category.The Founders Cup team award was won by University College Birmingham (UCB), the Horton trophy went to Harry Barber of UCB and the President’s Cup went to Michael Denton of newcomer member Cooplands.As the winner, Denton will help make rolls to be served at the Baking Industry Awards 2014 at the Park Lane Hilton, London in September. See below for all the winners and click here for details of the runners-up.The winners: The Bakery Trainee Challenge TrophyMica Cook, Blackpool & the Fylde CollegeThe Horton TrophyHarry Barber, UCBThe Founders Cup – team competitionDecorated Battenburg – Danielle Brennan, UCBScones – Rohima MalikPuff pastry – Harry BarberBloomer – Nathan HarrisonOther Section WinnersDecorated Battenburg – Matthew Griffith, NPTCScones – Emily Woodhouse, NPTCThe President’s Cup – Combined ClassMichael Denton, CooplandsThe Novice’s Cup – Combined ClassHarry Barber, UCBBest Swiss Roll Harry Barber, UCBBest Bread William Bowen, UCBThe Blandy CupElizabeth Parkinson, NPTCThe Celebration Cupcake ChallengeKieron Murphy, LeedsThe Renshaw Decorative Class – Regal-ice Birthday CakeJustine Talbot, BrooklandsCarved Novelty Cake Class (Frank Webster Trophy)Kayleigh Holden, Blackpool & the Fylde CollegeThe Goldex Cup – Floral Sugar CraftCarlene Bagot, BrooklandsThe Devon Rose Bowl – Lightly fruited cakeCaroline Crudden, DITCallebaut ChocolatesRebecca Hole, London South Bank UniversityThe British Confectioner’s Award – Best Overall Confectionery ItemElizabeth Parkinson Blandy, NPTCThe Masters Cup – Coburg, Wholemeal Tin & 4 strand PlaitMary Graham, Blackpool & the Fylde College (all three)The British Society Of Baking Trophy – 800g White Tin LoafCaroline Mellor, Sheffield CollegeThe Sourdough Challenge Trophy – Pain au LevainFillippo Salvaggio, Tameside CollegeThe Warburtons Challenge Trophy – Fruit LoafCharlotte Heappey, UCBThe Mandy Wansell Trophy – 4 Danish PastriesRachel Kippax, Sheffield CollegeThe Masters Award – Best Overall Fermented Item Natalie Wood, BlackpoolThe British Bakels Award – 4 Healthy Eating Muffins/Cereal BarsKieron Murphy, LeedsThe Innovation Trophy – One fermented productCharlotte Donelly, UCB3D – Dough Art DisplayDylan Carroll, LimerickThe Victory Challenge Trophy – 6 Decorated Biscuits – LiveAmanda Brooks, Tameside CollegeThe IBB Live Piping – Royal IcingElizabeth Parkinson, NPTCMarzipan Modelling – 3 Models – LiveKayleigh Holden, Blackpool & the Fylde CollegeThe Wrights Trophy – Dead dough display piece – LiveMatthew Haynes, London South Bank UniversityLob the cobThe famous lobbing of the cob took place again on the Saturday before prizes were awarded. The winning shot is below.Next yearThe conference has been held at Alton Towers for seven years, due to popular demand and despite rising costs. Drayton Manor Park was mooted as another option for next year, but students unanimously voted for a repeat in Staffordshire and on either the same or previous weekend in June.The board will continue to look at other venue options in the interests of saving costs for both the ABST and the students.The theme picked for next year’s fancy dress evening is Heroes and Villains.IN A PREVIOUS VERSION OF THIS STORY THE THE ABST WAS INCORRECTLY NAMED. BRITISH BAKER APOLOGISES FOR THIS MISTAKE AND IS HAPPY TO RECTIFY IT.last_img read more

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Thorntons to exit Stock Exchange

first_imgThorntons has officially requested to be delisted from the London Stock Exchange, in anticipation of its pending takeover by Ferrero International.The delisting will take effect on 20 August, while the offer deadline has been extended to 30 July 2015.Ferrero extended the deadline for Thorntons’ remaining shareholders to accept its offer for a second time last week, as the Italian chocolate maker bids to take full control of the UK firm.In a trading statement, Thorntons said: “Such cancellation of listing and admission to trading is expected to significantly reduce the liquidity and marketability of any Thorntons shares not accepted into the offer.”The deal to buy the chocolate store was struck last month, when Ferrero agreed to pay 145p for each Thorntons share.last_img read more

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One Site – Two Worlds

first_imgI am one of six trainees who started the EMEA Sales Graduate Program at Dell EMC in Halle (Saale) in October 2017. I would like to share my experiences so far and show which challenges we have met.The trainee program started with a two-week induction. During this time we were shown many different facets of the Dell EMC world. From the products and tools to practical sales training, everything was there. If the information comes out pretty much and unstructured at the beginning, it results in an ever clearer picture from day to day. In addition, we had the opportunity to get to know many colleagues from different areas right from the start, who are still happy to support us. Afterward we trainees came to our teams in our sections. It quickly became clear that not all sales are the same…..After the induction, we were split into our teams and got to know them. It has often been emphasized how important it is to have a team behind you. What this will mean, I learned in the following weeks and months. It is clear that after two weeks you don’t know every procedure and only know about the roughest things, but my team always stood by my side with an open ear and listened to my questions and answered them. Also, my buddy was very helpful in this situation.A buddy is the first point of contact in the team and your person of trust. My team is the Team Bayern in the MidMarket. The MidMarket serves business customers who are already existing customers. Here I support the German middle class in the above-mentioned area of Bavaria. The MidMarket area is divided into regions, which makes working much easier. My team consists of 14 members. Before I got my own customers in February, the team provided me with tasks and so I was well trained and it was a good preparation for my own customers at the same time.Then in February it really started. The first weeks looked very similar. I called the customer and introduced myself and sent out contact emails. In the beginning, customers are often a bit reluctant and perhaps even annoyed that they are being looked after by a new contact person, but over time this atmosphere has passed and the cooperation works better and better. Meanwhile, I process the inquiries and orders of my customers, but a large part is also the consultation for the right products. Customers often do not know which product is suitable for their challenge. This is where induction comes into its own again because with my knowledge I can advise the customer well. In between, there are trainings regularly. Because we work in an IT company, news and new products are constantly coming onto the market. But that’s what marks up my work here at Dell EMC. It is interesting that there is always something new to discover and tell to my customer.At this point, I’ve been with Dell EMC for just over six months. Meanwhile, I can say that I have arrived well in the company and in my team. It feels good to be surrounded by an experienced team that listens to my many questions. I think it`s exciting how quickly everything in the IT world can change and that I can also advise this to my customers.If you want to find out more about a sales position here in the company, here is the link to Gregors post about his position in the acquisition. This post will be published on 2nd of May.last_img
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AP-NORC Poll: Americans open to Biden’s approach to crises

first_imgWASHINGTON (AP) — A majority of Americans say they have at least some confidence in President Joe Biden and his ability to manage the crises facing the nation, including the coronavirus pandemic. That’s according to a new poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. Overall, the survey shows 61% of Americans approve of Biden’s handling of his job in his first days in office. That includes about a quarter of Republicans who say they approve of how the Democrat has tackled the opening days of his presidency. About three-quarters of Americans say they have at least some confidence in Biden’s ability to handle the pandemic, while about a quarter have hardly any.last_img read more

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Christian Slater & More Check Out the Magic of Cinderella

first_img Related Shows Christian Slater is known as a cinematic bad boy, but he has a soft spot for fairy tales, apparently. The actor headed to the Broadway Theatre on July 24 to take in Cinderella. After the performance, Slater visited with star Paige Faure and some fancy footwear backstage. Speaking of fancy footwear, Barbara Feldon, the stage and screen actress forever known as Agent 99 from the brilliant ’60s sitcom Get Smart, alluded to her days as a secret agent by recreating Maxwell Smart’s famous shoe phone with Faure’s glass slippers. Two backstage celebs, one enchanting evening. And they all lived happily ever after. View Comments Cinderella Show Closed This production ended its run on Jan. 4, 2015last_img read more

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Dairy cow diet

first_imgBy Brad HaireUniversity of GeorgiaThe dairy herd on the University of Georgia campus in Tifton, Ga., ate 12 tons of food Thanksgiving Day. They made a lot of noise but uttered no words of thanks. They simply ate their fill and walked away, expecting another meal just like it tomorrow.”Cows like the same diet every day,” said John Bernard, a livestock nutritionist with the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.”They don’t like a lot of change,” he said. “If you mix it up, it may take them several days to adjust, and their milk production can suffer.”The 230-cow dairy herd is about the size of the average commercial herd in Georgia. It’s used to test new feed additives, mixes and techniques the dairy industry can use to efficiently produce milk, Bernard said.”We basically want to find ways to make more milk and keep cows healthier,” he said.Although cows don’t like change, he said, they have changed over time. The United States had 21 million dairy cows in 1924. The average cow produced 476 gallons of milk, or 4,100 pounds, that year. (Milk is sold in pounds. A gallon weighs 8.6 pounds.)The U.S. had 9 million dairy cows last year. On average, each cow gave 19,995 pounds (2,325 gallons) of milk for the year. Georgia had 77,000 dairy cows in 2006.”We’re not dealing with the same cow from a few decades ago,” Bernard said. “Today’s dairy cow is like a top-notch athlete. You can’t just work up a routine and walk away. It changes.”Other things have changed more recently, he said. It costs dairymen 30 percent more than just a few years ago to feed cows. This is due to higher fuel and crop prices. It costs $5.80 per day to feed each UGA dairy cow.A dairy cow’s diet is mostly corn silage and hay. But it also includes vitamins, protein supplements and by-products such as the cottonseed left after cotton ginning and the grain mash left after beer, whiskey and ethanol production.”We look at how these by-products can fit into feeding,” he said. “What are the nutritional characteristics? Are they harmful at any level? We can then give the industry guidelines.”Dairy farmers can’t worry only about what goes in the front end, either. They must now be responsible for what comes out of the back end of a cow, Bernard said. Nutrients in cow manure can become pollution. What a cow eats can determine the nutrients it releases into the environment.In many ways, cows are excellent recyclers, he said. A cow has one stomach with four chambers, where microbes help it digest things humans can’t or won’t. “A cow is able to convert many by-products that would otherwise end up in landfills into energy for them and for us,” he said.The shopping list for the UGA dairy cows’ Thanksgiving Day meal was 554 pounds of alfalfa, 852 pounds of ryegrass, 12,572 pounds of corn silage, 1,100 pounds of cottonseed, 5,600 pounds of brewers’ grains, 2,000 pounds of corn and 1,658 pounds of minerals, vitamins and protein supplements.They washed it down with 30 to 40 gallons of water each.last_img read more

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